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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Through my eyes....Newnan is beautiful....

At least once a week I want to blog about this beautiful town. I think that sometimes we all, no matter who we may be, take our hometowns for granted. I know that I used to. I've lived quite a few places and been fortunate enough to travel the world a bit. Just last year, Prince and I were moved from this charming town to a place that we did not want to be. We projected our feelings of homesickness on that new town and never really gave it a chance.

These are a few shots that I took in and around Newnan. I think Newnan has alot to offer. It definately offer's alot to a girl like me.

Fountain at 75 Jackson Street. Temperature 31 degrees.................

Red Cross Blood Drive at the Methodist Church in downtown Newnan.........

Run for Angels & Chicken-Q sponsored by The Newnan Kiwanis Club every year. All proceeds go to The Angels House. What a worthy cause..........

Light filtering through the trees on the resevoir beside Newnan Utilities. This shot accidentally turned out with the prisms of light over the water and I fell in love with this picture.

Prince and I hope that we never have to leave Newnan again, but we will go wherever life takes us because we love each other enough and together, we are strong enough. Prince is not the man that I can live with..........he's the man that I can't live without.

****Quote of the week: "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you".
Ralph Walso Emerson

Steady On,

Reggie Girl


  1. Thank you and thank you for your visiting our blog and your comment. We love it here. I will post more pictures of our beautiful city soon. Please come visit us!!

  2. Hi,
    I have always been a person who lives the moment.Hence, wherever I am, I enjoy. Take the best out of every moment.Each coming moment is the future. I liked your photos, they are amazing. Your togetherness with Prince is akin to my togetherness to my wife Seema.

  3. Thank you nsiyer. I love your view on life. We follow that view to the extreme and love our life together each and every day.

    Awww....what a sweet thing to say about your wife Seema. She is one lucky lady to have such a sweet gentleman in her life.

  4. Now I see where you live. You are way down south. Nice to see some Georgia pixs. Keep 'em coming. If you ever up towards Helen, Ga, post a few pixs.

  5. gosh, after having grown up in calgary (canada), i don't know if i could ever be as nice to houston (current home) ;p

    i don't find it worthy ....
    ... yet. :D who knows with time eh!

  6. roopscoop.......Reggie Girl thinks what you said is funny stuff!! Have a great day.


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