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Friday, February 20, 2009

Somehow We Made It This Far.....

You know, things sure have changed a lot since I was a kid (and no age jokes here please. Pretty please??). This is a picture of my brothers, yes of course that's them dressed up in their nifty cowboy outfits, my 2 cousins from Alabama and myself with our Mom and our Gran. We were at our Gran's house. This surely had to be a photo op because we were never usually allowed to actually eat inside at this table. We usually had to eat on her outside porch when we were all together like this. As you can see my cousin's are dressed alike. They're not twins so I have no clue why my auntie used to dress them alike. The other picture is us all piled up and sitting on our Papa. He was a blast our Papa. He always used to actually get us into purpose on trouble and then laugh about doing so.

When we were growing up one year we got bicycles for Christmas. You see then, mostly you got a bike and you just learned to ride it on your own. There was none of this bicycle-helmets-knee-pad rubbish. Our Dad held it up long enough for us to get on the thing and off we went. Now, we definitely had a few bumps and scrapes but we learned how to ride our bicycles like pros. I like the way we learned to ride. Our dad just knew that we would learn and he let us without hovering over us. There was never the assumption that we WOULDN'T be able to ride and we all rose to the occasion and passed with flying colors. Within a week we were riding in the street (yep.....right down the middle of it) with no hands.

We also were never, ever, as in just didn't happen, allowed to sit inside all day long and watch television (there were no video games until 'Pong" came along and proudly we had the first one in our neighborhood) or sleep half of the day away. Our mom would wake you up to make you go outside into the sunshine. I surely didn't appreciate that then. I do appreciate that now.

We were allowed to play with toy guns in our house and yet none of us have been arrested for murder or any violent acts or been convicted of any felonies (unless there is something my brother's and those cousin's aren't telling me........).

We played lawn darts and none of us lost an eye. We had wood burning kits and science lab kits with real chemicals in the box. None of us were ever burned and we never blew up anything too terribly big. I don't count my little brother's little hut in our back yard as "too terribly big". I had an Easy Bake oven that I was allowed to use with no supervision, and I mean absolutely no supervision. I used to make little cakes for my sweet dad to eat all the time. He always lovingly ate every single crumb and applauded my culinary skills. My dad also used to buy me those pink Barbie Party-All-Night plastic high heels to play dress up in. To this day, I am a shoe hound and love a good pair of heels though I have graduated from plastic these days.

One time when we were really young...so young that I couldn't venture to guess our ages, it actually snowed a little tiny bit at our house. My neighbor's mom had us to collect a bowl of snow and she made Snow Ice Cream. It had raw eggs, sugar and vanilla in it and in my minds eye I remember it being terrific. These days no one, including me probably, would ever dream of eating such a thing as snow off the ground and raw eggs. Somehow we survived though I blame my dislike of eggs on the snow ice cream incident.

Things really have changed tremendously in just my lifetime. I understand the reasoning behind most things, but other's I'm a little lost on now and again. I just know, what I know, what I know.......a little dirt ain't gonna kill ya.....even if you eat it. Please don't eat dirt though okay?

*****"My name is Michael, I've got a nickle, I've got a nickle shiny and new. I'm going to buy you all kinds of candy, that's what I'm going to do" (sic)*****
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Reggie Girl


  1. Ah yes, pong and cowboy guns...I remember being amazed that a computer could actually make a little dot of white light move around for me to hit it with little vertical dashes...how could graphics ever get any better! I just wish I could be around to see what my grandson will get to play with when he is my age.

  2. aw, that reminds me of me and my brother on warm summer nights.... chasing fireflies and playing a game called baby in the air...

  3. Aahhhh yes those WERE the days. I posted something similar of life here in the UK in the 1960's when I was just young. Life was so much simpler then. My parents sent me out in the mroning after breakfast and shouted me when tea was on the table or it started to get dark. Most times you ate stuff at other people's houses - or just didn't eat because you were having too much fun.

    The things we did - scary yes - but doesn't it make you wonder what the kids today will be like in 30 years time? That's even scarier!

  4. Your post brings back so many fun memories. Your grandma's front door with the three windows is exactly like the door of the house I grew up in! I had plastic heels and I remember Dad running along behind my bike and then letting go! Fun post - have a good weekend.

  5. Remember the playground at school? Monkey bars & swing sets embedded in cement. There were only a couple of kids per year who broke a bone and OMG, their parents didn't sue.

    My Husband & I were lucky enough to raise our boys on acreage. The boys played outside in the woods and fields digging holes, building forts, and blazing trails. They used hammers, hand saws, shovels, etc. Sometimes they got hurt (not bad)but they remember how much fun they had compared to their friends. They want to give their kids the same chance to play outside.

    Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  6. Hahaha Reggie, you're really funny the way you write. And your childhood photos with your brother and cousins and mom looks adorable.

    Funny how children cannot react as to what the old ones used to dressed them on when we were kids.. I wonder what your cousins feel now when seeing those photos..

    You had such a wholesome childhood. thanks for sharing it to us my friend..

    Have a nice and safe weekend..

  7. Great post. Thank you for reminding me of so many great things of the past and some of these values I am still hanging onto and trying to pass on to my own children. Even though life is different in many aspects from when I was a kid, I do believe that there are some of those things that we can still hang onto. In my opinion, people are way too protective of their children these days. Because we live in the age of media technology we are informed of all the dangers out there...more things are reported so we think these bad things happen more.That isn't necessarily true. Or someone says that kids playing with those cowboy guns is bad or that it isn't safe for kids to play outside unless were standing over them. I say bullshit.

    Every one of my kids played with guns and not one of them is a killer. Some of them hunt but they don't go around hurting people. Every one of my kids learned how to ride a bike just like I learned. I made my children play outside and although I kept an eye on them, I did not stand out there constantly unless I was playing along too. I could go on and on but I will spare you...lol...my point is, your post brings up great things that we are losing in todays world. Thank you!

  8. B&B.....yeah dude, pong was awesome!! Your grandson will be playing pong on the Moon in 30 years......

    Annie...I forgot about the fireflys. Thanks for the sweet reminder :)........

    Tismee.......I remember being called in at dark time as well, sigh.......

    Mildred.....gotta love that front door right?....

    Michele......I certainly do remember the old playgrounds at school and the "no-sue" days. What happened girl??..........

    2L3Bs.......You're funny and you can be sure that my cousins would cringe if they saw these pictures :). Oh well......

    smiles4you....thank you for your kind words. Yes, I agree about passing along values that seem to be forgotten these days......

  9. Those were the days when kids used their "imagination" while playing. I have not seen that in any of my grandchildren ! everything is computerised. Don't get me wrong,I love my computer.
    I follow 2L3BS and just love their blog.
    All of my Grandmothers family were from Newnan Ga. Do you know anyone with the last name, Faver there?
    I enjoyed this post. Take care ~~~Leslie

  10. Hi,
    You commented on my blog last night. Im foodbaseballsex guy. I dont think about them in that order all the time the 3 things change places quite often actually. Depending on the mood at the house. Hey! You are from Newnan? Sprayberry's-thats all I have to say. I've GA roots. Thanks for reading and I will check in often. Thanks!

  11. Leslie......thank you....you're very kind :)....

    Chris........OMY.....I live about 2 miles from Sprayberry's and eat there frequently. I think I love you.....oh yeah......nevermind, you already have an ole lady :).......

  12. The things we used to do - and survive!I think gravity was invented around 1974 and between that and the lawyers everything has changed. Wonderful post! Lots of memories.

  13. OMGosh....it sounds just like my childhood!!
    Mom pushed us out the door after breakfast and we didn't come back in until lunch, when Daddy came in from the field, then we went back outside and played until suppertime. Oh, what memories you have evoked...fancy word I know..:D
    Hey do I just click on your site or do I click on the dog?

  14. Ah-ha...I remember running off down the red dirt road on go-carts and no helmets. And just being home by dinner. Walking in the woods barefoot.

    Good times.

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  16. Really beautiful post. I have to admit that as a virtual only child ( long story) that your memories and photos brings up my longing for a big family. Oh, and the easy bake oven!!! That was some good fun until I ran out of the cake mixes that came with the overn.

  17. I had the same kind of childhood (minus the raw egg ice cream), but it was wonderful!

  18. Nearly... Nearly made a tear drop from my eyes.

    Childhood... Nothing seems to be feeling the same nowadays, as everybody goes their separate ways...

    In fact, growing up years for kids nowadays, seems totally different.

    Anyway... that snow ice cream.... raw eggs?
    Just can't imagine that...


  19. We rarely had to be chased outside and as long as we made it home for supper, our Moms didn't worry. We did wonderfully dangerous things and the worst that ever happened was my brother getting 2 teeth broken by a hockey slapshot, and a girlfriend getting her face cut by an ice skate. We were so intrepid, we chased off the pedophiles by ourselves - laughing and calling them perverts.

  20. The differences between now and then are crazy, and although I find most of the things we try to shield our children from are crazy, I wouldn't let my kids do half the things I was allowed to.

  21. Wonderful post! I miss the days.... It is a different world today. SAD :(

  22. Figure I am about twenty years older. A generation? Taught my computer students to write Pong games and a text editor on out Apple II's.

    We played outside on the Susquehanna all day and Mom finally knew where we were at meal times. Played with bb guns and no one lost an eye. Got covered with poison ivy. Should have covered my head from the sun, it turns out, but that is the worst consequence. No TV yet. No computers yet. How did we survive and have so much fun and learn so much?

  23. Gus is such a looker! WOWZA How is the shelter coming?

    We have snow ice cream in Hawaii (add vanilla and eagle brand cream and poof, snow ice cream without the yellow snow and eggs!)

  24. Wow, so many mixed feelings here. I so agree with you. And yet also...I had a relative who died in a river as a child who was there with only other kids; I myself got hurt pretty badly by a bully because I walked a long way home by myself. My sister's eye was nearly torn out with a fishing hook when she and my brother were fishing....so, I AM sad my daughter doesn't have some of the freedoms I did growing up in the same town, but in some ways not sad. The one thing we don't compromise on is: you don't sit in front of the television.

    This is a great post, and thanks for sharing it.

  25. sorry MMMRS: I probably didn't make you laugh! (I posted something funny on my blog today, though. Two things actually).


  26. That is sweet. I remember I used to dress up like Dale Rogers. I had my little cowgirl suit and my guns.

    We had three channels when I was growing up. My favorite shows were Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, The Cisco Kid, Roy Rogers, Lassie, and The Little Rascals. In Atlanta, we had Miss Boo and The Officer Don Show.

    We never played indoors unless it was raining, and we complained about that.

    Like you, we all got bicycles for Christmas (and the girls got dolls and the boys got trains if there parents could afford them).

    And do you remember those terrible skates? You had to use keys to get them to fit, and if you lost your key, you were out of luck.

    Ah, the good old days.

    OK. You go hide now while I count to twenty.

  27. Yeah, it's amazing how fearful we are these days over things we used to never give a second thought to.

    Hey, we had a diningroom table just like that in your picture, except that the chairs were red vinyl. I remember that furniture vividly, and trying to fit all six of us kids, plus our parents, around it. Great memories.

  28. I grew up on a farm with no electricity.
    My 5 years old daughter plays Sponge Bob and Dora games on the PC!
    I still miss the farm life :(

  29. Very nostalgic and I remember the times with my father, my mother and my brother, going to the beach and having ice creams and snacks. Those were the days ........ but Now we do it with our children. History repeats!

  30. yeah, the good ole days...before play dates had to be arranged ... we were sent out and made our own friends with the neighbor kids ...and all was well if we came home before dark!

  31. We used to leave the house in the morning, stop back for lunch - maybe, and had to be home for dinner. And if we were in the house too much, we were told to go outside to get the stink off of us! So different for my children. I'm sorry for that.

  32. The helmets and knee pads seem so over-the-top, don't they? I would have refused to ride if my parent's had made me wear them. Of course, that's not gonna stop me from putting them on Monsoon! Ahahaha. Part of being a parent is enjoying the torture, right? :)

  33. Reggie Girl, you won the giveaway over at my blog. contact me with your mailing addy so I can send out your gifts. Congratulations as well.

  34. Reggie Girl, just wanted to let you know that your won the giveaway over at my blog. Send me your mailing info and I will get it out to you this week. congratulations.

  35. What? You didn't get manicures and pedicures? Go tanning? Carry a device in your hand that could play 5,000 songs and allow you to call China at the same time???

    What will our kids be all "retro" about when they get older???

  36. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving your lovely comment :) Seems like you've got quite an interesting one here yourself!! Keep up the good work, obviously you have a lot of fans!!

  37. I've been wishing for those day's all day today. You brought em' back to me, thanks. :0)

  38. Oh my gosh, I remember as a little girl, I asked for a butterfly mounting kit from the Sears catalog for Christmas one year. Well, I got it and it came complete with a little vial of deadly poison (with skull & crossbones on the label) and an eye-dropper for killing the butterflies. My parents were totally clueless about this and I never told them as I sat on my bed dispensing the poison to the insects and hoping I didn't get any on my skin! I soon realized the butterflies were much better when alive and I felt bad for killing them so I threw it all out. Can you imagine?

  39. What a great trip down memory lane...

    I can remember playing in the snow on 12th Street in Jersey City in about 1953...have pictures too. Now for those that don't know where that is...it's the street leading into the Holland Tunnel...back then it was a neighborhood, complete with pony rides. There was a policeman that stopped traffic so we could cross over to our school. NO way is that happening today...it's six lanes of bumper to bumper...all going into a two lane tunnel...go figure!


  40. I completely hear you on the bike riding thing. I think we as a society have become far too paranoid. I also love the pictures. I think that they are great!


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