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Friday, February 6, 2009

The "English to English" Translation Guide

My Prince is from London. Even though we have been together quite some time, we still have what Cool Hand Luke calls a "failure to communicate". At times when I question Prince's wording he is quick to remind me "Well you know Reggie Girl, it IS called English afterall. Perhaps it is I who is right??"

Well anyway. Whatever. I offer you the "English to English Tranlation Guide for Dummies: English to Georgia Edition.

Tomato sauce = Ketchup
Holiday = Vacation
Flyover = Overpass or bridge on a freeway
pants = Mens drawers
knickers = Womens underpants
Macs = Rainboots
Torch = Flashlight
University = College
Fitted Carpet = Wall to Wall carpet
Queue up = Get in line
Tea = Late lunch or early dinner
Windscreen = Windshield
Indicator's = Turn signals or blinkers
Proper Fry Up = Fried eggs, beans in tomato sauce and fried potatoes (breakfast)
Flaming Nora = Bloody Hell X 10 (gotta love that one)
Petrol = Gasoline
Boot = Trunk of the car
Bonnet = Hood of the car
Fancy That? = Means 'would you like that'.

There's lots more. The list goes on and on. Maybe one day Prince will learn to speak proper English, i.e. Georgia English as opposed to The King's English. But then again, I kind of doubt it and find it charming at times.

***"Today is what matters. Tomorrow if we're lucky." by L. Graham***

Steady On,

Reggie Girl


  1. Supposin' all y'all are learnin' him Southren?

  2. Thanks fellow blogger for that good read and stand by for my next blog about the time I stalked Jane out of Rod,Jane and Freddy fame. comming very soon

  3. HI Reggie Girl,
    So glad that you stopped by. I have read most of your posts and have to say that you are a riot! The Tide post was freakin' hilarious! OMG.. so funny. Congrats on opening your own business! Organic is surely the way to go right now, you should do very well.
    We've lived in Acworth for two years now and would like to explore the surrounding towns. I'll have to look up Newman.
    I just adore a British accent..how romantic for you to hear it all the time. Who wouldn't want go on "holiday" rather than "vacation"?!?

  4. Thanks Si and you bet my little Southern butt I'm a learnin him...

    mini.MeHulk......can't wait to see that post!!

    Miss Santamaker, no thank you for stopping by. Come on down and see Prince and I. I adore a British accent myself and yes, you can be sure that I'd rather go on "holiday" than just an ordinary "vacation", lol.
    I love your BLOG by the way........

  5. Ok - I'm going to use Flaming Nora.

    That is fabulous.

  6. all language evolves over time with use.... boot, bonnet and other car (automobile) parts in kings English are the 'old fashioned' equivalents to carriage parts from the 18 - 19 century - they may be right but they need to move on. Didn't the first car come out of North America so what WE named the parts would be correct....? Move on...

  7. Well I am a Malay and English comes second, sometime first tho. Glad to know both of you. Hope to meet you in person somedays.

    God willings!

    Stay happy, peace!

  8. Hi!English is a great language whether it is King's or Goergian?
    Shakespeare has said' What's in a name? A rose by any other name will same as sweet'.

  9. Made a mistake and hence written again

    Hi!English is a great language whether it is King's or Goergian?

    Shakespeare has said' What's in a name? A rose by any other name will smell as sweet'.

  10. senseless jewels, I'm with you on that...Flaming Nora is fantastic!!

    GingerV.....I agree, they need to move on and now...

    Shukor yayha.....I couldn't be more pleased to know you as well and would love to meet you in person too. You're right......peace and happiness always, at ALL cost always.

    nsiyer....you're funny and made Reggie Girl laugh!! Hi right back to you!!

  11. Here again, its two parts



  12. Thanks for the English translation. One American phrase that has always puzzled me is "Hook up" I've heard it used in so many different way I have no idea what it means half the time.

  13. G'day *smile* ... Your British English translation of words was closer to Aussie English than your Georgia English for me.
    I love your blog.
    Thank you so much for dropping by mine, commenting and following it.
    I was very flattered.
    I will also make myself a fan of yours.
    Cye 'round like a rissole.

  14. My favorite is the "flaming Nora" I'm going to use that from now on!

  15. LOL, I love the translations...put a smile on my face!

  16. Those English! Bullocks! Did I spell that right?

    I do love to er 'em talk.

  17. Patty........you did indeed spell that right darlin..........bloody well done ;=}

  18. I can appreciate those little bloody little buggers that get lost in translation. Thanks for the dictionary. Could probably use a bunch more!


  19. I love your translations. I hope you've taught him several southern ones along the way.

  20. This reminds me of My Fair Lady where Henry Higgins says,
    "Oh, why can't the English learn to set
    A good example to people whose
    English is painful to your ears?
    The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears.
    There even are places where English completely
    disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years! "


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