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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newnan High School Swim Team Banquet

Last night I had the privilege and pleasure of catering the Newnan High School Swim Team's Banquet. I can't even begin to say how enjoyable the evening was. These kiddos are without a doubt the most polite and well mannered young men and women that I have been around in quite some time. You know, most kiddos these days are just a little different than when I grew up. Being around these kiddo's parent's, I understood why these kiddo's were the way they are. The parent's are amazing.

This is my posse, Firefighter friend, Miss Culinary Arts, my Prince, Reggie Girl and Cousin Sis. Wow!! You could never find better friends and you could certainly never find better help. I could have never pulled it off without any one of them. The only one not present was the other gigi. She hung out with me all day yesterday and I just couldn't have gotten everything done without her help either.

Our dessert table. Hey, Who doesn't like a little dessert? I made all of that pudding from scratch and boy was it yummo.

This is our buffet line. We only used the finest china because we wanted their banquet to be special for them. My good friend Cuz Cash's son (the one who called me his "illegitimate aunt", lol) is a swimmer on this swim team and I didn't want to disappoint either one of them. I already knew a couple of the other kiddos as well and they are all great young people.

This is the swim team's cake. I would take credit for this cake but I can't. One of the swimmers Mom's brought this fantastic cake. Isn't it gorgeous?

This is a quilt that was made for the swim team coach. All the swimmers made a square and then the quilt was put together. This quilt was simply stunning. I was admiring it with the swim team coach and she was touched and marveled that they would give her such a special memory to keep forever. I don't know whether it had sunk into her quite yet that these parent's thought that she was a pretty amazing lady and a terrific coach. Moment's like this are priceless.

It was such an honor to be a part of such a special evening. We all had a great time whether we were working, watching, listening and even cleaning up afterwards. I thank the Mom's of the swim team for letting my cater their event and I hope to do so again. It was a little work, but oh so worth it...........

*****"Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me...for sure. That's what friends are for"**********
~~That's What Friends Are For~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. wow what a lovely event that looks like!! sorry i missed it!!!!

  2. Aren't friends that pitch in the best? We have some like that also. Looks like it all went well.

  3. Annie, I'm soory you missed it as well....I would've put you to work :)........

    Michele, you are so right. Where would we all be without friends? It did all go well and I am exhausted, lol.......

  4. Mmmm looks delicious and very beautiful! They will remember this banquet because there was lots of love in the making of it. Steady on!

  5. I find that most young people, on their own, are pretty good kids - even the ones who are bad. Some of the "bad" ones, when you meet their parents, you wonder how they turned out as well as they did.

    Looks like you laid out a beautiful table!

  6. A great group of friends and kiddos! What a nice touch to use the china -- and for HS students. Now that's CLASS!

  7. That is so sweet! I'm glad you were able to be there. I got a little teary eyed about the quilt - how special is that??

  8. Nice job! Wish I could have had some of that pudding!

  9. Good job! I wish I could have had some of that pudding. PS - today's puppy is extremely cute, I must say!

  10. Ok #1 that daily puppy at the top of your blog is the cutest thing i've EVERRRRR seen! Awwww!

    #2 what a spread you put on! that looks beautiful, good job!

    #3 the quilt is such a great idea..how awesome to be able to have a tangible item to remember those times

  11. Beautiful food and presentation. I can tell you have a warm heart. It shows in all you do.

  12. Very nice. As a former college/high school swimmer I can probably guess that the kids ate everything in sight. It looked very tasty.

  13. This is my first time visiting your blog and I like it!!! Love the pic of the puppy at top..awwwww and it looks like you did an awesome job with the function. And CHINA...WOW...Im impressed and I bet the kids were too!!!!

  14. The banquet looked like a smashing success. Love the quilt and the idea behind it.

  15. wow, what a wonderful evening, and everything did look just fantastic. Yum, that cake had my mouth watering! Sounds like a great bunch of kids, especially if they made that quilt for the coach. That goes beyong "touchig". It just makes you realize that there are alot of really great kids out there!! NICE post. take care, (and i will keep my eye open for the mail). :-)

  16. I love reading about polite people, old, young, whatever..we have a lessening of politeness all the time.
    The dessert table looks great.~Mary

  17. Reggie Girl thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a positive comment. It brightened my day...
    Will be back!

  18. Can you send me some of that pudding?


  19. Yeah, Cougars. When my son was 8 he joined a neighborhood subdivision swim team. Then folks convinced me to join since there were so few adults that anyone who could make it back and forth in the pool could get points for the team. After the first meet, I felt so embarassed wearing my Hawaian Boxer trunks that the next time I showed up in a Speedo. Even more embarassing. My wife could not stop laughing long enough to take a picture, thank God!

  20. Oh, great. You cater. And I have to compete with you in a jam contest. You are a jam shark.

    I am going to get over my envy with a cup of hot spiced apple cider.

    Thanks for the extra goody in my box. I have a a big day tomorrow, but I will put your package together on Friday.

    BTW, anytime your sign photos are ready, I completed mine today. Do you want to post them late tomorrow or sometimes Friday? Just let me know.

    That cake sure does look good.

  21. Reggie - those desserts look lovely and seems like you had a wonderful evening, after all your hard work. Great photo of you and your helpers. Love the picture of the pretty puppy at the top of the page too. A x

  22. Hello my dear Reggie Girl,
    Have you done that cake? it's awesome..
    You good-hearted woman catering for the swimming team.. such a nice deed.
    see ya..

  23. I love me some pudding!!!

    That looks great! I bet you had rave reviews :)

  24. Wow, I'm impressed, girl! great job...Your tables look so pretty and golly wow, you used the REAL china! Hope you didn't have to wash all the dishes too!
    Is this what you do full time, I mean besides taking pictures and doing your blog?!?


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