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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Gift For The Common Good

It's Sunday, so I suppose I am a little thoughtful and mindful today. I have been thinking about the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves. I find that I often give little gifts to others, but don't often take the time to give many to myself . I think that maybe, just maybe, the best gift's that I can give to myself are; allowing myself to love with wild abandon, accepting love from other's who have no hidden agenda, appreciating my wonderful Prince our wonderful family & friends each and every day, and pursuing happiness like there will never be another day left to live. Who knows? There may not be..........

We have to be good to ourselves. If we don't who will? I have to take care of myself and Prince and treat us as precious every day. I want to never allow anyone or anything to rob me of the joy that I know God intended for me to have on this earth.

We are P~U~R~S~U~I~N~G H~A~P~P~I~N~E~S~S...... each and every day because it is worth it.

Steady On,

Reggie Girl


  1. I did stop by and read as many posts as I had time for. I especially like your posts on your little town. Thanks! I'll be back...

  2. love Elliot's message! you have a great blog, thanks for visiting mine and leaving your kind words.

  3. I'm here by way of Julie's blog. I loved your sentiments. So true!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by! I read several of your posts and love what you write. Your English translations are great - same language but so different. I'm working on a crossword puzzle and one of the clues is "clarified" in Great Britain. Any ideas on that one? starts with an s -8 letters.

  5. Right on! That is the only way to live!

  6. Hi Reggie,
    I think your blog title is the blog title for me too.. At 45, who else doesn't..? Thanks fro sharing.. God bless.
    Loida of the 2L3B's

  7. Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I loved your English translation post, it was pretty funny...and enlightening!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I agree with you on appreciating our lives. Every now and then I stop, look around and am thankful for my wonderful husband.

  9. Hello Reggie, Yes I understand and 100% agree.. we all need that.. Thanks fro sharing.

    And may I thank you for your kind comments. Yes I love John Grisham. I got all of his novels except The Pelican Brief, The Skipping Christmas and Playing for Pizza. I'll gonna get it later on.. And yes we are Eagle fans especially my husband Bayani who is a Musician too..

    We will always read your blogs especially me.. hotflashes requires diversification.. so your blogs would surely help with that.. God bless my friend..

  10. Hi! thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving comment. It is always great to see someone new drop in for a visit. I love your blog, so honest and funny! Now I will know where to come each day to get a chuckle and get me started off on the right happy foot! I enjoyed your post about the english-english translation, and how it is to live in a "mixed marriage". :-) We have those discussions too, about what customs are better, who is right and wrong, etc. Life with someone from another country is always a bit different then the norm, but exciting! You are lucky that you got to remain in the states and that hubby lives there. I wish I could have convinced mine to move across the ocean. But he loves it here, and I have learned to adjust, and like it now too. It took me a long time though. As for menopause, and those darn hot flashes, yup, I have them too! My one consolation is that all other women are going through the same thing and we can share our crazy stories about this time in life! It is a good place to be in life, midlife! I don't know why there is so much fuss made about it, I love it! I will check in again soon, I am sure you and I will have much to share with each other. Take care new friend, and greetings from a place that you know well after having traveled here so much, Debby


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