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Friday, January 23, 2009

It has been one crazy week.

Miss Nan called me crying because she thought I would be mad at her. I told her that there is nothing that she can ever do to make so mad that I would never speak to her again. Now she calls again two to three times a day again and texts alot. My hand is numb from answering her sweet texts. It's sooo worth it.

The jellybean girl has been amazing. She always was though. She gave lil sis a lot of really good advise. Now, to see if lil sis actually heeds the good advise remains to be seen.

My friend the aspiring fireman came over to see me. He always make me laugh.

Cousin Sis and I gave Scully some chopped gala apple. He gobbled them right up like it was filet mignon. I wish it took something that cheesy to make most adults happy.

Auntie Mom made me laugh out loud with a funny e-mail this week. Priceless.

Lil Bro and his bride have apparently gone off the deep-end. Again.

Big Bro called. He was having a crazy week as well. It is nice to be able to listen to other peoples crazy week stuff. Makes you feel like maybe your own crazy week ain't so bad after all. Was there a full moon this week? Please say yes.

Dinner last night with the other gigi and her hubby at La Fiesta. They are great company. I think we all laughed for the entire two hours. Got a Big Texas margarita. It is actually the size of Texas I think and oh so good. I thought I deserved it so I drank it all. Won't be having another one soon. Made my already high blood sugar soar.

Prince and I are getting together with family for dinner and Wii this weekend. Doing things like that makes me feel normal. And loved.

Prince is just so sweet that sometimes I have to pinch him to make sure that he is real. I'm sure that he would really appreciate it if I would stop pinching him though.

Nick Saban never called. I'm sure he will next time. He must have been in a real hurry. I'll just forgive and forget this time.

Crazy week is over starting today. We have fun plans with fun people all weekend. I have alot to see to next week for Prince and my new lovenest. Can't wait to get started moving. Pool party every day at our house this summer. Bring on the joy and laughter. And the Big Texas margarita's. I wonder if they make a Little Texas?

Steady on,

Reggie Girl

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