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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Available Right Now at Animal Control!!

Set your eye's on these be-yoots and be forewarned......you're about to fall in love!!

This is Bella.....Bella the Ball that is.........

This is Miss Molly, good golly!!......

The charming Milton......

The Hotzie-Totzie Twins (what a name....I totally love it, lol)..........

Charlie..........how handsome is he????????

Buddy...........ready, willing and able to fetch a ball or a frisbee.....

Blue..........look at that puss!!

I wanted to add a few snapshots of pups and kitty's that are in Animal Control in Newnan and available for adoption. These animals need a home and tender loving care. They make great pets!! Animal Control is always busy, but due to the economy it is now over-flowing with all kinds ot pets to be. People who can't afford to keep their pets any longer are just turning them in. From the full blooded to the Heinz 57 variety they are here and ready for you to take home with you :) You'll never find a more loving and loyal pet than a rescue pet.....they never forget that you saved their lives :)

If you'd like one of these beautiful animals, plese contact me and I'll put you right in touch with the awesome folks who can get it done for you.

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Do you know part of your blog is in another language? Just checking. I had a hard time figuring out where the comment link was. The animals are so cute. We got our Mayzie from a rescue. Best dog ever! Hopefully the next button I push says publish and not cancel. EEK!

  2. Oh you are killing me with those dog photo's. I have two already or I'd love to have one.

  3. Precious! I'm such a softy with animals!

  4. I love them all!

    Oh yeah, if you want to send Pebbles something email me and I will give you my address.

  5. Hotzie-Totzie! That's awesome! Trust me Reggie Girl, if I lived in the area I would be the animal version of Angelina Jolie right now! Hmmm...maybe I should visit a shelter in my community! Good idea! p.s. What comes after Octomom?

  6. I am sure that you will find these guys a home really quick! Especially Bella and Buddy they are nice looking pups!

  7. How cute. I will take them all!

    I wish!

  8. Ohhh! They are so adorable. I wish they could find lovable moms and dads.

  9. They are all so beautiful and desevering of a good home. Oh, how I wish I could have a dog again. Sigh.

  10. Ring...ring....ring...ring...ring...darn, must be a wrong number...guess I'll try the next one in the book.

  11. I can hardly go to the Humane Society without wanting to take home all of the dogs. JR wants to pick up all the kitties. Alas, we can't do that. Thanks for doing all this useful work.

  12. I have 2 dogs, a cat, 7 hens and one rooster an 11 yr old and a hubby. The barn is full but I am a sucker for all of them!

  13. Just makes me want to take them all. How sweet there are.

  14. I volunteered at a shelter for years and I never understood how we got so many surrenders. Just look at all those lovable faces. Money has been tight since I was cut adrift from my job, but honestly, I would have to be out on the street and literally starving to death before I would give up my Rigby. I don't know how people can do it.

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you probably just saw we lost our sweet little Dixie, she was our second rescue kitty, she lived 17 years. She did not have any teeth left, nor could she hear, and by the time she left us we believe she was not seeing so well. But she was loved! Thank you.

  16. My husband and I (especially my husband) are suckers for furry faces, but alas we live several states away.

  17. I have to say that I have fallen in love with Molly - she is simply beautiful but I think that England is a tad too far away for her. I hope so much that she (and all the others) find a really loving home - bless them all. If you see Molly and get the chance please give her a cuddle from me. V xxx


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