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Every hit on my blog generates a small donation of which 100% of the proceeds go to The Newnan-Coweta Humane Society. We are doing our best to build a "No-Kill" shelter here in our beautiful City Of Homes, Newnan Georgia. It's truly a worthy cause. Thanks for stopping by and please, please, please spay and neuter your pets!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rescue Pets........

I'm having trouble with Blogger for the last few days so I'm reposting a few shots from my local shelter. Is anyone else having problems? I can use old pictures but not any new ones.

Please click on "The Daily Puppy".

Right now shelters are overfilled with pets that need homes. If you are considering a pet, please visit your local Humane Society or Animal Shelter. You will never find a better pet and it will thank you and be a loyal pet for it's lifetime. A pet gives you unconditional love at all times.




The Hotzie Totzie Twins.........

Hope everyone has a beautiful day and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. thanks for the reminder... If you don't mind I'd love to add to your already wonderful post...to anyone who would like to listen.

    Many Dogs and Cats from pet stores have come from pretty bad living conditions. These early experiences can really cause havoc on the physical and mental health of the animal.

    And before bringing a dog home, please learn all the breed(s) temperament! Some dogs need lots of exercise, like my friend Augie- without his long walks each day he would be a basket case...

    Also, training is the best stabilizer for your dog. They love using their minds to learn new things...Many breeds need a purpose, their DNA screams to herd, chase, dig, hunt or retrieve...let them live to their full potential!

    Cats...consistency and their favorite food is key.

  2. Oh, they tug at one's heartstrings!!!! Such beautiful creatures, every one! ~Janine XO

  3. They are all so adorable....I would take them all if possible! I have not had any trouble with my photos (knock on my head). Hope the quirks work out really soon!

  4. Thank you for being such a wonderful advocate for all God's creatures!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  5. FYI... to everyone who reads this... yes, I have been having some problems with Blogger recently too! There are quite a few blogs that I follow that will no longer open for me when I click on them in my dashboard. They will not even open if I copy and paste the address into the browser's address field at the top. Not too sure what's going on, but if I have not commented on your blog recently, it is because I cannot open it any longer... but I will keep trying!

  6. Thank you for sharing the animals. You and I are kindred spirits. We call our house, "The Perdue Zoo."
    Yes, I have been experiencing issues in several aspects. I cannot get into some of the blogs I follow at times...it kicks me out. I just keep trying.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  7. Reggie Girl ...I'm typing this with my cat asleep on my lap it's FREEEEEEZING here this morning.

    Have a gorgeous day.

    Sarah Lulu xxxxx

  8. Hi Reggie, I have been missing you on my blog. Sorry you are having trouble. I have had none so far!!!!

    Cute pictures of the critters...

  9. Yes, I have been having problems - I will attempt to open a link. It opens, and then immediately switches to an internet failure screen. Most often if I re-open it, I experience success, but not always. For me, there are two in particular that it does this pretty much every time!

  10. I would like to post this, too, linking it back to you. That rhymed!

    Since I can't get into my computer it will be a nice post.

  11. I have been having problems as well. Sometimes it has to do with loading pictures, but mostly with getting kicked off the internet while on a blog. A little box will come up saying that a problem has been encountered and sorry for the inconvenience. Very frustrating.

  12. Wish I lived closer...we are looking for a doggie. I would love Charlie.

  13. These animals just break my heart. :(

  14. I'll bet we are filling up the internet to overflowing...

  15. I'm having trouble with Blogger, too, but I think some of it goes back to Internet Explorer. I've heard that people with Firefox aren't having nearly as many issues.

  16. I have been having all sorts of trouble too, Reggie.ARGH!

    You just make me smile from my heart.
    You are like a special present that God lets me unwrap everyday.
    Thank You for being you, Reggie,you are very special.xx♥

  17. rg...you are such a sweet spirit!
    As for blogger, may I say, 'aarrgghh'?
    From what I have read, some of the errors may have to do with the placement of the 'follower' widget. If 'followers' is placed towards the bottom on the sidebar, there are fewer problems. Oh well, life is full of glitches at times!
    Thank you for all you do!!!

  18. I think Blogger has been giving lots of bloggers fits lately. Luckily, they always seem to iron out out the kinks.

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. So sad that there are so many in need of forever homes.

  20. I think it is great what you do to help the animals! I am also an animal lover and also do my daily click on the animal site to help feed them and I also buy stuff from the friends of animals sites that gives 26 bowls of food per purchase usually for animals in shelters.

  21. Yes I've had trouble with photos until I resized them much smaller and then I was able to post.


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