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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Uncle Baby's 40th Birthday Yall......

I don't know about you but we had an awesome weekend. We went to a surprise birthday party for one of my favorite people ever......Uncle Baby!!

Course, that's not really his real name but it's what his sweet little 2 year old nephew call's him because he hasn't quite worked out how to say it properly yet. I think it's hilarious and I hope that he calls him that even when he grows up. That's sure to get a laugh out of me and everyone else around if some grown kiddo yells "Hey, Uncle Baby" across a parking lot somewhere. I can just see the looks now.......

This is Uncle Baby and his kiddo Cousin Four. Cousin Four of course has on his goofy gettin picture taken face. Prince and I are a little fond of them both but don't tell them......we wouldn't want it to go to their heads......

A pretty little niece trying to sneak a lil bite of icing. She's a be-yoot and looks a bit like Princess Jasmine to us. I hope that she always has an enchanted life like I do!! I see headaches for Mom and Dad down the road as they try to keep the hormonal hounds away from this girl. Better them than me I say........

Uncle Baby's amazing sister reading a list of "40 Things We love About Baby". Some were sweet and serious. Some a little sarcastic and funny. All in good fun though......

This is the little Prince-in-waiting that call's our fella Uncle Baby. I see Princess's in his future..........

And here's Uncle Baby all decked out in his beads, suave sunglasses and hat. You rarely see him without sunglasses so this was a must. Nobody made him "show" anything for the beads. There were kiddo's around for heaven's sake......

Happy birthday dude!! Welcome to the glorious forties. Aches and pains in places that you didn't even realize you have are headed your way. Gray hairs and son's that take girls riding in cars and then bring them home. One GREAT thing about getting older is that, you really care less and less what people think or say about you and you don't worry about as many things like traffic jams and burnt toast. A great tenderness for yourself and the world opens inside you and you find that you do belong to this time, to these people, to this earth, and to something that is both within and larger than all of it, something that sustains and holds us all.

We all love you and are considering keeping you around for 40 more years. Maybe longer if you behave. Personally, I wouldn't trade you for anything (but an red Aston Martin...sorry but everyone has a price buddy)..........

*****"Happy, happy birthday baby"*****

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Oh Reggie, you always make my day. And it's only 7 a.m. so I have a lot of day ahead of me.

  2. What a wonderful tribute! OK...how cute is that....."Uncle BABY!" GORGEOUS! And so is the little man who utters the words! If they ever get tired on that little one, I am happy to take over for them :)
    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. Uncle Baby, how awesome. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy (belated) Birthday, Uncle Baby - How cute is that little one? Thank you for sharing your slice of birthday cake with us!

  5. Yes, a wonderful tribute! All of them look like a wonderful family! Now I would not mind a piece of that cake either :)

    Thanks for your kind words on the pudding! First time I ever made it, and it came out great...not really a favorite of mine, that is why I never made it, but look at what love will do to us right?

  6. Uncle Baby, looks great in beads....LOL.
    Sounds like a great party!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun and good-hearted kidding. So glad you enjoyed the day.

  8. I just love birthdays!
    Happy Birthday Uncle Baby~you handsome fellow!

  9. Happy Happy, Uncle Baby!

    Can't beat the name! I hope it stays.

  10. What a fun time. Happy Birthday Uncle Baby. That is cute!

  11. awwww cute pix-loved the story behind the name...happy bday Uncle baby!

  12. Forty? He is still just a baby. Happy Birthday from Crisfield, Maryland.

    Nice photos, as usual. You captured the whole story. Did you do the catering? That cake looks good.

    Sounds like you are feeling better.

    BTW: Who gets to pick the next assignment? I need to get started since I have no idea where the lions and tigers are hiding around Crisfield. I am already behind.

  13. Looks like fun!!
    I came right through there Friday, had biz in Turin!
    I shoulda stopped for cake huh?

  14. What sweet photos, Reggie! Just letting you know that we have a neutered kitten we got from our local shelter, his name is fufu and he's spoiled rotten. Thanks for dropping by and if you still can't follow my blog, please let me know and I'll put that silly gadget up to make it easier.

  15. Cute post! Loved the pictures! It's always cute the names kids come up with.

  16. What a lovely family you have, I would love a family that large.


  17. What a fun weekend - Happy Birthday to Uncle Baby (that is hilarious).

  18. Happy Birthday, Uncle Baby -- he looks a little like Bagman in the last photograph. Bagman tried to attend in disguise but was picked up by the Newnan Police. Bagman is refusing to go to Hilton Head next week with Karen and I because he wants to try sneaking by the police again. But don't worry...he's pretty clumsy and Butler usually calls them ahead of time to clue them in.

  19. Happy Birthday, Uncle Baby!!! Welcome to the forties...to me, you are STILL a baby:)

    We, too, have princes & princesses in our family. It's a burden that we have learned to bear.....Bwahahaha!

  20. That was a perfectly lovely tribute!

  21. hello- and happy birthday uncle baby!! :o) love the name! and the end "everybody has a price buddy" made me roar! thanks for coming by my blog- I look forward to reading more of yours!

  22. Great Photo's and Happy B-day to the Uncle.. I have to say I am not looking forward to the days when my girls are old enough to go joy riding with boys..Yikes.

  23. Well, Happy b-day Uncle Baby. Turning 40 is nothing. Enjoy life while you have it.
    Hugs and Blessings

  24. how sweet! Nice meeting the fam haha!
    Thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate everyone's support!!

  25. Happy birthday, Uncle Baby. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  26. Happy Birthday to Uncle Baby! Today is my Mother's birthday too and my husbands brothers birthday. Lots of March 30th babies.

  27. Dearest Reggie Girl,
    Whoa, what a nice name for an uncle.. Please extend our belated Happy Birthday to Uncle Baby.. He's cute..

    Have a nice day with your Prince my friend..

  28. Uncle Baby? That is a funny name, it would be cool indeed if people gets to call him Uncle Baby for the rest of his life! I think it's pretty cool LOL.

    I know Uncle Baby is going to be so touched when he learns of this little tribute to him!


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