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Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Just Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs....

Friday is finally here. I know that I'm not the only one excited that today is Friday for more reasons that one. Anyway, Crisfield Patty and I agreed to post local signs that we thought were eye catching, cute or just personified our home towns. I always have my camera with me these days and you'd be surprised what you will find if you keep your eyes open. Here goes........

Salvation Taxi. Perhaps you get a sermon on your way home??

Golden's On The Square. Prince and I eat here so often that it's like Cheer's. Everybody knows our name. Finer people you would never meet and the food is delicious as well.

A new resturant that is being remodeled going towards exit 41 on Highway 29. It used to be a barbeque place now it's going to be a mexican resturant. I think they made excellent use of the pig!!

PawPaw's Diner: Food with attitude at a low, low price. Now that's what I like.

An old Sinclair HC gasoline sign. I actually remember these. Man oh man, that makes me feel kind of old.

Golden Beauty Salon off the square going into town. Not just beauty yall.....GOLDEN Beauty. You gotta love that!

A picture in one of our local banks that caught my eye. Awesome.

A little dirt bike that I saw for sale off of Roscoe Road. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's itty bitty......like for a 6 year old and it's just darling.

Harwell, Brown and Harwell Attorneys and Owens Properties. Some of my favorite people in the world work in this very office. I don't usually recommend folks, but this office has it going on.

Best Of Friends Resturant now becoming JB's Barbeque. Prince and I used to love to eat at Best Of Friends on Sunday after church. We miss it but of course, will try the new barbeque place.

Mr Lisle at The Peach Cafe with his daily special sign. He says come on in and have a little lunch. I've eaten there once and will definately go again.

Bridlewood Morgans farm. I pass this place on almost a daily basis and am always struck by it's beauty. Their horses are amazing. The look so spirited and so strong (their house ain't too shabby either, lol).

Broad Street Sweets in our downtown area. Now just who doesn't like a good cupcake I ask you?

The Gun Show sign off of Highway 16. Only in the South, right? I love it!!

Rehab is going to be at one of our local pubs? I'm sooo there. No kidding, I'm going to HAVE to go to this one.

The Spirital Renewal Center sign in the bend off Bullsboro going into town. I just thought this sign was very well thought out and it caught my eye as I passed by. Of course I did a U-Turn to get this snapshot but please don't tell anyone....

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: I was on my way to Alabama to pick up Roxie yesterday and I saw this traveling sign about to get onto the interstate. There was no way that I couldn't stop and beg for a personal photograph session right? The kind man gave me an old newspaper clipping and an old silver coin. That's his pups with him, Shep and Proverb. He told me that he's on a mission to spread the word of God and has been to almost every state in the last 8 years. Look at those horses.....aren't they be-yoots? As I pulled away the song "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" by Neil Diamond was playing in my head. As a matter of fact, I couldn't get that song out of my head for the rest of the day. What an amazing guy and what an amazing life he has chosen to live. I felt really humble as I left him and wished him nothing but the very best of love and kindness on his mission.

Well, that's all....for now. This was no way a competition (Miss Patty was beat me hands down in a competition of anykind.....she's a photojournalist!). She and I are just trying to spotlight our love for our charming towns.
Please do feel free and I invite you to leave me a comment telling my which one of my signs caught your fancy.

******"Singing.....song, song of the South. Sweet potato pie and hush my mouth.
Gone, gone with the wind....ain't nobody looking back again".******
Song of the South by Alabama

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. i love that last sign especially.... would be even funnier on the side of a bank. it reminds me of a bumper sticker i saw the other day.. .jesus is coming, everyone look busy!

  2. Annie.....I love that one as well. How could you not???? Love the bumper sticker saying too....now that's funny :)....

  3. Oh, that Rehab sign is so priceless, so part of the south ! Our town is huge ( Jax, FL...you are lucky to live large in a small town...there are so many unintended funny things to see and do everyday !

  4. Rehab at a pub, LOL It could only be more southern if guns were involved. Great signs.

  5. Did you have fun driving around taking pictures of various signs? What a hoot! Love the Rehab sign and the last one too. Happy friday!

  6. Quite a photo essay. Enjoyed it all.

    Some time I need to take 5 minutes to drive through beautiful downtown Exmore and get a picture of the signs. The only memorable one is the Yellow Duck (http://www.yellowduckcafe.com/) - had one of their delicious muffin this morning.

  7. It looks so quaint - at least you have a good array of restaurants - and a pub called Rehab? Too funny.

  8. Lynn, I love that sign as well!! I've been to Jax. Great place but a litt big for my small town lifestyle. You should shoot a few naps. I know there are all kinds of interesting ones there. I dare ya :).......

    Michele, I know right??? You made me laugh :)...

    smiles4you, I did have a good time doing this. A blast as a matter of fact!!.....

    Si, take the pciture's!! I dare you just like I dare Lynn???.....:)

    Haoufrau, it is a quaint town and in my humble opinion one of the best towns in America. Come see us and bring the kiddo's.......

  9. Thanks for the tour of your town's signs. It's "Signs of our Towns."

  10. Well, you had to outdo me in two ways.

    1. You posted more than ten photos.

    2. That horse and cart is great!

    I love the way the two dogs are peering out of the cart - everyone click on the photo and check out the dogs).

    If you would have had a wide angle lens and put a little more angle on that shot, it would have been worthy of a feature shot in any newspaper.

    I am on for the churches next week. Ten (or more). If anyone wants to join us in our little photo competition - just to show off your town, grab your camera.

    Watch out for Reggie Girl, though. I have already found out she is jam shark. She might just be a photo shark, too.

  11. Churches are next week - let's profile people for the following week.

    This is going to be be fun! Everyone should join us, and show off their towns. So much better than one of those fancy touristy brochures.

  12. Secondary Roads, a "Sign of our Towns".....don't you be so silly at my blog. I can only be silly at your blog, lol :)....thanks for the comment.....

    Lover of life, anytime my friend......thanks for dropping by....

    Patty, #1...you said at LEAST 10 didn't you, lol?
    #2, isnt that horse and cart the best? I almost had a wreck stopping for this picture!!
    I know, I really need a better camera and have been meaning to go get one. I lose track of every day somehow, you know?
    Great, I'm down with the church photo's and maybe I'll try to stick closer to 10 but sometimes I love them all so much it's hard for me to choose.
    A photo shark???? Let's not resort to name calling missy :) You should come on down to Newnan and drink Mint Juleps by the pool with Prince and me. Sit a spell with the pups and all......

    Patty's right. Join us. We are doing churches next Friday. This will make those "fancy touristy brochures" look like rubbish.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  13. Loved the signs and your kind words on my blog about my Tommy-boy. He was a Morgan so I also loved your Bridlewood Morgan sign too! It's been a rough week but I'm feeling better and I know Tommy is trotting around an hogging up all of the feed somewhere wonderful.

  14. The last one is my favorite. I'd love to see such a sight up here, and I'd love even more to talk with the gentleman. What a great town you live in, Reggie Girl. I've got to get me a camera one of these days! P.S. -I love Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show and yes, it suits that picture perfectly!

  15. Mint Juleps sound good. Haven't had one since I left Georgia.

  16. HI
    Great post(:) I enjoyed it.. YUp those crabcakes are devine(:)
    hugs, Patty

  17. That's a great little post ya got goin' there. What a nice tribute to your town!

  18. Hey Reggie Girl.... thanks for stopping by my blog today and for loving my dogs at much as we do. They're both pretty special and we rescued both from the doggie pound. Best kind!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  19. The only thing I can't figure out is why Mama's meal has 2 vegetables and Papa's meal has three vegetables. Mama's meal should have three vegetables and Papa's meal should have three meats and a beer.

  20. What a great idea for a blog posting. Poor imitation thereof will follow in the not too distant future!

  21. Hi, my personal favorite? The sign from Bridlewood Morgans, it just is lovely, and the way you got it centered in the middle makes for a great pic. Ahhh, when I hear about all these great posts that you girls are going to make over the next weeks, churches and people, the signs, it just makes me bite at the bit to get this knee feeling better so that I can be up and about. I would love to go around our own little area and get some pictures so that I could join in. Nothing I love better then showing off my town and area, and using my little beloved camera!! Come spring time, when i can drive again, count me in on all the fun!!!

    And Reggie Girl, you make me blush with your compliment about my last post. Ahh shucks!! Just a bunch of words coming out thru the tips of my fingers and onto the computer keys, some how making a bit of sense at the end of it all!!! But hey, keep those compliments coming, I LOOVVEE hearing them!! :-) ciao, Debby

  22. my goodness what a fascinating post. lurv the piggie and yes of course the last one mostly. how interesting. i think we should all do a post on signs. i'm gonna think of it too. huggles to you.

  23. Jami, the picture of you and your Tommy-boy touched my heart. Time will make it better and I'm glad that he is still there on your farm with you......

    Deedee, I love that song as well. Do take pics of your town and post them. Why don't you come to Newnan to see us. I promise a good time :)......

    Patty, Mint Juleps are good,,,especially served in a big old antique Carnival Glass bowl because every day's a holiday and every meal's a feast around here (remember that from Monty Pyton?? love it!).....

    Attic Clutter, thanks you're a sweetie and I too love your blog :)........

    Kitten, thanks and you come see us too. I'll personally give you the grand tour.........

    Blue Ridge Gal, all or our animals are rescue as well. Yepper's those are the bestest kind. We have 3 dogs, a cat and one birdie....

    B&B, lol, you're a hoot AND a holler!! Maybe Ma's meal should come with a Martini ???......

    Scriptor Senex, that's for stopping by and I hopw that you will visit more often. I'm looking forward to seeing the signs in your town and I just know that it will be fantasic!! Please drop me a note when you post them. Sometimes it get's a little crazy in our house and I may forget which blog I've looked at and which I haven't :).....

    Debby, I can't wait for you to get up and about either......I am dying to see a taste of your town so that I can remember Germany. I have nothing but fond memorie's of your fair country......

    soulbrush, YES, please join us!! Next Friday Crisfied Patty and I are highlighting churches in our town. The next Friday we are profiling people. People's faces tell a story with no words. Especially the eyes...........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  24. I can't tell you how tickled I am that you chose to come by and visit with me and my mob! Animal lovers welcome!!! Loved all your signs, but I'm sure you know that the fella on the covered wagon is my favorite! My husband is an Alabama Boy...he said you were in good company, lol!
    Again, thanks for dropping in, drop in again and I'll do the same!

  25. Just carrying on this conversation...lol...he's from Selma and two of his sisters still live in Alabama...one in Daphne but she was a long time Mobiler, you can't get her out of there with dynamite! Yep, pretty good catch...or, as I tell him, I let him chase me till I caught him! It's been him and me for 40 years...I used to tell him that I heard his mother calling him, but he wouldn't go home, so guess that means I was doing something right, lol! Ah London...we lived in Beaconsfield (outside Windsor) for 4 years and I'd go back in the blink of an eye!

  26. Great! I like to do that too, take pictures of signs. There are so many crazy ones! Love it.

  27. Too much fun! Hubster and I drove home today from NH and we were singing this song!
    "Signs Signs
    Everywhere there's signs
    Blocking up the scenery
    Breaking up my mind
    Do this Don't do that
    Can't you read the sign?"

    Love it!!!!

  28. Dearest Reggie,
    Nothing can beat that Travelling Sign.. It seems somewhat a cozy place to live and become a vehicle to spread the words of God.

    The Farmers and Merchants Bank sign is like a paintbrush collection that I would love to put on my wall.

    And Papaws Diner, it seems the food offers really hearty meal.. I wonder why the prices are 599 and 699. Is that a dollar for HK$ 4,672.20 and HK$5,452.20, enough to start your own diner in the Philippines..!

    You and Patty really made this blogging more interesting..! Please keep it up girls.. I hope to join too..

    There are so many memes and tag invitations here and I guess this one you're having is more than fun!

  29. great! my favourite was the cup cake sign.. that one was sooo cute!
    this had come in the papers sometime back, there was this particular sign seen outside a shop selling junk earrings.. 'credit will be given to only those above 85 if accompanied by both parents'. lol!
    and thanks for stopping by at my blog :)

  30. When driving around Florida on our holiday trips over there, I'm always amazed at your signs. They are so big and in your face or scattered all over the place. That isn't allowed here in the UK.

    Did that guy build his 'caravan' himself? Looks like he did. What a life, to be happy plodding along being nice to people. It makes you think doesn't it?


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