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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loving Life With The Other gigi......

This is one of my BFF's, the other gigi. If I blogged about how fantastic I think she is this would be the longest blog ever. There are many things about gigi that I truly love, but her gift of laughter has to be at the top of the list.

Prince and I went to a Super Bowl party at gigi and her sweetheart's house on Sunday night. What a feast gigi put out!! We ate so much I thought that we we were going to pop. I still need a couple of gigi's recipes.....especially the one for the marinated green bean bundles wrapped with bacon. Those were just amazingly delicious. Gigi and sweetheart, hereafter called "Superfly", had other great friends over as well. Of course, their friends were as groovy as they are. Of course, Prince and I expected that much.

We loved the great eats, the commercials, gigi's charming grandson

the game itself and the outstanding company. But the piece de resistance had to be the half time show with the Boss. Prince and I cut an impromptu jitterbug on gigi and Superfly's living room rug. Now Superfly said the Boss wasn't that great......which I find almost equivilent to T~R~E~A~S~O~N!! Geez Superfly, it's the Boss already!! And impromptu dancing is one of the million things that I love to like about my Prince. Anytime and anyplace, he's game to just have a little dance with Reggie Girl.

Next time let's do it at our house gigi and Superfly. And I want gigi to come dig in
the earth with Reggie girl this spring. We seem to have constant and sometimes inappropriate laughter when we are together.

(Note to Superfly....Entertainment Tonight said that the Boss's half-time show was one of the best in history, so there!!).

****Quote of the week: "Glory Days---don't let them pass you by".
Bruce Springsteen aka The BOSS

Steady on,

Reggie Girl

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