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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The "English To English" Translation Guide (part deux)

The language barrier is much better at our house, but every now and then it rears it's ugly head again. I mostly understand Prince these days though occasionally, I get caught off guard myself. I thought that today I would translate a little more Brit speak.

"Adverts" = Commercials
"Trolley" = Shopping cart
"Wonky" = Shaky or mis-made (as in "I often get the trolley with the wonky wheel)
"Let me sort this out" = Let me get this straight!
"Discombobulated" = confused or out of sorts
"Toast Maker" = toaster
"Walk About = a stroll (as in "I'm taking Ellie for a walk about")
"Motorway" = Interstate
"The traffic swishes by" = people drive really fast over here in America
"Snaps" = photographs, pictures
"Bugger Off" = get lost! (or insert your OWN special translation here!)
"Floor Mat" = rug
"Reg, have you gone daft?" = "Have you lost you mind girl?". (I hear this one
a lot for some reason.......especially lately)

For all of his kooky language, Prince is still one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He has a lot of character about him. He is really trying to learn southern lingo and occasionally says "Flaming Nora Y'all", which is especially funny when said with his charming British accent. Prince also never enacts diabolical behavior, which is always a plus in a man. He has a huge and loving heart and always gives me one of his hushpuppies when he orders fish for dinner. I love the way he laughs at the new Dorrito's advert and how he loves to watch Friday Night Standup on Comedy Central. I think I'll keep him because he's not afraid to wear my girlfriend gigi's earrings.......and my don't they bring out his pretty eyes? (he's gonna kill me for posting this snap!!)

****"Character is who you are in the dark when you're alone" D.L.Moody****

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Dear Reggie Girl,
    It's really kind of funny how the British speaks. It's the same english language as Americans yet they have an interesting diction.. I had a hard time understanding them sometimes similar to the Australians when I went there. But it's kind of cute..
    Happy Valentines. Such a fun and lovely couple you are..

  2. What a good sport! I didn't notice the earrings until you pointed them out...too funny. Takes a real man to pull that off!

  3. Mmmm sharing hushpuppies is a good enough reason to keep the guy - whether he's wearing the blimey earings or not.

  4. LOL only a real man can pull off that look!!!

  5. Is he getting a matching necklace for Valentine's Day?

  6. Thank you for your beautiful comment, it lifted my spirits! :) Really lovely to hear.

    Your blog is equally inspirational - this was the first post I read though, so I thought it fitting to comment this one! I love the word "wonky", you're right, very typically British...
    What you do with raising money is fantastic though. Stumbling across things like this restores my faith in humankind :) Keep it up!
    x X x X x

  7. So cute! I first thought the earrings were part of the throw pillow! Nalley shares his hushpuppies with me too!

  8. I'm originally from the South (AL & GA) and I say "discombobulated" on a regular basis. I must've picked it up in a book or something.

    Try moving to WV - they have their own language as well: they call shopping carts "buggies", they call vacuums "sweepers" and the eyes on stove, they call "burners". I've been here 25 years and I still have problems! LOL.

  9. I'm Prince!

    I lived in the US for 13 years, finished middle school, high school, college and law school, and I STILL use the most ridiculous non-English phrases.

    I guess that makes my husband Reggie Girl. Oh he'll love that.

  10. Reggie Girl, this post is just TOO funny!! You have me getting a stitch in my side, and it feels great to laugh so hard. How many days does the laughter leave us in the face of all the daily-life nonsense we have to deal with. Thanks for a great post, and your guy sounds like a real keeper! Oh so right, it takes a real winner to put on his wife's earrings, and still look great!! Give him a hug from all us ladies in bloggy-land who got a good chuckle out of the picture that he is not going to be thrilled about seeing on the blog!! :-) hugs, Debby

  11. hahaaa...so sweet, Reggie Girl,,,

    anyway, I've felt better now with the flu,,haha..thanks for your caring. nice to have you as my bloggie friend! ;)

    keep posting!

    Vina Puspita

  12. I love this picture, how handsome your Prince is! Thanks for the British to Southern English translations, ya'll.

  13. I used to live in the u.k. for a while, now i live in australia!
    I like the british english and some of the funny words they are using!

    And coz im gerrman ive given myself the right to use whichever phrase or words i wanna use, let it be american, british or aussie.
    Ive got an excuse!;)

    And btw, That Is a lovely picture!

  14. a few more britishisms!tee hee
    flannel=face cloth
    tea towel= drying up cloth
    skiving= playing truant

  15. My ~~~~favorite~~~ British word so far:
    (from watching way too much VH1) gobsmacked


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