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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan.....City Of Homes

It's Tuesday again. Time for me to post a few snaps of things that I found interesting in my beautiful town this week while I was out and about. I always take my camera with me because you never know when something groovy will take your fancy and you will just have to photograph it, lol.

This is a picture of a hand made welded train engine mailbox. Look at the fine detail. I happen to know the person who made this mailbox and he's a pretty amazing guy. He just happens to be my uncle...........

This is a tractor made of hay that sits on Macedonia Church property by the road. I passed it for a few days and then thought I'd better hurry and get a snap before they took it down. I think this really speaks small town and every time I pass by this tractor made of hay I smile.

This a tribute to somone who must have been adored and loved very much. The bench and the angel touched my heart.

This is an old wooden birdhouse place near someone's final earthly resting place. She must have been an avid birdwatcher. I hope that lots and lots of birds play here every day.

This is the greeting sign at the entrance of Forest Lawn Memorial. I love the way the ivy surrounds it.....

As I said, these are just a few of the charming things that caught my eye this week in my beautiful, charming town. I think that I say this every Tuesday, but there is nothing like living in a small town. The folks are nice, everything is kept nice and pleasing to the eye and going to the court square and shopping at the local merchants there is something that I find peaceful and it makes me feel kind of normal. Prince and I walk around downtown at least once every couple of weeks even if to window shop. We always see someone we know while we are out walking around and stop for a friendly chat. Priceless...............

*******"I think that every person should have to try to live in a big city for a couple of weeks in their lives......then they wouldn't be so easily scandalized"******* ~~Mae West~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Hi, Reggie girl! I'm lovin' the hay tractor, that is so funny/creative. I know exactly how you feel, when you see something that you really want to photograph but don't have your camera with you...so you get back there as soon as possible so it's not gone when you actually have your camera!! It's SO annoying when you get there and it's gone.
    Anyhoo, nice shots :)

  2. Yea. The test worked. I have been trying to post to your site but that silly word verification did not allow me to post. Glad Blogger fixed that little bug.

    I wrote two long posts on your new puppy and your new photos, but I am pooped, so let me say, "Love the new puppy, and that hay tractor is so cool."

    Later, Gator.

  3. Wow, Reggie-these are beautiful. What a cool place your town is! And Colt is one adorable dog.

  4. I would love to live in a small town, but the minority in me keeps telling me to keep my crazy down.

  5. Hahaa,,, the tractor is kind of brilliant idea!haha

  6. I like the mailbox.It's so special.

  7. Great tractor! Good eye for things. I've driven through Newnan a few times. I met my wife in Vidalia. Which is why I no longer live in Boston.

  8. i cant make you laugh- its too late-i enjoyed this post and the pictures, thank you xx

  9. I had trouble posting comments yesterday but I love the hay tractor with the peaceful little church in the background. Such a pretty area you live in.

  10. I love the mailbox! And, I love living in a small town too. We have a locally owned restaurant where we eat at least once a week. We usually run into someone we know.

  11. Love the pictures, especially the tractor made of hay. I'm still a bit touchy and teary with any grave pics since my brother died last year. He was cremated though and his ashes are under a tree at Fort Bragg.

    I agree about living in a small town. Love it and wouldn't change it for anything.

  12. Reggie, I agree with you about living in a small town. I think mine might be a little bigger than yours...but the small town feeling of going out and always knowing you're going to see someone you know--that's my favorite part. Sometimes I'd rather be anonymous, but not usually.

    My small town is my hometown. I lived away from it for 25 years. Now, I love to travel and see other places; would quickly turn to mush if I couldn't ever do that. But it's great to come home. Thanks for the pictures. I posted a few of Montana on my blog tonight, too.


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