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Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Wanna See Your Melons........

These kinds of melons..........(so that Bagman doesn't get the wrong idea!!)

Our newest gang grandmother, Goddess Sarah Lulu, has chosen anything that starts with the letter "M" in honor of her beautiful granddaughter Matilda Margaret. Mamma Lulu's site is:
Please jump over to her place to see the sweet child that has inspired her choice this week. Matilda Margaret has us all enchanted already. She's a "GANG BABY"!!

Let's see.........there may not be a lot of things around your town that start with an "M" but there has to be things around you....like melons, marigolds, mailboxes etc, so use your imagination. It will be a really fun challenge this week!!

If you haven't joined our gang yet........what are you waiting for? "Friday Shoot-Outs" are a blast and you'll meet the nicest people you've ever met from all over the world!! Patty and I started as lone shooter's just a few months ago and our list has grown each week. Hit either one of us up with a comment if you'd like to join the fun.

Have a super great weekend.......perhaps do a little Mambo to get inspired for the letter "M" this coming Friday. Dancing is good for the soul!! Whatever you do.....pursue happiness. It's soooo worth it........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. mmmmmmm ... melons!!! yum!!! have a super weekend, sweetie!!! xox... annie

  2. "M?"

    Now you're gonna make me think, on top of taking pictures?


    Oh, "me". Its all about "me". You want pictures of me next week. Alright!

  3. MMmmm....I'mmmmm on it Reggie! Hey Sweetie, did you get my message about Sarah at Cottage Garden Studios wanting to join?
    Have a great weekend! Hugs to you!

  4. M huh? If I were to choose it would totally be an ORANGE week one of these weeks! Lol!

  5. Merenque ---- !!!!?
    Marissa -----!!!!!
    Mamma -----!!!!!
    Micky Mouse -----!!!!!
    Mmmmm good ----!!!!
    Motorcycle ----!!!

  6. Nice melons!
    Thanks for showing us your melons.

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...and so on...I got your gift darlin! I love it... I will be using it for my 'M' post this week...hubby says I cannot share my melons with anyone else but him!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I cannot stop laughing!!!

  8. Oh, you are such a delightful lady!!!! You make me want to dance!!!! Thanks for always making me smile!!!!!! ~Janine XO

  9. This weeks theme will be fun, just like the others. I can think of a few M things around here..........LOL

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  10. Who knew watermelons would make such an interesting shot??? But they do!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh how fun is this!! I get an excuse to play with my camera!! Whoo hoo!! "M" huh?? Well will have to start with my own sweet Mahnon - my five year old. Just wondering - are altered pics ok - or just straight shots? Thanks again for having me!! Sarah

  12. Well I am really thinking about this M shoot-out now!

  13. Matilda is so beautiful and I am so excited to shoot "M"'s this week. I'm off...

  14. What a COOL idea! It never ceases to amaze me, the creativity of this gang. :D

  15. I may be late posting next week.

  16. Oh, this looks good, can I join in???

  17. I start with M....feel free to travel here to Michigan and snatch a picture of me. LOL

  18. I have to admit I dont think I have that many M's near me right now and I dont have time to look until this week sometime..

  19. Huh, and I was all ready to show you my melons. Instead, tell me, what's this about a shoot out?

  20. Yes Jude DO join in.

    I'm so happy that everyone seems happy with my letter M idea.

    Thank you darling Reggie Girl.

    Sarah Lulu xxxx

  21. Whew! Awkwardness avoided - I was little nervous when I saw the post title - ha ha.

    Fun challenge :D

  22. One of the joys of summer - WATERMELON! Yummy. Watermelon was my craving during my pregnancy with child #1.

  23. Provacative title!!! Ha! Loved your Friday shoot out shots. Have a blessed Sunday my dear.

  24. Hi Reggie, Guess everyone is thinking about all of the "M" things they can feature for the Shoot-out... You do have a great meme going and I am enjoying reading everyone's posts.

    Love those melons.. It is a tradition in our family to eat watermellon on the 4th of July... Of course, we eat it at other times in the summer--but we HAVE to eat it on July 4...


  25. Those are some big melons, LOL! I love to put a lot of salt on my watermelon. Yum.

  26. Yes, we have no melons! I can't grow anything that doesn't thrive on neglect.

  27. Trust me, you don't want to see my melons!

    Left you something on my blog lovely!


  28. i'll give you three guesses what my 'm' is gonna be about???? see you next week. yay!

  29. BAGMAN knows what you were getting at...he thinks you are a tease.

  30. Yes, Reggie Girl, we have really grown. Who would have guessed that only a few months ago it was me and you showing off the best of our towns. It all began as a little fun Friday shoot out between us, and look at us now girl!

    I think we need titles now. You be the CEO, and I will be the prez. We need a list of lifetime members like Barry and all the first shooters that have hung with us even when they had little time.

    And then we need our honorary "forever" followers like The Pink Bird House, who is now a shooter.

    We need to give Butler and Bagman a title. What could it be?

    Summers are heck around the newspaper, and I have not been able to finish up our little Town Shoot out "No rules rules" page. You should send me a few photos of your town so I can change the banner. We need a central place where people can sign up. I sure hope to get around to it next week, but I dunno.

    Anyway, it is great that we are expanding around the world!

    And you know you were just teasing Bagman with those melons.

  31. Thanks for the disclaimer :-)! I thought that this blog had all of a sudden gone X-rated :-D. Those are fab melons, by the way. One of my favourite fruits. Have a brilliant week.

    Greetings from London.

  32. I will have to put my thinking cap on to think of some great letter M things for Friday's shoot out :) On my way over to check out her blog now. Have a great day!

  33. LOL. Very entertaining post and comments! I have been chuckling all the way.


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