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Monday, February 23, 2009

Please Meet Our Newest Girl Sadie.......

We picked up our newest addition to the lovenest last night Miss Sadie. She rode home with me in the car brilliantly.....like she has been a "car rider" all of her life. I brought her straight in to meet our 3 pound Chi Ellie and our Ragdoll cat Sophie.
Sophie swatted her in the face straight away just for good measure. Ellie went gangster and thought for a brief moment that she was a Doberman. Anyway, after a few minutes of introduction interaction all was well.

The usual "meet and greet" that pups are so very well known for.

After calming Ellie down, we got down on doggie level for a little up close and personal. Ellie is relaying to Sadie that she is the Alpha dog here and that she was definitely here first.

Close up of Ellie and Sadie having their first face-to-face meeting. Please note not how Ellie Bee is doing her best to pretend that Sadie is actually not there and is giving her the cold shoulder.

Just Sadie being cute and sweet.

Sadie, Ellie and Sophie all did very well on their first night together. The two pups played. I was a little worried that Sadie might be a little rough with Ellie but wasn't the case. They actually ending up playing a little fetch together, though I still don't think that Ellie is terribly impressed at this point. Sophie, is just a little eh, about the newest member of the lovenest. She has stopped Sadie from drinking her own water a couple of times just to let her know that, she too was here first.

Sadie is a rescue pup and you can tell that she was abused. She seems pretty insecure and is a little food aggressive but we can love that out of Sadie. Love and security, good food, warm beds and loving parents heal all kinds of wrongs.

Welcome Sadie..........we love you already!!

************"And they called it Puppy Love (sic)...."***********************
~~~Donny Osmond

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Sooo lovely dogs you got there.. I like to hug Saddie..

    You made me miss our dog in our home sweet home. His name is 'Tsupapi'. Actually it's a Gay's name. The other one is Alvarez.

    Have you watched Ophras' topic on rescuing dogs from puppy mills somewhere there in america..? those puppy mill owners are horrible..!

    Glad there are good people to rescue those poor dogs..

  2. Hey gal! I am sitting here in my bed with ice packs on the swollen surgery spots on this ol' body, and having a blast keeping cool and getting caught up on your posts. LOVE your new gal, Sadie. She is so cute! Liked the post with the pictures from your home town there. Great pictures, and the old woooden buildings made me homesick for NJ. Nothing but brick homes over here, and as nice as they are, I really like wooden homes and buildings! My favorite restaurant in all the world looks just like one of those old buildings in your post, not too much from the outside, but ahh, once inside, culinary delights await you and an atmosphere that can not be beat. That is the Library II. Oh yum, which I could hop on over there right now for their broiled sea scallops and home made chocolate mousse pie. Ah, before I have my tongue hanging out too far, I better move on to another subject! Hey, your post about childhood memories, oh my friend, you have outdone yourself there. FANTASTIC! It brought back so many of my own childhood memories, of summers night out catching the fireflies, or playing neighborhood kickball in the middle of the street, and learning to ride a bike just like you did. Dad taught all of us kids too, and soon off we went, doing great. Except for the time that I thought it would be fun to ride my bike in the rain, complete with umbrella, which I stupidly let hang down in front of my face and then i did not see my dad's old white truck parked along the curb. and yup, I rode right into it. I am not sure what was hurt worse, the truck, me, or my pride! We were out doors all the time, exploring the woods, making mudpies, playing games, and on school days we went out as soon as homework was done, then got called in for dinner at 6 pm. Then an hour of play still before bedtime. But during the summer, ah, those were the great days, out late in the dark of a hot summer night, playing hide and seek with about 20 kids, our feet as black as the asphalt of the streets, and the crickets later on singing us a lullabye to put us to sleep. I some times wish my own kids could grow up with memories like we all have, life was simple then and we did not have much money, but we were happy kids!!! "Thanks for the memories.....". Debby

  3. awww.. what a dear sweet little girl!!! im sure they will get along just fine! my little beagle sam bit buddy on the ear so bad the second day we brought him home she drew blood. he was a bit of a pain though, being only nine weeks old. she sure put him in his place. i remember she gave me this look when we took them for their first walk together - it was so funny and so plain as day: DID I ASK FOR THIS?

  4. Vina......thank you. We think they're darling and we're not prejudice or anything, lol......

    2L3Bs......I have seen Oprah's special. Our little 3 pound Chihuahua, Ellie came from a puppy mill. All of our animals are rescues. The two dogs, the cat and the bird. They make such loving pets because it's like they just know........

    Debby.......I'm so glad that you are better. I love those old wood building as well.
    I'll be posting on my town tomorrow as Tuesday's is my Newnan day :)....

    Annie......hahahaha, that's pretty much the look that Ellie gave prince and I :).....

  5. Welcome to your new baby! We would rescue a new dog or cat a week if we could afford it or had the room.

  6. I love the picture of Sadie and Ellie together. I'm very familiar with that "if I don't look at you, you don't exist look!!!" Good for you and best wishes.

  7. I love hearing that an innocent has been rescued and is now in a loving home. We absolutely spoil Puppy and Kitty. Unfortunately, they don't get along ... but I hold hope that one day they will.

  8. You've got courage. Glad to see it worked out smooth and pleasant. Never tried more than one pet but have seen some real stories on Dog Whisperer.

  9. Hope this is not a repeat. Just typed in a comment and it disappeared into cyberspace.

    You have courage. Never tried two pets at a time, myself. But Dog Whisperer is full of horror stories. Well done on doing it right.

  10. OMGosh look at Ellies eyes in that pic...toooo funny
    your lil doggers are super cute!

  11. Love all of them! I'm reading Edgar Sawtelle, and may have to become a dog person.

  12. Sadie is a dollbaby! How lucky you all are to have one another!

  13. Awesome about the no kill animal shelter! We love animals here at little toes!
    COngrats on Sadie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and come back anytime. :)

  14. Oh, she is adorable-- love the little ears. I have the highest regards for rescuers. Sadie is a lucky gal :-)

  15. This is a wonderful thing you are doing ! When I was younger and had a husband we took in strays for the pound or Humane shelters. They do make the best pets. I am so sad that can't have anymore pets.
    Another subject: Newnan---There is or was a lady there that wrote a book:"Faver and Kindred" 1748 --1990. She is one of my relatives. "Way back" Her name is Alma Y. Carroll. The last address I have for her is
    4988 Smokey Road. My name is leslie Hall and I bought this book from her.

    Keep up the good work. I have a daughter in Atlanta. Hugs ~~~~~Leslie

  16. Cute cute! I LOVE Sadie's eyes in the close up! They are HUGE!

    And thanks for getting that song in my head, sheesh.

  17. Welcome Sadie. I had a dog with the exact same markings on his head once.

  18. Hi there, I just popped by to return the visit you made to my blog whilst I was away on holiday. :)

    We don't have any pets as we travel quite a lot now. We have already decided once we have don't travelling we will be giving a home to a rescue dog. :)

  19. Michele, I know what you mean about having room. but do bear in mind that if you can foster animals for a short time the Humane Society will pay for all the food and the vet bills.....just a thought :).....

    Mildred, lol.....Ellie is still pretending that Sadie does not exist!!.....

    Crazy Mo (I love that name by the way) our kitty Sophie is not terribly fond of Sadie. Oh well, haha......

    Si......we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 Quaker parrot and 34 fish (South American Ciclids). Animals, especially resuce animals are our passion. They love without reserve. Trust me, they all work things out amongst themselves..

    Georgie....I know right??? Ellie and Sophie are sooo not impressed. Thanks, you're sweet :)....

    Frugal Scholor......there is nothing like the uncondional love of an animal. I promise :)....

    Hausfrau.....you are a dollbaby (with nice tata's, lol)....

    littletoes....thanks for dropping by. I truly enjoyed my visit at your blog as well :)....

    Keeperofallthings.....thanks, we think so as well. Of course we are in no way prejudice, haha....

    imbeingheldhostage......resuce animal's truly are grateful and love you with wild abandon.... you're such a nice lady :).....

    Leslie.......I'm going to look into that. How interesting......let me know when you are coming to Atlanta. We'll do a meet and greet for lunch or something :)........

    Jewels........NO PROBLEM.....I'm glad that I'm not the only one hearing that dumb song playing in a loop over and over and over......

    Captain Dumbass.....awww.....you ole softie you......

    Akelamalu....you will never regret giving a rescue animal a loving home.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  20. She is adorable! We are thinking about a rescue dog, but need to make sure we are not getting back our daughter's lab that she took with her to college. She wants to travel, and of course, we keep all our animals for their lifespan. We're now in a small place and our lab takes up "her fair share". But she is getting a little neurotic - she really needs another dog/friend! I was kind of thinking a smaller dog... (I really like corgis.)

  21. My hubby and I are suckers for furry faces --and you have several adorable ones.

  22. What a sweet little puppy! Congrats on your new addition!


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