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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Salad Bowl Head Dance

Nothing quite says "I'm havin me a reaaal fun time" like dancing on your Auntie's front porch with a salad bowl on your head and a good ole wooden spoon. Auntie is singing "Cinderella dressed in yella" and little Lulu suddenly breaks into dance!! Quickly my mind thinks "This is truly a Kodak moment" and I grab my camera to catch this magic.
Now, Auntie has other things to play with at her house. No matter what I give this kid to play with, she demands her green salad bowl and her wooden spoon. She knows exactly which cupboard it's in and which drawer the spoon is in. Knowing that she is most certainly not allowed in the other's, she goes only to them. She always wears it on her head and I always laughingly call her Salad Bowl Head anyway.
I love kids. There is nothing sweeter and more honest than a little kiddo (especially when they're not you own and you can love them up, spoil them and send them home). Nothing could possibly be more of a blessing than a sweet little child. Children can provide you with hours of mindless entertainment and a heart bursting full of pure love.
Everytime Lulu comes to my house and wears her salad bowl on her head, we laugh and I just know that God laughs with us.
Steady on,
Reggie Girl

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