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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Watching The Moon....Watching The Stars

We are moving......again. This time to what I hope is a permanent home. A home where we will spend the rest of our days together. I am weary of putting our life in boxes. I took this picture last night as I was exhaustively putting yet more of our lives in boxes. Look how beautiful the moon was last night. Look how elegant she appears. The moon fascinates Prince and I. We sit many times in the evenings and watch the moon and the stars. We try to fathom what is really out there in our infinite universe.

Prince and I hope to spend the rest of our days working our organic garden and sitting by the pool sipping "GiGi's Guaranteed Mint Julep" with fresh organic mint that we grow with our own hands.

Nothing in the world is better for our bodies and our planet than eating food that you grow, cut, prepare and eat right out your own back yard. Eating food that your grow in the ground that you walk on and is grown in the very air you breath. We are also tired of helping our country be dependent on foreign oil and tired of trucks and trains that fill our air with smog.

My fresh organic herbs are already growing in pots.....ready to transplant into our new gardens.

We are happy everyday.......because we choose to be.

Steady On,

Reggie Girl


  1. We grew a garden growing up....nothing is yummier than a fresh tomatoe off the vine or a nice crunchy cucumber. I would love to grow a garden here...but the bunnies would love it even more. We have so many of the wild little nuggets that it would be a battle. I hope your dream becomes a reality soon. Hopefully it will make all that blasted packing worth it!

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  3. Hi. Thanks for dropping by me, so I am dropping by you. Hope your house move goes well. We were so traumatised by ours 21 years ago, we have not had the courage to try it again. We should do soon,though, as we need to down-size our home - our daughter will soon be leaving home for university!

  4. 'We are happy everyday .... because we choose to be' is very powerful.Life is all about choice and because 'we said so'.
    Great thought and thanks for sharing. Wish you and Prince all that you both wish for in your new home.

  5. I totally agree about growing your own food. It tastes SO much fresher and it's rewarding to know that you are eating something that you grew on your own as opposed to buying it from the store.

    Beautiful pic of the moon as well!

    Take Care

  6. Such wonderful goals and so good to read about someone being so happy. Congratulations.

  7. Nikkicrumpet...I know a little trick to keep the bunnies out of your veggie patch ;=}

    rosiero, hope your kiddo has blast at "Uni"...thank God all of ours are out now and you're right about this moving rubbish - downright traumatizing!

    nsiyer, eveytime you write your words make me smile.

    strawberry girl, you sound as sweet as your name.

    miss amy you are a sweetheart,,,

    Live and learn....it's the only way to go - -P~U~R~S~U~E happiness. It's worth it!!

  8. reggie girl,

    thanks for visiting my blog. yours is awesome. i'm envious of your gardening. i love the idea of creating a garden, but, i have green thumbs, fingers, toes, etc... the only plant i haven't killed is my aloe vera plant. it's survived a lot with me.

    have a great day!!! come back to my blog anytime. :-)

  9. Good luck with that garden. I love your moon shot.

  10. Thank you Salubrina, you don't have a green thumb....just study up and let your energy flow to the plants. I love Aloe Vera....mine too has survied a lot of things with me. I'll definatly be back to visit your blog..

    Thank you Miss Patty.......we love to look at the moon......it's peaceful

  11. The moon is magical and always fascinating to look at. Good luck with your move, I know what a pain the _ss it is. I like what you wrote here "We are happy everyday.......because we choose to be." That's a great philosophy!


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