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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conversation at my house........

Well, as most of you know Bill and I are buying a "new" lovenest. We have found one that we love and have made an offer that has been accepted. We love this home and the back garden is amazing. I fell in love it it on sight and all that I could see was my grandmother Christine out there everywhere.<

Anyways......what follows is the conversation between my prince and me last night:

Prince: "You know Reg, I hate that gold stove. And I must say again that that is without a doubt the ugliest most God-awful green tile in that bathroom that I have ever seen"

Reggie Girl: "I know honey, but we can replace all of that when we get in the house".

Prince: "Well, we will have to replace the appliances and do something with that tile. It gives me a headache to look at it".

Reggie Girl: Okay honey, you're right. Whatever you want because I love the yard and pool".

Prince: "I was thinking Reg, I would like to make the house all country-fied!"

Reggie Girl: "Okay, now I'm scared because I don't know what country-fied means to you".

Prince: "Oh you know, very country English cottage like".

Reggie Girl: says nothing because she is speechless........

Who knew my prince was so deep??? Every day he surprises me more.

Steady on,

Reggie Girl


  1. I admit it - here in my chipmunk cheek status eating my mashed potatoes, my mind immediately went to country fried steak,,,, man i miss it

  2. You are a nutburger Miss Senseless Jewels.


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