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Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have chosen hope over fear.

Prince and I are starting our own business this year. We're a little nervous about doing so because the economy is so strange right now. We've decided to just jump right in and take the plunge. We aren't getting any younger....to say the least!!

Prince and I have always wanted to work for ourselves. We figure that since we have both been in management, we'll be pretty good bosses to ourselves. One of my passions is gardening. I have always loved to till the earth, plant seeds and watch and wait for them to spring upright out of the ground. Gardening is theraputic for me. This year we are planting an organic garden of fresh herbs and exotic peppers. Three resturant's in our charming little small town have already offered to buy all the organic cilantro, parsley, jalapeno, habanero and chipotle peppers that we can grow. They buy their's at the Farmer's Market and have to make that trip daily. I will deliver straight to their back doors.

I have always believed "Find What You Truly Love To Do In Life And Make It Your Passion". Gardening is what I love to do and I'm really good at it. The overhead will be low because we are using our own land. The labor will be cheap because it will be our sweat that works the garden.

Geez, I hope this works out. From our lips.......to God's ears. (Shout out to Andrew for allowing me to use the "El Paso Sunset" picture he took while visiting his parent's. Awesome pic buddy!!)

Steady on,

Reggie Girl

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