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Monday, January 12, 2009

Simply Sophie.........

Please meet Miss Sophie. Sofie is a full blooded Ragdoll cat. She is a year old with shocking blue eyes. Believe me this picture does not do her justice.

How did Sophie end up with Prince and Reggie Girl? Well, I'll tellya.
Cuz Cash e-mails one day and says that a cashier at our local Walmart is trying to find a home for her cat. Walmart cashier's son is highly allergic to Sophie. Cuz Cash really wants Sophie for her very own but her hubby says no way. I couldn't hit the send button quickly enough to say "I'll take her". I called Walmart cashier 3 times before she returned my call.

Of course I kind of forgot to mention all of this to Prince. Saturday, Walmart cashier calls me back and says "Yes please, come get the cat". I was so excited. I walk out of the ladie's room and Prince says "Excuse me Reg, not that I was eavesdropping......but did I just hear you negotiating a cat deal in the loo?". Reggie Girl, hesitates for a split second and then says "Well yes, that's what you heard".
Prince then says "You know Reg, sometimes it takes an extra helping of standard male insanity to be with you". I sheepishly just say "I know". Later Sunday night after we brought her home. Prince says "Yeah, she is really a lovely girl isn't she?"

This girls is how you get yourself a real nice cat from the local Walmart for free. Ellie is fasinated and devastated all at the same time.

(note to Cuz Cash: negotiate all your really good deals in the loo!!).
Steady on,
Reggie Girl

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  1. Gee, the wood cats that you got at Gypsy Sista's are multiplying and coming to life.


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