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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan.....City Of Homes

It's Tuesday, one of my favorite days of the week because I get to spotlight my beautiful hometown Newnan, Georgia. Spring is in the air, folks are starting to get out and about. I ran into several people I know while in our downtown area and was thrilled to stop and chat on the sidewalks for a few minutes. I went to the park to take the pups for a little walk and they made a few new pup friends. I found the place where one of my favorite shops ever, Newnan Costume Shop, has moved and got to see their new store.

Take a little stroll with me and let me share what I saw this week in my beautiful town.........

Sidewalk chalk drawings where kiddo's had been playing

A truck in front of a body shop on Bullsboro Drive advertising free estimates for any hail damage folks may have gotten from the bad storm we had a couple of weeks ago that produced a tornado that did quite a bit of damage on one side of town.

A Job Networking Meeting sign. Lot's of folks looking for jobs these days......

A little kiddo sized ice cream parlor set for sale in front of What's In Store. I want to buy it so my pups can have a tea party. Wouldn't that be cute and I'm sure that they would cooperate right?.......

Some little kid goats playing "King of the hill" over close to the old Bibb plant...
(sorry I couldn't get the shot from the other side but they have nice rear ends don't they?........

A beautiful Morgan grazing in the new emerging green grass.........

Eric, General Manager at The Redneck Gourmet, says to come on in for a little breakfast or lunch. Prince and I love to eat here. It's gourmet indeed......

I spied the City of Newnan's Beautification Department having a little Spring cleanup in the park. Mister's Wesley, Rick and David were happy to smile for a quick little snapshot. These guys do an awesome job of keeping our fair city cleaned up and pleasing to the eye.........

Opal Ann's Attic over on Salbide Street. Great consignment shop.....

A beautiful Victorian home that I love on LaGrange Street......

A striking hand sculptered bronze statue in one of our lovely parks......

It's the time of year when the kiddo's are getting out to play after being cooped up all winter long and what a beautiful sight and sound that is..........

I love this home with the two lions guarding the walkway. You see beauty like this all around our town..........

Prince and I spied this great white streak in the sky Sunday afternoon. He said that this is condensation from fuel where they had broken the sound barrier. This great white streak ran in almost an arc in the beautiful blue skies that we've been having......

What a beautiful place I live in. I get out and about almost everyday and I see something new and interesting every time. You wouldn't believe how much beauty you can see if you just take a moment to find and appreciate it....soak it in and be mesmerized by the charm of your hometown. It's there. Everything has beauty.....even when unseen.

#####NOTE TO BUTLER & BAGMAN.......Call me dude. Seriously#####

**********"My hometown, this is my hometown"***********
~~~Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen~~~

Until next Tuesday...........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Always so much fun when you share hometown pictures with us. That Victorian home is so pretty. I am glad for these warm days to be able to get out and enjoy the sights. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Very cool. I love this feature of yours. Can't wait for spring so I can start doing this!

  3. On Saturday my daughter and I went site seeing right in our town. We drove around for 2 hours just looking at homes and we stopped at a few nature preserves. Florida totally changes when spring is near!

  4. I love the pics and the town! I wish I could get some photos of our little town - but if I'm out and about, I'm always behind the wheel, so no chance for photo-ops.

  5. Honest to goodness, I want to live in Newnan. I do think you should consider changing the name to Newman because that's what I just typed three times trying to get it right. It will be so much easier for me when I move there if I can spell it.

  6. What a great town. I could actually feel the community atmosphere in those pictures! LUV the Victorian house! I'm pretty sure there's enough room for all of us there.

  7. Looks like my kind of place!
    And I so want to go to the redneck gourmet!
    Great post!

  8. Love the photos. Looks like a great town!

  9. Thanks for another great trip through your town. Love that sign for Redneck Gourmet and love the older homes. It sure is nice to look at pictures that don't have snow in them!

  10. What a great tour of your town, I enjoyed all of it. Got a kick out of the goats playing, hmmmm, doubt those pups will mind there manners for that tea party!

  11. I really enjoyed the your town tour. The goats cracked me up and I doubt those pups will use proper manners for the tea party!

  12. I am going to have to visit your beautiful town some day.

  13. So glad you're happy in your new town. My hometown in England is going through a re-modelling phase, as you Americans call it. Most of the buildings I am familiar with have recently been knocked down to be re-developed. It could be a year or two before we see some improvement.
    I love your Tuesday walks in the town!
    Blessings, Star

  14. I keep dialing random phone numbers but the odds of calling the right phone are astronomical!

  15. I have fallen in love with your little town! I grew up in a small town, and you are right, there's beauty to be found in every nook & cranny:)

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm pleased to meet you!

  16. Lovely shots. I especially enjoyed the sidewalk art. :)

  17. what a nice place to live. See absolutely no reason to feel jealous of the Brasilian landscape. Someday I will do a non-edited version of Living in Brasil - let you see 'the other side'

  18. Thanks for the tour Reggie Girl. I always enjoy your "town trek."

    I like that chalk drawing on the sidewalk. You've got some budding artists there. :-)

  19. More amazing pics of an amazing town!

    I think the "pups" would love to have a tea party! Don't know how well behaved they would be though! LOL!

    Also loved the goat picture! TOO funny!

  20. Every Tuesday I am reminded of how charming your little town is! Thanks.

  21. If I hadn't said it before (and I'm almost 100%sure I did) what a charming-looking place to live!

  22. It's cool to see what your town looks like. Mine's a coastal town... so if we get swept off to sea any time soon, be sure to wave if you see us floating by

  23. Cute house, I love the big porch.

  24. You have inspired me to try to do the same for where I live. Will let you know, Margaret

  25. One of my parent's best friends was from your home town! His name is Carroll Miller.

    Thanks for a great tour and it does look lovely. The kind of town I would love to live in.

  26. Thanks, Reggie! I feel like I know your town well from the photo visits, and it feels like a second home.

  27. Love your home town tours. I think it's so great that you love it. I love the sidewalk drawing by the child. To me that's real art. My town is so small it would only take one post to show the whole thing off. But I sure do love it. So glad you were safe from the tornado.

  28. Thanks for opening the doors to your town through these pages. Love it..

  29. You're really stand out as the best ambassador to Newman.. Your home town is really lucky to have you my friend. Because of your wonderful post about Newman, I begun to wish to migrate there instead of going anywhere else :)

    Thanks for bringing us there.. Sweet hugs to you..

  30. If you keep this up we will all be coming to lunch at your little gourmet shop! Hope you can meet us there!
    Lovely tour, thank you.

  31. Awesome photo of the statue. Love the clouds.

    That is not a steak in the sky. It an alien invasion. Be on the lookout for pods.

    Are you sure you did not do the sidewalk drawing? Heehe.

    I got my people today, so I am ready for Friday.

    Know what you mean about your town. I was so happy to get back to Crisfield!


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