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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who will mind the "frog hospital"?

Well, Miss Nan left today. She decided to go back to the boy who has been beating and recording her every move. Because she loves him and she "just knows" that this time it will be different. And it will be. For a little while.....

I really just want to thank everyone. I am related to and have some really amazing friends. I just can't express enough gratitude for the outpouring of love that you have all shown my kiddo. She received alot of awesome things. Pretty clothes, lovely shoes, makeup, money, hair products, pajama's, socks, perfume, an offer of a free cut and style ala Cher, toothpaste ,deodorant, books and even a dog collar for my grand-dog. She had some really nice dinners, re-met some family that she hadn't seen in awhile and met some awesome friends.

She took her nice things with her. I hope that everytime she wears or uses something she realizes that this is what true love is made of. I hope she realizes that hands are not for hitting......they are for holding. I hope that she realizes that love is not supposed to make you feel bad inside.

I have only one more request. Please do not venture to tell me how I should feel unless you are me. They are my feelings and I own them. Please don't tell me what you would do if it were you, because it's not. Unless you were faced with the same exact situation, you really don't know what you would do now do you? And please, please, please don't tell me not to worry about my daughter unless you would not worry about your very own child in the same situation. Maybe, just maybe you've never thought of it this way.........but though you mean well it's actually a little insensative. Try to see it through someone elses eyes and heart.

It is my prayer that while Nan is eating her Ramen noodles while wearing her pretty new things that they taste like love to her and not gorilla.

Who will mind the frog hospital? I guess I'll watch it for her for the time-being.

Steady on,

Reggie Girl

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  1. Hey there- I certainly hope I didn't cross any lines - I just feel FOR YOU :) I can't imagine what this must feel like for you and Bill - I tossed and turned on this last night as it just makes me ill - I'm always here to chat


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