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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan.....City Of Homes

It's Tuesday and one of my favorite days of the week because I get to take you on a tour of Newnan with me.

This is such a beautiful place to live. So many homes have porch swings and rocker's. In the summer I love the sweet smell of magnolias and gardenias and the wonderful smell dinner cooking wafting through screened doors and windows.

Beautiful dogwoods, azaleas and redbirds greet me each morning where I can sit outside eight months of the year and drink sweet iced tea, lemonade or Coca~Cola from sweaty glasses, a product of the humidity that the South is famous for and that I've learned to cherish.

Come for a little walk with me and don't forget that you can click on to any of the snaps to get an up close and more intimate view ......

I love this rusty old grain silo surrounded by the stone wall.......

This piece is hanging by our own front door. I love this old topiary......

Martini nights at the Alamo.......They play drunken Bingo there sometimes (or so I've heard, lol). Hilarious of course............

This is Heavenly Laughter Daycare. Who would mind leaving their child at a place where angels work? I know these ladies and they are just that and will treat your sweet child like an angel as well...........

On old well turned planter........

A swing in someones front yard. You see lots of swings and rocker's in my town.......

An old rusty Coca~Cola sign for T&T Custom Cabinet shop from years ago........

This is an old store that I always think is so interesting. I always wonder who used to buy their flour and cornmeal in here. It has an old front porch and I always imagine men sitting around out front talking about the price of cotton and corn........

This is The Major Long House in downtown Newnan established in 1846. This place is known for it's beauty and history and has been awarded an Excellence in Historic Preservation award many times........

This is Bob Shapiro's place in town. He's the photographer extraordinaire.......

This is an old chimney that I often see in the woods. I always wonder who cooked their meals and kept warm with the fires that once burned in the fireplace. I don't know how old this is, but there's nothing much around it and it's managed to stay pretty well preserved...........

This is a really cool painted door that I spied in town the other day. I don't know who's reflection that is at the top left squatting down like that for a snapshot...

If you ever get the chance to come visit us in Newnan, let me know. I'll have a big welcoming committee to greet you and plenty of sweet tea and lemonade ready and waiting. This is my South and my hometown and I couldn't be prouder!!

**************"Georgia, Georgia the whole day through. (sic)
Just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind"
~~~~~Willie Nelson or Ray Charles~~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. ooh i love your pics! great energy around there... and some of those houses really have LOTS of history around them, don't they? happy st patricks day to you... slainte!!!!

  2. You had better be careful you'll have us all moving there with these wonderful tours you keep giving us. Beautiful city.
    I like Ray Charles version better.

  3. rg...your town is absolutely charming! Thank you for this glimpse of your world!

  4. I always enjoy your tour and photos. I love the topiary hanging by your front door.

  5. Reggie Girl...I have never met anyone with the passion and pride you have for your community. I am voting for YOU for Mayor!
    Hey...maybe you mentioned this in a previous post and I missed it. What is the population of your town and what major centre is it close to? I just need to orient it in my brain sot that when I look at your pics I am not obsessing on geographical location! I don't know Reggie Girl...right brain, left brain, mumbo-jumbo!
    Steady on Girl!

  6. I would give my I-Teeth (which I still have) for that general store.

  7. Love those pictures RG. I'm gonna stop and sit a spell the next time I go to Florida. You can bank on it.

  8. Hubby and I love to drive through towns like this and stop. My family vacations took place on the road going on the old highways through places like this...I enjoyed the tour, and maybe I can have a real one one day...

  9. Great pictures. I love that painted door. So pretty.

  10. Oh oh! Bagman now knows how to identify your front door!!! Butler and I have had to tie him to a chair.

  11. Coke, barn, door - my favorites. Like old chimneys.

    I thought I was the photographer extraordinaire. We photographers are so protective of our titles.

    I gotta watch you, missy. You are getting good at everything!

    Twitter with me, gal.

  12. Another great post with some fab pictures. Patty is right, Reggie Girl, you ARE getting good with that camera, you are getting a real eye for things and how to capture them on film! Take care, hope you had a nice St. Patty's Day.

  13. you have many beautiful pics here Mild....thx for sharing.....


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