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Friday, March 6, 2009

Please Go To Church With Me

Friday is finally here and that makes it time for our first "Shoot-Out". Patty @Crisfield, Maryland and I started doing these last Friday and invited everyone to please join us for a bit of fun. We both love our home towns and we somehow know that we can't be the only ones who feel that way. I take a lot of pride in Newnan, Georgia. There is so much rich history here and some of my churches are shot in the Historic District.

I've always love to look at and in churches. Whenever I visit another town, their churches always catch my eye and my curiosity. I used to love to go to Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City and I also loved to go to Saint John The Baptist, the oldest Gothic church in the north. I always wonder what kinds of people go to these churches, what types of services they have and how they worship.
I love all churches.....the architecture, the big ones, the little ones, the old ones and the new ones.

Let's begin our little tour of Newnan churches.......

This is Parish Hall at The First Methodist Church in downtown Newnan.......

I loved this old wooden cross draped with the purple cloth. Purple is the color of royalty.........

This is an old wooden cross in the crossing yard between two churches downtown. These old crosses always attract my attention......

This is White Oak Baptist Church. I love the way it sits by the main road and the beauty in it's simplicity.........

I came across this little garden while at St. George Catholic Church on Highway 70. I love how the children are sitting down entranced by the story that Mary is telling them...........

The Holy Ghost Redeemer Church..........

I love this Grecian cross in a garden to the side of St. Lukes Episcopal Church....

This is St. George Catholic Church. Prince and I have worshipped in the church before. It is simply beautiful inside and the people are very reverent and so friendly.......

I couldn't possibly not spotlight some of the georgeous stained glass that graces many of the churches in this area. I love stained glass and I am always struck by it's beauty and the craftsmanship.......

This is a little church off Washington Street called Sword Of The Lord. The church is a small lovely little church, but it was the name that captured my attention.....

This is St. Lukes Episcopal Church.......

Macedonia Baptist Church.......

This is one of the First Baptist Church's in our downtown area. They are on differnt streets so I suppose they were the first one on that street. This of a very old church and I think that it's beautiful. I know many people who worship at this church and they all love it........

Another georgeous Baptist Church in downtown Newnan.....

First Methodist Church in historic downtown Newnan.......

A close up of the fine stained glass that I so love.

Now, Patty will accuse me of taking too many shots, but the fact is that I just find it so hard to choose between the snapshots. I love them all and trying to decide which ones will be posted and which ones won't present's a dilemna for me. They are all so beautiful in their very own way. I couldn't resist the shots of the crosses and the little prayer garden outside of Saint George. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little awestruck at these beautiful churches and these are just a few that my beautiful town has to offer here in Newnan.

I hope that you will visit the local churches in your town. Go inside and worship....you're in for a pleasant day.

*****"Oh come to the church in the Wildwood, oh come to the church in the dale"*****
~~From the hymn "The Curch in the Wildwood"

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Okay, so Patty was right. This is fun. I really enjoyed getting to know Newman. The white Baptist church was stunning and children kneeling to listen to Mary was very touching. I'm looking forward to next week.

  2. Ah, I, too, love churches! I don't go to church very often, but I always visit the local church when I'm on holiday. It's funny how the architecture obviously is completely different in continental Europe where they have churches from the times when we people up North here were still living in caves.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog, be sure to check back for more curries.. I had the leftovers of mine for lunch today, and as usual, even better.

    So how did your man end up over there??

  3. wow thats a lot of churches!!! did any of what i said yesterday make sense to you? :)

  4. Beautiful pictures of the churches. It amazes me how much alike some places are. Some of those churches look exactly like the ones here. Must have had one set of plans they circulated around the country.

  5. You will not believe that I love looking at churches too! I am always amazed at the steeples! I was thinking I would write a book on them one day. Whatcha think? We could team up!

  6. There is awesome church about an hour from where I live that has all of these holes throughout the entire building filled w/ circular stained glass in different colors...it's amazing!

  7. Great churches...lots of history there. Purple--going old school here, it is the color of repentance...an old school churches (Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal) will be clothed in this color inside and out right now.

  8. Absolutely lovely photos...I used to wait for my bus outside the St. John the Baptist Basilica in St. John's Newfoundland and marvel at its beauty. I too have a love for churches, though I'm not Christian. I feel strength, peace and sanctuary because I know they are built with a love of the sacred.


  9. Well you really out-did yourself this time, my friend, and gave us more then we were expecting or even hoping for!! I thought a couple of pictures of churches, but wow, you came up with some great ones. And I know that very same dilemma, "which picture to choose, uhmmm, how should I decide??". so I always end up putting in more then I had at first considered. If you ever do a post like this again, i want to join in. What a shame I don't have any church pics saved on the computer right now, other wise I could have thrown a few into a post for all. Ah well, nect time. :-)

    good question from Ducking Little, how did your guy end up over there and how did you meet each other!! Details, gal, details!!!

  10. Beautiful churches Reggie!Your such a wonderful tour guide!I love looking at all the stain glass on churches.They truly are a vision!Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your post on all these churches reminded me that the 'smallest church in America' is right up Hyw. 17 North about 35 miles. Next time I go north to Savannah, I'll swing off the road and snap a few pictures. You want believe it, it's so cute.
    Have a marvelous weekend, Dah-lin!

  12. I like seeing your town through your eyes. I look forward to seeing where you will take us next week! Happy friday!

  13. Reggie Girl...that was a lovely tour! Thank you. I also love churces. And cemetaries. I really love the historical churches - there is one in downtown Philadelphia that I really liked. In Central America it was interesting to note that beautiful white churches were built on top of huge hills, while the local peole lived with simply a piece of tin for a roof over their heads. Interesting.

  14. Hello Reggie, I enjoyed looking at your churches. I love them too and find something different in every one I visit. My favourite is Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, England. It is called "The ship of the Fens" because it rises from the flat landscape like a ship on the ocean.
    Blessings, Star

  15. The statues at the Catholic church represent, I believe, the story of the Virgin Mary appearing to three children at Fatima, Portugal.

    ALL the pics are lovely!

  16. I'm far from my hometown. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  17. I finally posted my churches. Whew. My schedule has changed from hour to hour this entire week.

    Loved the tour of your town. My favorite photo was the statues at the Catholic church. You outdid yourself on that one.

    Great town you have there. I have not been to Newnan in over 20 years. Bet is has really changed.

    Good job, Reggie Girl. We should go into the travel brochure business. Oh wait...we already did that. I want a raise!

    I have to run over to Barry's site and check out his churches.

    This is fun!

  18. What a lovely post Reggie Girl. The churches are so different aren't they. I particularly liked the pretty Baptist churches and the crosses. Also loved the statue garden. A x

  19. The purple cloth draped around the cross represents the Lenten season - penitence, fasting etc - The colour changes for each season of the religious calendar.

  20. Loved the statue garden.

    Thanks for popping over to mine.

  21. yes, this is definitely your grandmother and your father. neither one are lost to you, both are around you constantly. the tobacco smoke smell is so strong im surprised you dont smell it yourself. :). your grandmother's spirit manifests in nature - im not sure if you have a special tree or something that reminds you of her, blooms at a special time of year... my sense is that htere's something like that around you that has some significance for you... :) ty for the confirmation!!!

  22. Hi Reggie! The statues of Mary and the children illustrates the visitation at Fatima. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children; Lucia Santos and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto at Fatima, Portugal on the 13th day of six consecutive months in 1917. She told them about many future events that have since come true. You can find similar statues at many Catholic churches and shrines.

  23. I saw your comment over on Patty's blog. Great church shots. I love seeing how different churches are in different parts of the country.

    I really liked the shot of the sun peeking through the trees in the garden shot. You should give a print of that to the church. :)

  24. Hi Reggie Girl,

    Drooping by to say hi and thank you for visiting me.

    I liked the First Methodist Church. It looks huge. It must be beautiful inside.

    All the best!

  25. Beautiful pictures; I love to look at churches as well. Most of them here are the old country type churches though there are a few big ones in the area as well. Hmm I may photograph them. :-) Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Hi Reggie Girl,
    I just have 1 church. Sorry.. You definitely brought us to Newman.. Such beautiful; churches you got there.. Thanks..

  27. Reggie Girl, Thank you for showing us all the slices of your home town! I added my town's chuches to my blog as well, and am loving this. I think the cross from the first shot is my favorite.

  28. What a lot of churches. Butler made Bagman look at all of them so that maybe he will repent.

  29. Loved the church tour. And the crosses. What an awesome post!! Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  30. Great church tour. Just thought I'd drop by and visit your lovely blog. I'm sending baby quilts to children one quilt at a time. You're taking care of animals, one animal at a time. Love it!!

  31. I love churches, too and these are lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.


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