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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awana Class and The Chicken Dance

Before I went to ride the church bus to pick up the children for Awana, I was brave enough to go into the new Food Lion on their "Grand Opening" day. Big Mistake.....HUGE!! Wow, they really had fantastic buys but were the ever crowded. I got caught in the deli right in the "Chicken Dance Dance Off". Very interesting and since I was penned in I stayed put. Seems they play the Chicken Dance song and whoever dances the very best wins a hot, fresh rotisserie chicken. I, ummm. well, geez, I wasn't after a rotisserie chicken and I just don't think that i'm that good of a chicken dancer so I just watched.

They were also giving away a gift package of this Lazy-Ass Hot Sauce with a free Lazy Ass Hot Sauce T-shirt. I don't know what you had to do to wind this be-yoot and I was afraid to ask......

This is a snapshot of the Dance Off........I'm not quite sure who won....

Sydney and Ta'Kayea putting the ole rabbit ears over each other for this shot. They are both in my Awana class. They are both really sweet girls.........

Miss Audrey is in my class as well. She is trying to look all serious and contemplative.......

Miss Nina is is my class and her mother quietly informed me last night that she has been diagnosed with a very serious heart condition. I feel sad for her and her parent's. Her Mom just seemed like she was still in shock when she told me that her only daughter, who is in first grade, has such a grave condition. She said something about some type of treatment but was so upset that I didn't understand it all and will ask her again when I see her at church. Nina is such a beautiful and sweet girl........

Javon deep in prayer. I thought this was a wonderfully sweet shot. There are seven kiddos in his family that all live with his grandmother. They ride the bus with us. This family is part of the reason that I do ride the bus each week. They give me such joy and I think that I get far more out of it than they do..........

This is little Jay-Jay. He always sits with me on the bus. He's in kindergarten and also one of the seven grandchildren. He's so sweet and he makes me laugh. Every week before he get off the bus he hugs me and says "When can I come over to your house to see you". I told him last night that during spring break we'd get together.............

Mis Nay-Nay, another of the seven who is just darling. She is a little shy, a lday of few words but has one of the sweetest laughs that I have ever heard. She too is one of the seven grandchildren. Whe we dropped them off at their house after Awana's last night, I asked her Grandmother if they could all come to my house for a little tea party during Spring Break. Spring Break is only two weeks away. When I asked Jay-Jay and Nay-Nay what they wanted to eat at their tea party they both said peanut butter and pineapple sandwichs with no crust please!! So.....peanut butter pinapple sandwiches it will be. I'm going to pick them up one afternoon after I finish delivering my lunches. We will all have a grand time!!...........

*************"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world".
~~~A song that I have known all of my life~~~

Tomorrow is another series of the big "Friday Shoot-Out". Hopefully you'll all join us. The subject this week is graveyards. So get a little cemetary skulking in if you haven't already done so. This is turning into a really cool project that gets bigger each week. We want every one who wants to participate to please join us and perhaps make your post header say something referring to "Friday Shoot-Out" so that we an find your post and have a little look see at your photographs. I can't wait to see them all!! So until tomorrow............

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Just stopping by to tell you to have a great weekend.
    A chicken dance at Food Lion??! I was waiting to see some Perdue's strutting their stuff.. lol

  2. Justwanted to stop in and say hi.. I saw you at Coleens recipes and have not visited you before!! Looks like you have an awesomely fun blog over here..So nice to meet you!

  3. Such precious children! How could you not love each one of them. You know that they need you too. Can't wait for spring break!

  4. What beautiful children. Sorry to hear about Miss Nina.

  5. Oh my goodness...what beautiful children! How lucky. Please forgive my ignorance...what is Awanas?

  6. RG...thank you for sharing these beautful faces! I must admit, I have never witnessed a Chicken Dance Dance Off while grocery shopping, it must have been too funny!
    Til tomorrow~

  7. OMGosh, I can just imagine the choas that was going on in that chicken dance off. Too funny. Thanks for posting all those pictures. Your Awana kids are so precious! They sound so sweet!

  8. I too would have loved seeing that chicken-dance dance off! How much fun do you all have over there at the grocery stores. Nothing but dour faced germans on this side! I sometimes wonder if they realize that there really IS fun to be had in life. :-) RG, you have such a big heart, I am sending a hug your way, just for being YOU! God bless you dear friend. Debby

  9. What a fun bus ride! What a precious gift you are to all these children and their familys. Thank you for sharing your time with them. As a grandma raising her grandchildren, I hope you know what a gift you are giving not only to the children but the grandna as well. Giving her a much needed break that she will so appreciate!

    I would love to have seen this chicken dance...too fun and must have been fun to watch as well!

  10. Great thing being involved with the kids. It's a passion of mine if I have not told you that before.

    You could have won that chicken dance you know?

  11. What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in these childrens' lives. It must make your heart sing to see their happy smiles. Please let us know about Nina. And of course, we need to see pics of those peanut butter/pineapple sandwiches!
    How are you feeling?

  12. Mills of God grind slowly but surely. Our prayers will help. A touching post. Sorry I was away for sometime.

  13. I love it...I did not know what the 'chicken dance' was until my kids were older...I think we called a dance when I was young 'The funky Chicken', lol

    I love the photos as well!

  14. Chicken dances and little ones ! Awesome post, my prayers are with little Nina.

  15. I love your life! What an awesome day had by all!

  16. let us all know if Miss Nina's family needs help with her treatment cost - I could send a small amount. It is the only way to help in theis world is a little to who we know when they need it.

  17. Oh Reggie, I am so sorry that you were nauseous this morning. Did they mention anything about anti-nausea meds? I'm telling you...they have some GOOD medication that numbs the nausea centre in both the brain and the stomach. Maybe ask about it.
    I am thinking of you and sending my prayers. How many chemo's have they scheduled you for?

  18. Sweet pics. My prayers are with Nina and her family. Keep us updated!

  19. Cute kids, Reggie. Hope you are feeling okay. You light up so many lives, you deserve lightness of your own! Be well.

  20. AWANA was one of my favorite childhood activities!! I'm sure those precious children enjoy it as much as I did:)

    Are WE invited to your tea party? Who can resist peanut butter and pineapple sandwiches...without the crust???!

    I'd love to participate in your Friday Shoot Out. I'll have my camera back tomorrow, and it will be locked and loaded!!! When do you announce the topic of the week?

  21. This was a lovely post with lovely children. My prayers are with the little girl with the heart condition.

  22. This so touched my heart, what a wonderful ministry you have, you will never know this side of heaven just how much you are impacting them may the Lord continue to bless you as you seek to serve Him by serving others. You have truly inspired me.

  23. Hi Gina (:)
    Oh yessery got your email (:) thanks and the ..''Friday Shoot-Out"
    Graveyards.. how fun I will see if I have some shots of one ..
    big hugs, Patty


  25. Hey there gal, I "heard it thru the grapevine" that you were under-going chemo. I was sorry to hear that! I have not been thru it myself but my sister was last summer for breast cancer, and she always tried to stay positive, no matter what. She said it was her salvation. I know in my heart that you are always positive too, so I know that you can lick the side effects of that chemo. Just remember, each one you get thru is just one less you have to deal with!!!!! At times with this bum knee, it was the only way I could get thru it all. I just headed into each day, knowing it was one day closer to my goal of getting up and walking again!! I am with you in thought!! Debby

  26. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice compliment - right back at ya!

    What gorgeous children - they all seem to shine from within. You seem like a awesome, positive person and I will be back to visit you - I'm following you now, so I won't forget where you are!

  27. HI Gina~
    I am posting the graveyard stuff tomorrow and a link to you (:)
    hugs, Patty

  28. I think a "Chicken Dance-Off" is kind of a cute idea...but I think I would sit it out too. :)

    Good luck with the chemo...

  29. Hi Gina :) So nice to meet you! What a fun market. We need one of those by my house. I'll do the chicken dance for a free chicken any time...lol!
    The children in your Awana group are beautiful. You have a very blessed life :)
    I love your blog so I'm going to follow you too :) I glad you found me!

  30. You are such a blessing to these children, and them to you.
    Sorry to hear about your condition, keep us posted...praying for you.

  31. I don't believe the Friday Shootout Themes will be compatible with my Forever Fishing Friends blog, so I have started a personal blog named Friday Shootouts From Florida. I will try to post pictures later today. Thanks for your interest. Gordon

  32. Haha, the people really participated! That's pretty funny!

    Aww, that Nina, having a serious heart condition.. God bless her! She doesn't deserve that. Her mother doesn't deserve that.

    Jay-Jay is so cute and sweet!

    I really enjoyed the Friday Shootout last week but I can't join this time. Graveyards are miles and miles away from home! :(


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