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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blast From The Past. Old Photos

I found a box of old photographs. You know, you start going through them and the memories flood. Good memories and yet, it all seems like so long ago and still like yesterday.

This is an old snapshot of me in my Big Bro's wedding in 1979. Yeah, that's me way over at the left far side. Dontcha just love that hair-do?? I say.......it's a hair-DON'T!!!!!! Friend's don't let friends go out of the house like that!! What in the world were we thinking? Look at those peach bridesmaids frocks. Remember how your girlfriends used to say "I'm going to pick something that you can all wear again". I don't know about you, but I can't recall ever stepping out for a night on the town in one of those lovely bridesmaid frocks........especially the ones with ruffles...........you know, the ones that made us all look like Flamenco dancers........

This is me and Big Bro in 1969 I think. I was the "queen" of the Cardinal's baseball team. I remember vividly that there was the cutest boy on the team named Mark that I wanted to escort me to the pitcher's mound for this dandy trophy. My mom MADE me let Big Bro escort me. The horror's......I just knew that I would be scarred for life!! Somehow I made it through the drama and the trauma and Big Bro and I are big friends as well as brother and sister. I have two other brother's. This Big Bro and another Big Bro. They are twins and I was born on their second birthday. Talk about getting ripped off.......every party we had was a shared one.
I could possibly truly be scarred from that. Who wants to share an all girl sleepover with their brothers?? I'm still mad, lol........

A song for Spring.......
"She rocks in the tree top all day long.....hoppin and a boppin and a singin her song.
All the little birdie's on Jaybird Street love to hear the Robin go tweet, tweet, tweet"
~~~~~~Rockin Robin by The Jackson Five~~~~~~

Hope everyone has an E~X~T~R~E~M~E weekend and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. I always enjoy old photos/memories. I hope there are no photos left anywhere of some of my hairstyles from the past! I frequent Goodwill stores for cookbooks and you can't believe how many bridesmaids dresses people have donated!!!
    Hope you enjoy this rainy day in GA

  2. Just too sweet. Once a Queen, always a Queen. If you were a Queen that makes Prince a King. Need to change his title.

  3. Those are great! Love the "hair don't!"

  4. LOL but that was 'the look' back then. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. i simply love old photos. specially the 1969 one. you are so young.

  6. That is adorable! Your hair is lovely too and look at that TAN ~ oh my stars! Lurve it.

    My friend and I were JUST talking the other day about the way we dressed years ago and when we look back at pictures, we think "I thought I looked GOOD in that?" ha ha I laughed at the color peach thing too because I also chose peach for my wedding too. hee hee

    Have a great day!

  7. I loved those photos...so cute. I think this is why I am such a camera freak..because just from looking at those pictures, flood of memories came back. Memories are so great.

  8. Neat old pictures. Need to catalogue mine, prints and computer collections.

    You ought to see some of the stuff Chicken Fat (http://ethunter1.blogspot.com/) has with old photos. He has a fantastic collection fo old family photos and system.

  9. I think we were bridesmaids at the same wedding in 1979 - I also wore a peach gown very much like those.

  10. Happy Saturday! I'm here trying to get caught up on my blog reading....

    Love the pictures!!!

  11. You look beautiful in the picture! It's difficult lookng back at those old photos as we glide through fad after fad. Those "wear it after" bridesmaid dresses. I probably am the only person on earth who actually did wear one again. It was an off the rack red velvet sheath - not a bridesmaid dress to wear after.
    Bummer dude - sharing your birthday all these years. I'd be mad too. Mine is in September - right around the time school started, so my gift was always a school outfit. All my bros ind sisters got one too - mine just happened to be wrapped as my gift.

  12. Those dresses look just like ones that i wore to both my high school prom and the one that i wore to my best friend's wedding as maid of honor. I thought it was a great look back then!! But when I look at the pics now, I think the same thing - "what were we thinking"?. Too funny your post.

    by the way, loved the cemetary tour. Saw some great pics from you and Patty!! You girls rock!!!! :-O

  13. I love old photos. My mom recently sent a bunch of old black and white photos of us all growing up. How delightful they are, and what memories come flooding back when I look at them.
    Big hugs and blessings, my friend

  14. Ohh, I remember those days, hairstyle and dresses. Yup. Precious.

  15. LOVED the pix...makes me wanna go to moms house and pull out the photo albums

  16. What? You couldn't find a place to wear that lovely dress again?

    Yeah, I couldn't either for mine. I still have it, luckily I only have one. Why do they make those ugly dresses SO expensive???

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I discovered yours through the shoot outs, too, and so many other also cool people and their blogs.
    What an amazing world we have. I thank God every day I am a part of it.


  17. Hahaha! Yes, I have several dresses like that hanging in the closet that I was SURE I'd wear again! What were we thinking? You looked beautiful, though. Have a wonderful weekend, Reggie Girl.

  18. Love the old pictures. I got married in 1976, so I can totally relate to that wedding picture that you posted. I would NEVER want either of my girls to wear my wedding dress. Talk about dated... And those hairdoes are a hoot!!! I did a scrapbook album some years ago of Christmas from the year we were married until the present and the hairdoes and clothing styles are so funny to look at over that 30+ year span. LOL!!! The stories that revolve around the pictures are priceless too.
    Love & blessings from NC!

  19. I Love photo's and fond memories that go along with them. Blast's from the past are great!
    Ahhhhhhh the Rocking Robin song, I so remember that one.
    My Mom use to call me Rockin Robyn......LOL

  20. Hey Reggie Girl!! I'm so glad you found your way over to my blog...and thank you for the kind words (and yup, luv that SugaMama!)...lovin' the old photos. I actually dig those bridesmaid gowns. They're pretty sexy in an understated kinda way :)

  21. I just love looking back at old photos!Awhile back my kids and I were looking at them and we were laughing so hard we were crying!The way we were....so many memories! I think you look beautiful in the top photo!Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love the title of your blog! So cute! I remember the big 80's hair, and yes I never wore any of my bridesmaid dresses again. I am in AWANA as well!

    I am glad that the doctor discovered the melanoma and I pray that you'll get thru treatment quickly and that it won't be so bad! My brother's been thru chemo a few times and they have all sorts of amazing drugs that help with nausea and stuff.

  23. You are just to funny! and to cute. I've been looking thru some old pictures lately too. It's fun, but then I wonder what happened to myself?

  24. I love the pics! I wore something very similar to your peach dress as a bridesmaid at my sister-in-law's wedding - You all look so sweet.

    I always worry about sitting down and trying to sort photos, as I just know I'll be there hours and hours with all the memories - Just lovely! Steady on, darling, and thanks for singing me that song x

  25. Rockin Robin..I loved that song! Thanks for rockin me into the weekend..never wore that bridesmaids dress again? Imagine that:)

  26. Gorgeous! Peach was also fashionable in Australia at the same time!

    Love the hair ....loved the whole thing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  27. Neat old pics. That was what everyone looked like back in the 70s. I know because the Evil Twin graduated from high school in 1977 and I've seen the yearbook! :-)

    Oh, and I am in love with the pup of the day. If I could drive down and get him, I totally would!

  28. Just passing by and becoming a follower. This is a feel good blog. i am glad you stopped by the Pink Ranch. Me and Pretzel, my affable dachsie are most delighted.

  29. Been soul searching. Realized life is passing me by. It's adventure time. Woohoo!

  30. I love my brothers, too. At least most of the time...

  31. Hi Reggie, My post of St. Augustine Cemeteries is complete on my blog, Friday Shootous From Florida. I still don't completely understand how the group works. How do you access the whole group? If you could get the word to the group that the blog is open and that the post is complete, I would appreciate it. Thanks, GordonH
    Oh, and by the way. I am always looking for a good reason to go fishing. I'm sure you are as good a reason as any other. Drop by, sometime.

  32. Hi I am thrilled you found my blog, haven't been online long. I am loving yours, sounds like your a go getter. I gather we are close to the same age as I sit here in a sweat. I also wore a similar bridesmaids frock to my sister's wedding in 1979, fuggly! Definately look forward to keeping up with you! Cathy
    The Stylish House

  33. Now there's an idea for my upcoming blogs, old photos! I'm gonna have to use your idea in my next blog if that's alright. :P

    Your hair is fine, it's probably the 'in' thing during that time LOL.

    And you were the Queen? That's awesome lol!

  34. I just so love digging out the pictures of days gone by!

    ps~where do I go to look at other Friday Shoot Outs?

  35. Great photos and memories. I didn't think the wedding pic was that bad. I have much worse hair and dress pictures. LOL You're adorable, then and now.

  36. Who knew you were royalty? I bow to the Queen.

    I swear my sister had that same bridesmaid's dress only it was cream with blue flowers all over it. The flowers added no value. None at all. I may have had that hair (sans flowers) at my wedding. Sister pointed me toward a hairdresser who was the queen of fantastic up-dos. She got sick on the day we were supposed to trial run the hair, so my first meeting with her was the morning of my wedding. Oh, dear God in Heaven, it was nowhere near what I wanted. It was nowhere near what anyone would've wanted. I considered shaving it and getting married bald.

  37. Dearest Reggie Girl,

    Now I found the way to send a comment. I have to open up my e-mail account and jot the comments there not via my blog site..

    May I apologize for not being able to visit for sometime. I'd been so busy and when I got
    a little time to see you I cannot send any comments. There is something wrong with my
    blog site and I was so late to found out about your ailment.

    You are in my prayers my dearest friend. I will never say prayers only in words. I really
    did pray for you because you're one of the best friend I got here. Even I haven't met you
    in flesh, I can feel and see from the way you write and even in your handwriting how
    thoughful and soft-hearted you are. You're such a God's blessing to all of us so please
    my friend, take care and may you get well soon.

    Care so much,
    Loida and Family

  38. LOL! I had forgotten that song. We took our own trip down memory lane just last month. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  39. Lots of memories flowed out of my brain matter when I saw this yesterday! Man one day I am going to catch major teasing from my grandkid(s) when I get some :) I hope you are doing okay? I think about you...

  40. How fun... it's so easy to lose track of time when looking thru old photos. Hmmm, I seem to have some of those old wedding photos too, with the dresses that you can wear again, right.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and all your sweet comments. :) I have to agree with you on the wild animals theme for next week's shoot-out... although I did manage a faraway shot of a coyote this past weekend, lol. I really need a 400mm lens... wish list!!

    Hope you are feeling better, and never fear about getting behind in bloggy land... I am getting behind myself, what with our loss of power since Saturday. :-( You know, life happens!


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