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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jack Daniels And Truck Drivers

Yesterday morning I was driving through town with my girlfriend, the other gigi, when we made a wrong turn and ran across this magnificent sight. A big ole truck full of Jack Daniels Tennessee 7 Sour Mash. I was having a kind of bad morning having been to the doc for a little medical procedure that had left me a little uncomfortable and maybe a little melancholy. Then.......we saw THE truck. I suppose that since I was a off right then, the sight of this truck just struck me as hilarious.

I pulled over and ran over to talk with the driver Mr. Errick. I asked him if he minded if I took a little shapshot of him and his truck. Errick was more than happy to oblige and climbed down for a quick photo op.

When I got back into my Santa Fe the other gigi was laughing and said "Do you ever go anywhere without that camera? What did that guy say? He probably thought you were a nut?". That made me laugh and we both laughed for the rest of our little errand trip about town. That is just one of the reasons that I love the other gigi so, when she's about we always find something to laugh about.

I think that Mr. Errick may possibly have the best job ever. How could you ever have a bad day riding around in a cool Jack Daniel's truck like that? He was a nice looking guy with a great personality. He probably has his pick of the ladies. But seriously, who needs looks and personality when you have all the Jack and other spirits that you possibly need to woo the ladies? I wonder if one of Errick's job perks is getting leftovers or if he gets to keep the bottles that the seals "accidentally" get broken? I've had a lot of jobs, but I think that I want my next job to be driving about town in a big old Jack Daniels truck. I wonder if they will hire me? I think I'm going to apply, and soon. Summer is coming and I need just a lil for my pool parties. (If my pastor's wife is reading this, I just kidding. Kind of......)

Tomorrow Patty from Crisfield, Maryland and I are blogging on the cutest signs in our town. We are both trying to promote our beautiful towns/ I'm pro-Newnan and she's pro-Crisfield. We bet through this blogging madness and I hope to remain lifelong friends. I'm sorry that I'm a little behind in answering some of my comments. I promise to try to catch up over the weekend. I've been a tad busy and will be gone again all day to Alabama to see my daughter and to pick up another pup. Long story.......

*****"Here, gentlemen, a DOG teaches us a lesson in humanity"*****
~~~Napoleon Bonaparte~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Yea I got to be number one comment -
    I was thinking that i could do signs in Friburgo too. but can't get it done today. and they won't be cute signs cause it is all in Portuguese and - wait - some are in Inglese and they get weird because the translation don't work sometimes.... but is an idea and will follow through in the next few days. EX in Rio there is a shoe store called 'foot feet' what could they have meant?

  2. patty from crisfield maryland? okay wanna hear something really odd in a synchronistic kinda way? my son whose birthday is next week... his middle name is crisfield, after crisfield maryland, cause that's where my hubby's family settled... i never met or heard of anyone actually from the place... didnt know it still existed... we picked the name off old deeds...

    and if you happen to get that job, i like a bit of jack now and then myself ;)

  3. GingerV,
    You are so funny!!!
    Please do the signs in Friburgo. Please, please please. It doesn't matter that they are in Portuguese. We are just looking for cute signs that tell a little sotry of their own. I hope you join us.
    "Foot Feet"....ummm I have no clue what that could mean, lol.

    You're so sweet GingerV and I love to leave and get somments from you my new friend in Brasil.
    Take good care and.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. you never know when you will need a camera

  5. Lisa, I agree :).........

    Annie......that is too much of a coincidence. Patty from Crisfield, I surely hope you read this today!! And yeah, me likes a little gentleman jack and coke sometimes (well, maybe more often than "sometimes", lol).....

  6. I love Jack...he can be a lot of fun. What a fun job this guy has. Have fun taking pictures of signs...look forward to seeing them.

  7. Jack Daniels!! My husband's favourite.. You funny girl making the handsome Mr. Errick famous in your blogspot.. hahaha!

    Jack and Coke are famous here in Shenzhen.. Come hurry up my dear, hope to see you here in Shenzhen while we still can.. Please..

    And I am excited about you and Patty's cutest signs in your town..

    miss ya,

  8. My ultimate career goal is to get paid to breath but this would have to be second.

  9. I need to take my camera more places with me. This was an awesome photo!

    Maybe I should start a photo series of my own: "Life around the M-Town." I'll give you full credit for the inspiration!

  10. Well let me know if you flag down any WINE trucks, okay then?

  11. and THAT is why I need a damn camera.


  12. I have to start carrying my camera with me all the time. i miss all kinds of great photo ops. But you seem to catch them all.

  13. Your a good writer!
    Thank you for being a follower. I have given you a TRIPLE AWARD on my blog. Pop over and pick it up. Enjoy all the bloggy love.


  14. Yeah, that's some good ol' swell Jack Daniel's truck. And this is from a teetotal :-)!

    Greetings from London.

  15. You're a guest of honor at the Award Buffet! Just blog on by and dig in!!

  16. I too have to learn to take my camera with me everywhere I go (Once i am up and about again). I am missing out on some great pictures to post about, I see. How do you come up with these wonderful things to chat with all of us about!! You have the knack, that is for sure! Entertainment at its best. I am so glad, once again, that I found your blog, life would be so boring without you anymore. As for the truck, well, I have never seen a great truck like that here, but we did once have a bus load of Russian mountain climbers pull up to our campground for a brief stay! Does that count?? :-O take care, and I can not wait for the post on the cute signs. I will have to go around town this spring and see what I can come up with in that department.

  17. Patty did not know it was the cutest signs in our town. I picked some awful ones, but they appealed to me!

    Next time we do signs, we will do all business signs. That would be fun.

    Send that truck up my way!

    Isn't it funny how people will let you take their photos? People who would never look at you twice, will stop whatever they are doing to pose for you.

    Remind me to not play cards with you.

  18. tee hee couldn't stop laughing, what a tonic for all that ails you. hope all is fine after your doc visit. talking about visits, i will be back here more often, i lurv your posts. hugs.


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