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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan......City Of Homes

It's Tuesday and time for me to pay homage to my beautiful hometown - Newnan, Georgia. It's Spring and folks around here's flowers are beginning to bloom and gardens are being tilled that soon will support melons, tomatoes, squash and other fine fare . Produce stands in corner markets offer boiled peanuts to pick up to take to ball games.

Newnan is a charming town of a million small memories, pieced together to make homes for our resident's and the generations of residents to come. Come take a stroll with me again........... (Don't forget that you can click onto each individual picture for a better up close and more detailed view)

First I want to show off my switch plate covers that I ordered from Attic Clutter!! She may not live here in Newnan but these fine hand painted folk art switch plate covers do now. I found these on her blog and knew that I had to have them for our house. Everyone that sees them loves them and you should check out her blog for more fine etsy items. She'll send them to you straight away with a sweet little note inside the post........

The entrance to Forest Lawn Memorial. I love the way the entrance sign is covered with creeping ivy..........

Blue Ribbon winning oil painting displayed in Espresso Lane Coffee House. They showcase local art and local talent and make a mean cup of cappuccino......

Lots of folks play Texas Holdem at the Alamo in town........

Andy's Corner Market on the outskirts of town. Beautiful flowers, awesome produce and delicious boiled peanuts are offered here on a daily basis. They will be buying my organic produce on Wednesdays and Saturdays beginning in May......

More of the gorgeous stained glass that graces many of our local homes and churches....

I thought the corner of this front yard off of Macedonia Road was really striking and I love the topiary in front of the Pampas grass.......

I love this old hand mortared brick wall with the old rusty silo behind it. I pass this quite often and always wonder what kind of men painstakingly laid all of these bricks. The wall is kind of long and I wonder if this was the beginnings to a "Great Wall of Newnan"...........

Of course I've saved my favorite snapshot for last. I was driving home late yesterday afternoon after a long day and saw these kiddos on the side of Roscoe Road all dressed up in their finery holding up this sign. Much to the chagrin of Prince I did a great big ole U-turn in the middle of the road to get this photograph. Thank goodness none of Newnan's finest was around to give me a lecture (though I'm sure that they would understand right?). I asked these young one's what this was all about and they all laughed and said "Well, we were kind of bored and it's really a big inside joke". They were ever so polite, as most of the children are in Newnan, and were happy to strike a pose for me. I'm sure that Butler or Bagman of The Butler and Bagman Chronicals will have a heyday dissecting the absurdities of the meaning behind this little venture. I'm going to lean towards the explanation of Bagman in advance because Butler can't stop obsessing about my hair. But that's another story entirely.

****"Black and orange stray cat sittin on a fence. Ain't got the money for to pay the rent" (BUT....he's got cat class and he's got cat style!!).
~~~~Lyrics from the song "Stray Cat Strut"~~~~

Hope everyone has a joyful day. Take good care and........

Steady On

Reggie Girl


  1. That's funny!
    Your closing song quote - I was once at a performance of Phantom of the Opera in Toronto Canada. I was fortunate to get front row seats. Sitting 3 seats down from me was Brian Selzer of the Stray Cats! Pretty cool!

  2. I've been here before! And then I lost the link! I love the rescue work you're doing. It's too early to provoke laughter, I'm sorry. I'll try and do better next time. --C

  3. Great assortment of photos and I LOVE your switch plate covers. So very quaint. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Great pictures! It looks very beautiful where you live!

  5. My favorite: The Great Wall of Newnan.

    I will await Butler and Bagman's explanation on the last photo before chiming in.

    Another nice tour of Newnam. And it looks so warm. It is going to be in low 30's tonight. This Georgia girl's body knows it should be spring now!

    I may do a cute post tomorrow that you will enjoy. I took a photo yesterday for the blog. After studying it last night I sent it to my photo editor.

    It has nothing to do with local people, so it may not make the paper, but it was such a cute story - they may use it.

    Steady on, Reggie Girl!

  6. so lets see Reggie Girl - catering, selling organic vegies which means you have to turn/spade/sow/weed and harvest said vegies, turn town often with camera/blog, take care of Prince and Puppies - I envy you your life - no envy is not the right word - glad, yes glad is the right word, I am glad (as in Happy) you have a full life.

  7. very cool pictures. Loved the stained glass window and the cool. Your switch plate cover is very unique too. Love it! Weird sign huh?

  8. Neat bunch of photos. Kudos.

    Ready for some boiled peanuts.

  9. Once again you have taken pictures of simply things in your town, and turned them into something trully interesting to see. You hae the knack girl, yes you do!! I liked the stained glass window picture, I am rather partial to them, no matter where they are. I think I should have gone into making tiffany glass lamps, something inside of me just loves the colors and designs! :-) Have a great day, friend, and I hope you are feeling better. Thinking of you from afar. Deb

  10. Kids! They make life interesting, that's for sure.

  11. Kids are funny & weird. "Honk for Cat Sex" is pretty odd. Does this mean they don't subscribe to the spay & neuter policy?

    You have a pretty little town. I love Andy's Corner Market. We have a farmer's mkt. here but it just isn't set up as a real business and I never know when good veggies will surface. Plus there is rarely ever any fruit.

    Oh, the boiled peanuts takes me back to my days in Georgia (1946-1975). I've been away a looog time, but when I go back for a visit I'm always looking for boiled peanuts... and cold watermelon (of course we have plenty of watermelon here). My next trip east I'll have to take a drive through Newnan. I came from a little town south of Augusta called Sardis.

    Have a great day!

  12. Someday Butler and I will have to see Newnan. I think Bagman has seen it since he has banana pie on his face. I'm avoiding Blogspot some this week...but had to check on two or three of my favorite blogs.

  13. I don't get it.....but my kids assure me thats a good thing :)

  14. I look forward to my tour of Newman. Another collection of great photos.

    Now I'm looking forward to seeing your graveyard on Friday.

  15. What an adorable switchplate! And I love coffee houses that also feature local art -- I prefer unique finds as opposed to the type one might find at Target, lol...

  16. Newnan is nice. It still has the small town atmosphere but is growing real fast.

  17. Beautiful photos.. 'been missing you all..

  18. Hello,
    so nice to meet you, I have really enjoyed visiting you this morning, I can tell by looking and reading your blog that you are a very happy and joyful person. I am so looking forward to getting to know you. Thank you for finding my blog and for your sweet words of encouragement. Blessings,

  19. Nice assortment of photos...alot of favorites. Love the switchplates!

  20. Thank you for stopping by my web page! I really enjoyed the "tour" of your home town, what a great idea to post it! I also love the photo of the puppy. We adopted a 5 week old puppy from puppy rescue 4 years ago and she is the love of our life. We've never had a better dog! I hope you try the fruit ladder recipe. It is SO easy.

  21. Great switch plate covers. Thanks for the tour.
    Nice girls but they can't spell. Four is spelled 4

  22. Beautiful photo's. I have never had roasted peanuts before. I bet they are delicious. But then again I live in the North part of the US so we dont see to much of that.

  23. It was a fantastic tour. And that final image... I don't even want to imagine what lies behind those words, although I must trust the younger ones, I must :-). Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


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