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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am so ready for summer!!!!

Okay, I'm just not a winter girl. I'm a summer girl!! I do realize that winter happens for a reason, but I'm ready for my garden, pool and my flip-flops!!!!

I was looking through an old recipe book that I have. I found this recipe and plan to use it all summer long after working in my organic garden as I sit by our pool in the evenings. I may or may not have added a line or two to this recipe. I neither confirm nor deny either way.

"GiGi's Guaranteed Mint Julep":

*Fill the glasses with crushed ice until they are frosted. Strip the leaves
from ten good sprigs of fresh mint from your garden. Using a pestal, crush
them in a bowl with a large spoon of fine sugar and a jigger of club soda.
Add six jiggers of bourbon and leave to stand for no more than five minutes.
Strain into the glasses of ice, stir, and garnish with extra mint.

*Wear chiffon and sip through a straw with good friends. Laugh and enjoy life.

I do hope that you will all join Prince and I this summer for Mint Juleps by the pool. If this little recipe doesn't turn out well......then we can always blame Jim Beam I suppose.
(Shout out to Marie for the awesome picture of "Winter")

Steady on,

Reggie Girl


  1. I love my photo and I am all about Mint Juleps! Its so funny you mention juleps when I was just looking up a recipe for them yesterday. On the FoodNetwork show "The Neelys" the husband made mint juleps and he used powder sugar... I tend to think simple syrup would work the best. Ever been to Commanders Palace in New Orleans?? They have the best Mint Juleps ever!!! The part I like the best is the little tiny beaded ice that they use... So I'm at your place this summer and I will make you the Cuban version of the Mint Julep.... the Mojito!


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