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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Random Shots

Is it Friday already? Where did the week go? My girl Rockin Robyn @ An Alaskan family chose random shots this week for Friday Shoot-Outs so away we go with some totally random shots......(by the way, the above shot is myself and Cousin Four on a ride that I said I'd NEVER ride, but who can resist a such sweet kid??)

Gypsy Sista and her grandson at the playground..........

Me after winning the Golden Domino and Hello Kitty crown in my family's annual domino tournment. I took this shot to send to all the loser's just to rub it in a wee bit...........

Kiddo's looking at clouds.........

There is apparently something about seeing gorilla's that makes a kiddo want to act like one........

Cuz Cash playing in the shower display in Lowes...........

The oldest of our cousin kiddos and his tiny Bull Mastif Duke..........

Sidewalk chalk drawings in town..............

Cute little boys playing with trucks..........

I happened upon a few men working in the park..........

A bee on my marigolds.............

Random wooden moose..............

An old barn shot that I couldn't resist...........

A tower of American Flags that I took a shot of just for Airman Mom.........

Playing ball with the kiddos at a cookout..........

Our newest grandmother, darling Sarah Lulu from Downunder gets to pick next week's subject. What's it gonna be lovely Goddess?

Everyone please have a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter!! Do something that makes you smile :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Ah, Reggie, you are my kind of girl. I loved the first one, the last one, and the barn shot the best.
    Love to you.xx♥

  2. am I first whooppee!!!! I know its only cause your not up and posting your 5000 comments. your pics center around (again) you family and other people - your strong place. Your home. the boy with dog is priceless. love you and hugs and kisses

  3. Just your average random wooden moose...somehow the phrase random wooden moose cracks me up! Random wooden moose...it will be going through my mind all day. I will have to find a place to use it in conversation somehow! Love the pictures although I think Prince is the real photographer...or maybe he just has a really good subject...posing with every hair in place while zooming through the sky...

  4. Oh yes...PS...what's the theme for next week? I'm probably the least patient shooter about wanting to know what's next...

  5. I think I need to go out and buy some dominoes now!!!!! Also love the moose and I'm so so fond of american red barns.

    And you ...I love you and Prince.

    I had a 3D EXTREME week with the baby ...so thankful to God.

    I hope your daughter is doing ok now...please give her my love.

    Sarah Lulu

  6. i love the photos but most especially the one of YOU!!! and boy with his bull mastiff... those are PRICELESS!!! happy weekend ... xox... annie

  7. Hey gal! Wheeeew. I love that first shot.

    You have a nice sampling for us this week. Random is good.

    You can't go wrong with a barn, and I love the cuz/doggie shot. That is a big dog.

    I so want that "Hello Kitty" crown! What do I have to do to get it?

    Like the shower shot. Makes me think of the movie, Psyhco. Love 'em all!

    You take care, and have a great weekend. I know we are all running like crazy. We all need to take a week off - at the same time, so we can catch up.

    Looks like Sara Lulu in Australia gets to pick next week's assignment. http://serendipitylulu.blogspot.com. I was going to let Crabby pick the name but he was still sleeping from his exhausting day yesterday.

    There are so many new people, I feel like a stranger! Where are they all coming from? Whoo hoo! More, please.

  8. Great pics - love the domino queen pic - that is SO funny! What fun, Friday shoot-out is! Love it!

  9. Another joyful, feel-good post Reggie Girl! Lots of fun to see your pics this week. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  10. You have a terrific sense of humor, and never fail to make me smile!!! Love, LOVE, LOVE these picutures!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Janine XO

  11. Those are some really great random shots, ReggieGirl! I love the one of you on the ride, lucky you to have good equilibrium to still be able to enjoy stuff like that! And the chalk drawing on the sidewalk makes me want to go out and draw some myself since it used to be one of my favorite things to do as a kid. I must have gone thru quite a few boxes of chalk back then. Hopscotch was a fav too. And best of all, the pic of you playing ball with the kids. I haven't been limber enough for years now to get my legs to do that! I am pea green with envy over here!! Nice post, as always. ciao, Debby

  12. You are a true queen! I love that shot, with the domino award! We played every weekend around my house, and I got to be pretty good, but am rusty...I do have beginners luck though :) I love all the shots, and I do love this each week, look forward to seeing everyones stuff...strut their stuff...

  13. I don't want to think about what that chalk-drawn car is fixing to run over. Everybody gotta love a wooden moose. Now I want one for in front of my house. :-)

  14. Love the pictures - Really some great and funny shots!

    Love the 2 pic's with you - the top one on the ride (those kind make me sick! You are brave) and the Queen of Dominoes!! Love it!

  15. Great pictures. Love the one of you...so funny. My fav is the lowes shower display one. Very cute!

  16. I knew random was gonna be a great one. I love your picture of you winning the domino match! All your pictures are wonderful and make me smile!

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Hugs from Alaska

  17. Hi Reggie, how courageous of you to agree on the ride! You have captured some lovely and funny moments here. I find them great. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me coming from a wonderful person like you. Have a great weekend, my dear :).

  18. Great picture, Reggie. You are always the Life of the Party, aren't you???? I know your family all love just being with you!!!! What JOY!


  19. Hi Reggie,

    I sure did enjoy all those random photo's sometime's a picture tells a story without words! The one with your domino prize was priceless. I am sure glad I joined your Friday shoot out group. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  20. RG~as always I love your shoot outs! I love the way you see life. So much fun!

  21. Really fun photos, Reggie. The dog must be a pup... he looks small :-)

  22. Are we having fun yet?!?!? I love the playfulness in most all of your photos! Makes me want to come to your house for a play date!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  23. All of these were so good and so different. I love pup of the day. Have a good weekend!

  24. congrats on your domino award! great shot of you BTW. the barn shot is awesome.

  25. Love your shots...especially the dog and his boy, and the gargantuan bee on your marigold and the red barn and the random moose...

  26. Oh yeah!! Rub it in. :D:D

    Love all the random shots!! Especially the one with the gorilla... reminds me of one dark Halloween night in Wal-Mart with a gorilla. ;p

    (No I wasn't makin out with a gorilla... there was a guy in a gorilla outfit hanging around the banana's... when my little family came upon him my son Sione freaked out, completely flipped!! He climbed up on me screaming and whimpered as we slowly backed away. He was freaked out a week later by a giant Elmo!! Luckliy this one took off it's head to show him that it was just a costume, still, Sione asked every time we went to Wally World if the gorilla was going to be there. ;p)

    BTW thanks for the lovely comment. :0)

  27. Oh these are priceless - you with your crown, the dog and his human, the moose...all of them are wonderful shots.

    You capture happiness, love and peace in your photos.


  28. Well since I'm thinking constantly of my new granddaughter Matilda ....

    Next week's topic (thank you for choosing me!!) ..is ....

    Anything beginning with M.

    Sarah Lulu

  29. Hey Reggie Girl, I have another recruit to the gang - Sarah (Cottage Garden Studio) is very interested! Have a great weekend!

  30. Enjoyed the pics! (As always.)

    Have a great weekend! (One more week of school!) Woo hoo!

  31. The domino pic was glorious. It deserved it's very own post or at the very least a bump to the top!! LOVE IT

  32. looking at your post for this friday-shoot-out brought me loads of fun! love your glamorous 'pagent' shot! so charming and wild ;)

  33. hey i'm gonna still post mine later today, though it's saturday...happy shoot-out you all.

  34. Hey domino queen, you are one excellent photographer! Loved these pics.

    I'm amazed people still have showers after psycho! But, I guess, if you keep your clothes on and keep looking out the door you're safe enough!

    These are great fun!

  35. "Do something that makes you smile :)"

    I did, I came here to pay you a visit. You have a gorgeous soul Reggie! Your pics are all adorable and full of life...just like you!

  36. I adore watching children (big or small) having a good time, enjoying themselves. I really loved your shoot out. So much family joy of living life! Kiddos rule! The intensity of sky interest in the binocular shot and the relaxed trust with the dog and the boy, the excitement of going down the slide, you captured it all. Bravo!

  37. These are all so great...but I must say I love the bee in the flower and you, RG as the Domino Queen!

  38. Reggie Girl, It's getting busy over here on my end. adding to maps, creating new links, and making new friends. That's a good thing, though.
    I always enjoy the great ideas you have on Fridays. Great post. I think I liked the chalk shot the best.
    Well, lets see where this leads us. We are one state (Nevada) short of having a solid coverage of the west. As Barry would say, Whoo!! Hoo!!
    Walk With Faith, Steady On,


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