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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh My Goodness....Words That Matter....

So, I'm riding through town last night on my way to see a puppy and I see three bumper stickers that really caught my eye. I wish that I had my camera with me at the time but I left it at the new lovenest......at least I think that's where I left it. Maybe it's because we are so tired right now that these bumper stickers actually became topics of conversation in our car last night........

#1 - "PACKAGING MATTERS"... I'm sorry, but huh? What kind of packaging? Who said packaging didn't matter? I know that I want my packages wrapped real pretty. I think packaging must have an inferiority complex or something......

#2 - "I(HEART)ZOMBIES"... I'm not really sure what this means. Are they talking about "Night Of The Living Dead" zombies or those voodoo zombies? I wanted to stop the driver of this vehicle and ask the driver but I didn't......

#3 - "GO VEGAN OR DIE!"...Die??? I think this is a rather bold message. Maybe even a little harsh? I already eat very little meat and now everytime I eat chicken finger's, I'll think that I may die. What exactly are chicken "finger's" anyway? Are they thumbs or pointer "fingers". I'm a little torn about this bumper sticker. Talk about getting to the (HEART) of the matter........

Well anyway, it was really late when we arrived to see the new pup. The is a yellow Lab mix that is about 4 months old and of course she is a rescue. She looks an awful lot like our friends The Foster Failure's pup named Dixie so Prince instantly fell in love with her. He said "She's a lovely girl and I want her name to be Sadie". We can't pick her up until the weekend. I'll post picture's of her next week. We're so excited and can't wait to bring her to her new home!!.

****"She's got a ticket to ride and she don't care"****
~The Beatles~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. oh how thrilling to have a new puppy!!! can't wait to see pics... what a sweet lil cutie on the daily puppy today!!

  2. Go vegan or die? Doesn't that go against their whole philosophy? Weird.

    I can't wait to see pictures of Sadie! You'd get along with my aunt, she runs an animal shelter.

  3. Annie......I know. I can't wait :)....

    Bella.....You are so right (again). I mean really. I wish that you'd been in the car with me wearing chiffon when we passed that car!!
    Awww...your auntie runs an animal shelter? That is so sweet.......

  4. OMG, that cartoon is my mother. Every time I go to the nursing home to see her and she's asleep, I think she's dead. It takes forever to wake her up. LOL

  5. Definitely obscure license plates. go vegan or die? Likes animals but not humans I guess.

  6. Julie......you be funny. I like that. I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock-and-roll :)......

    Jeannie.......I know. I totally did NOT get this one. Some people you know?....

  7. Seeing how most people choose to be vegan as a moral objection to the violence inherent in eating meat, anyone who uses the "Vegan or Die" bumper sticker is pretty much a hypocrite.

    BTW - thanks for stopping by my blog, and not letting the lack of updates daunt you!

  8. Matt....I couldn't agree more....hypocrite is right. Thanks for saying it for me!!
    Lack of updates never daunt me......but hey buddy, get to it :)

  9. Why would people stick things to their vehicle anyway? I never understood that - they pay $$$$ for the vehicle, then ruin the surface with a sticker....I don't have anything to say that badly! LOL.

  10. Oh, I'm jealous! Puppies are so fun. I'd like to get a dog, but can't have them in my apartment. Maybe someday. Have fun with your new puppy!

  11. Evil Twin's Wife....I know what you mean. What I need to "say" to some people can be "said" with one finger :).......

    Jane Doe....you will have a puppy of your very own one day! I am so passionate about animals because they give what humans cannot.....unconditional love.......

  12. Hello, Ms. Reggie! Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hi! I really appreciate it that you decided to follow my blog, it means a lot to me knowing there's someone out there [other than my family, that is] who actually reads my blog!


  13. LOL! The cartoon is funny, but rings true, unfortunately! Bumper stickers should be banned. They're rarely funny and sometimes don't even make sense. You could have an accident while you're trying to work out what they mean.

    Little pup sounds great. Best of luck with him!

  14. OH I thank you so for helping animals(:) ``all animals and ofcourse your doggies~

    Angels fly with you~ anyone who is kind to animals is an angel .. MY Pretzels are delish (:) YES YES ~!!

    I agree eating a little meat is ok, I do feel guilty one had to die for me but..but, but??

    I also feel if they are treated humanely it is so important~
    thanks for your great work and sweet comments you left me~~ hugs, Patty

  15. "Go Vegan or Eat Well" - That's what I'd like on a bumper sticker.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. WHAT>!>!>! Another dog? You kids are crazy - how is ellie taking it?

    Here in Austin someone hacked into the electronic street signs last week and wrote

    "Zombies are here. Run"

    it was pretty funny.

  17. Rule number one: Never go anywhere without your camera.

    I am partial to the Go Vegan or Die bumper sticker. 28 years of being a veg-head, and we never get sick. There has got be something to a veggie diet.

    Boo hoo. I miss my dog so much. She was a yellow lab.

  18. Agree with the above. Not going to mess up my beautiful "new" Grand Marquis with a stupid bumper sticker. How about an anti-bumper sticker bumper sticker. Something like "My bumper sticker is smarter than your bumper sticker". How about that for a stupid one?

  19. We have a black lab girl. And she constantly makes us laugh!

  20. aaaaawwww yippee, then you can jioi us at dogs on thursday. love the way ypu call it a 'lovenest'....aaaaaaawwwwwwww cute.

  21. Oh those are funny....hey...I (heart) Portis, he's a cutie, we have an English bulldog, Apollo, they would tear the place down....he's know around here as the Canine Messiah...

  22. Hi, thanks for those bumper stickers. Such interesting cultural statements. My hubby and I live in a town that's inflamed with all kinds of political rhetoric and chest-beating and LOTS of bumper stickers. But the one I like best is this positive message: "Wag More, Bark Less." Love it!

  23. Ms. Dot.....thank you for dropping by. Please tell all your friends.....it's all for the animal's.......

    Mean Mom......Ditto. I've almost wrecked several times trying to figure out bumper stickers :( and....you don't sound so mean to me :)........

    Attic Clutter.....I know right?? But...but...I am soooo at that place......

    TishTash......great idea for a bumper. Better idea for a life.......

    Jewels.......define crazy?? The poor girl had no where else to go and no one else to love her. Ellie is taking it all in stride but pouting (imagine that?)......

    Patty......I concede to rule #1 :). #2 - We're totally veggie people with a little (and I do mean little) bit of chicken and fish. #3 - we'll share Sadie with you and send pics. It will be like an interactive adoption. Would you be her Godmother?.....I'm absolutely serious....

    Si........you made me laugh with that one....I'm so tired I'm silly....

    Lover of Life.....I agree. Pups are a constant source of entertainment.....

    soulbrush......thanks so much....you're a sweetie :).......

    Artist Unplugged......hahahaha...Canine Messiah. I almost fell off the chair laughing at that one. Seriously......

    Sallymandy.....awwww....that'w a sweet bumper sticker. I know what you mean about the chest beater's....a bit of overload isn't it?....

  24. Thank you for stopping by :) I love your blog, everything from spaying & neutering, building a no-kill shelter to Colbert Quote of the day!
    Other than Lucky the Lovebird, I also have a senior, disabled Dachshund who had a 2nd breast tumor; my second 'fixed late' female that ended up with mammary tumors, so no one knows better than me that spaying and neutering *greatly reduces* chances of them getting certain cancers. I also have her son, who is also fixed. It is my mission to educate others of rescuing pets (especially special needs pets)spaying and neutering.

  25. I'm glad to hear that you like my blog. I will continue earthquake story. I like your blog too.

  26. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Hope that you enjoy the puppy. Will be following you if that is OK.

  27. Congrats on your new Sadie! I bet she's packaging and all!


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