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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturdays Are For Just Chumping About

Saturday is here my friends and the weather is supposed to be splendid. It is supposed to be a beautiful and sunny 75 degrees. And to think that last Sunday it was snowing here in Newnan!

Today, Prince and I are working at the Rabies Clinic for tne Newnan-Coweta Humane Society. That's always a great afternoon and you meet so many nice pups, kittys' and their peeps. All of the other volunteers are super great people, many of whom we spend a lot of time outside of volunteering with because they're such great people.
Then we are going to till our organic garden again with a little horse poo. Can't get much more organic than that now can you? We get it from our friends the Foster Failures who are just the nicest people. The other gigi and her hunny Superfly are coming to help. It will be a great day and lots will be accomplished. Later this evening, we'll make a little Sangria and sit by the pool (although it's still covered) and just relax with friends after a long but wonderful day.

More signs of Spring........

A sign for tomatoes that will soon be ripening in the sun.......

A beautiful little patch of purple pansies that I spied this week.......

A beautiful bed of multi colored pansies with a funky orange and blue fire hydrant that I saw Thursday. I love the fire hydrant. Who says they all have to be just boring red? I mean, don't get me wrong.....I like red, but I do love the way they have perked this particular one up and made it a little art deco looking.

This is our historic courthouse on the square in downtown Newnan. It was used as a hopital during the War Between The States. She's just stunning and they are going to recopper that old top. The top holds a old, old clock that chimes on the hour. I love to hear that old clock crying out the time while I'm out and about downtown.

And lastly, a sign that I saw at Alamo Jacks. Hmmmm....St. Patricks Day is right around the corner. #1 - check....#2 - check.....#3 check because if there's going to be dancing with leprechauns going on then Reggie Girl and Prince are sooo there!!! I wonder if it's going to be real leprechauns? Maybe it will just be short people painted green and dancing about (and no, I'm not making fun of short people because I am one of them). I wonder if leprechauns drink green beer? Green Beer has to be better for you than plain old regular colored beer because it must have veggies in it right? At least I tell myself that every year. I just hope that I can follow at least one of those leprechauns home so that I can find that pot of gold!!

Here's hoping that everyone has a fantastic weekend. I hope you and yours chump about and have a little love, joy and laughter. I take that back....make that I hope that you have an abundance of love, joy and laughter in your homes this weekend!!

*****"Saturday's in the park, every day's the Fourth of July"*****

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. That puppy up there is way too cute today :(

    Love Spring!

  2. hey, send me your email, I'll get ya in. That blog you left a message on is just a security front door of sorts.

  3. oh my such sights are at least a month off here!!! but its going to be nearly sixty today... wooohooooo!!!!!!

  4. Bright beautiful blooming flowers...thanks for the pics. I can't wait to see them bloom around our parts!

  5. That's really cool that you and your husband volunteer like that and it sounds like you have a good time doing it. I kinda get the feeling that you have a good time doing whatever it is your doing...lol.

    Seeing your pictures, makes me wish our snow would be gone even more. It has warmed up though so at least we have that going for us but were suppose to get more snow this weekend.

    I say the same thing about drinking green beer!
    Have a great weekend yourself!

  6. Went to the beach yesterday , got a little red, and a little tipsy.......gonna do it all over again today.

    Have a great weekend

  7. I hope you have a great weekend! It's so great that you do so much for animals. I can't wait till my little one gets a bit bigger so I can get back in the swing of things. I miss working with them!
    I could definately work as one of those little green guys... but I get all the gold you hear!

  8. Well - first of all thanks for stopping by my blog. I dont know how great it is--my life is relatively boring! LOL I am definately an Alabamy girl--I live in Westover, Alabama now--that is down B'ham in Shelby County. I am originally from Tuscaloosa--Roll Tide! I love your blog too, I love that you are into saving animals and creating a no kill shelter. I have to say I had to make a decision last year when I moved from the trailer park I lived in. I was taking care of about 10 abandoned dogs and the place I moved to would only allow me to have one. Plus the cat. They dont know about the cat. Iam a liar by trade! Anyway--I found homes for most of them but the others I had to choose between leaving them behind to fend for themselves or a shelter. I had to go with the shelter and I know that if they didnt get adopted out quickly they would be put down. I never, ever want to have to do that again. So - I applaud your efforts!

    Sorry--when I get to talking sometimes I dont stop.

  9. I don't know what 75 is, but it sounds warm. Have a great weekend.

  10. I always love "wasting" my life by reading fellow bloggers' blogs! :) So fun to see the different lives we all lead. Like you, I love small town life too -- I have always loved small towns, and used to love a good road trip and exploring the small towns along the way. Can't say I've ever been a big-city gal. I want to put in a small garden my first year here in Kansas, nothing too overwhelming, maybe eventually organic (goodness knows we have tons of horse poo!) Thanks for visiting my blog, watch for more giveaways, and I'll be following your blog, fershur!! :)

  11. Glad you're having such lovely weather! and well done for the work you're doing with animals.
    Blessings, Star

  12. Hilarious sign about St. Pat's! I can't do beer, green or otherwise. Perhaps I can find some green wine? I might have to stick with Chardonnay in a green bottle! :-)

  13. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for your very nice comment at my blog. (Sorry I didn't comment here sooner, I actually did type one all up and then my computer went kaputz) I don't think I reach much of the blogosphere in my humble little corner so I was glad to see you. And now, I look forward to perusing your site in return! Thanks again. :)

  14. I wish spring had sprung so soon here...but it's coming!

  15. That Murphy's Law sign is priceless! Great spring pics too. We still have snow everywhere here in MN.

  16. Love the pictures of Spring. Wish I had a garden to till!

  17. What a wonderful way to spend your day! Especially the gardening part. I read "this Day In History" on your side bar - ery interesting!

  18. Hmmm. balmy weather your having there, it's probably not going to get up to 50 degrees around here today.

    Question about the horse manure, is it composted already? I attended a gardening lecture put on by a master horticulturist who brought to my attention some soil management techniques. He mentioned that fresh manure and green compost creates a temporary nitrogen deficiency in the soil when it is first put down because the microbes that break down the material use nitrogen as well. The nitrogen won't be available for about a month from the fresh manure, so he said to put it down on an area of garden you don't plan on using until it breaks down... Sorry about the lengthy explaination. He also said you could use it in conjuction with a fertilizer called ammonium sulfate, but as you are doing the organic gardening thing, I suggest you look for a fish based fertilizer. Good Luck!!

    Lucky Irish, dancing with leprechauns!!

  19. Great photos....great Saturday! Take care!

  20. Hats off to you for all that you and your hubby do for all the animals!You two are great people! A well deserved sangria will be very nice this evening....it will be beautiful this evening!

  21. "make that I hope that you have an abundance of love, joy and laughter in your homes this weekend!!"

    You inspire me. I'm going to learn how to use that digital camera and post pictures to my computer. (I'll still keep the film camera at my side, though, I know.) Thanks for prospect of love,joy and laughter. Sounds like you'll be ready to sit and relax after such a productive, happy day.

  22. those flowers give me hope for spring.

  23. Ok..if there are leprechauns at this bash, I want to see the photos!
    And yes...green beer is overflowing with vegetables! How else would they make it green? Duuuh!

  24. It was a great day here in New England- 64f degrees in my neck of the woods! It was good weather for being outside, finally.

  25. We had a great day here too. Almost 80 degrees. And just think, we had snow on Monday. Thanks for the great pictures. Love & blessings from NC!


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