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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Snaps of Things I Love.......

I'm not feeling too sporty this morning. I had that cyst in my cheek removed and it will probably still be numb for a little while. I saved this post as a draft last night. These are just a few of the things that I collect and treasure......

My wrought iron corner shelf. Click on the pic to get a much better view of my antique Wells Fargo cookie jar and water pitcher on the bottom shelf.

I love and collect Carnival Glass. Prince bought me this punch bowl for Christmas last year. It has 12 cups and is in perfect condition. Not one chip or scratch. I was so excited when I opened this on Christmas morning.......

I love this old antique Burpees Seeds hanging.......

Prince put up these display shelves for me to put some of my collectibles on. The shelves run all the way around the top of my kitchen. I love this old Hunter Cigar box (dated 1953 - price 5 cents), this old pewter beer stein and that's an antique barber's comb on top. I got these treasure from Gypsy Sista......

Tampa Cigar box dated 1963 - price 6 cents, a rusty old Borkum Riff tin and an old pewter flour bin.....

A old needlepoint picture that I love. I found this in an antique shop in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. I wonder if that's any where close to the Glamorous Hausfrau......

A corner shelf in my kitchen. I love this old Blue Ribbon Recipes book that Gypsy Sista gave me and this old hand painted sugar scoop with the bluebird......

I love this antique cabinet. I bought it recently. It is date stamped May 23, 1943 and was made in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

And now, I'm going to lie down for a while. Hope everyone has a joyful day.

****"I just think of my favorite things and then...I don't feel so bad."****
~~My Favorite things by Julie Andrews~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Hope you're feeling better after that cyst was removed. I got mine removed a year ago from my left boob lol. The operation is fine, those anesthesia sting a lot.

    I like the old needlepoint picture too! It's so quirky! Now I love your antique cabinet too because it's from 1943! Vintage.

  2. I'm in total agreement with HalfCrazy, I love the old needlepoint that you found. Hope you feel better soon! And you are soooo right, we are soooo lucky to find our guys. ;-) And I appreciate him every day, even more so recently it seems...

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment! Very sweet ")


  4. I do hope you get to feeling better very soon.

    I love your kitchen stuff. Especially all the old tins. My kitchen is full of those too as I also collect them.

  5. Boy do we have something in common. You should see my collection. Great idea for a post for me...I posted a blog today that will send people your way, and mention 'Everybody is beautiful in their own way' blog! Love your stuff!

  6. You can also think of all your friends to help make you feel better. Email when you can.

    Prince, treat her right!

  7. I love all the things here that you love!
    Hope your face feels much better by morning!
    xo bj

  8. Love that corner shelf filled with treasures!Hope your feeling better!

  9. Hope you feel better soon.

    You and I have similar tastes. I love the antique things, and would love to get more.

  10. Hey, Seriously Dude...I finally figured out you wanted me to call you Seriously Dude. Don't know why. Bagman lost your email. Love the pictures so much I had to click and blow most of them up to see the details. Confused me a minute. I thought tomorrow was Photo Shootout - Houses. I'm so confused.

  11. My fav is the corner shelf and the antigue cabinet..I may just have to have those:) Beautiful!

  12. so sorry to hear you are feeling a bit under the weather. Hope it won't last long and soon you will be up and bouncing around in your usual happy-go-lucky energetic manner. Heck, if you are feeling down, just think how that makes the rest of us feel! We need you to keep us all on our toes and feeling lucky for all the little things in our lives!!

    Love all the pics. I think it is so great to see photos of others' collections, cuz it kinda gives you a peek into what kind of person they are. Isn't the saying, " we are what we collect"! If it isn't, it should be that cuz i think our colletions tell others a whole lot about who we are!

  13. Hope you're feeling better.

    I like the Live Love Laugh one!

  14. My Dad used to smoke Borkum Riff...

    I love old things too but I don't have too many.


  16. Reggie girl, hope you feel better lots very soon! I love your pics and your collections - Very arty, and I love bits and pieces - I think that's a very English thing - To fill our houses with interesting and nostalgic stuff, never mind all those who play with minimalism! The sampler is very sweet and I wish I had one, just as I am still thinking of Blue!

    Party on soon, Reggie girl! Fhi xx

  17. Wow you have some very cool items, thank you for sharing them with us!

  18. Hope by now you have started feeling better.

  19. Reggie Girl...do hope you're feeling much stronger this evening. I had a cyst removed (about the size of a golf ball they tell me) but how it fit behind my cheek bone without being obvious is beyond me. It's been a year now and I still go for treatments. So rest up lady and don't push yourself! Tomorrow is another day so plan on greeting it refreshed.

    and I love your carnival glass punch set...


  20. Feel better soon...You have beautiful things, thank you for sharing

  21. Hope you feel better soon! Sending you healing and prayers...xxx

    PS I love your stuff! I want a kitchen with a shelf for stuff too...xx

  22. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take whatever good meds the doctor prescribed and try to rest!

  23. I was just thinking what a hit you'd be on Antique Roadshow!

    I'm glad you are doing ok :)

  24. Dearest REGGIE GIRL,
    Sad to know you had an operation.. Please get well soon, we're counting on you.. Blogging is not that cool when one of the coolest is not well..

    I'm also thankful that even you're recuperating, you still gave us the chance to view your cherished possessions.. thanks and regards to your Prince.

    Have a good rest and see you again soon..

  25. I love what you've done with your collectables.

  26. Hey My sistafriend, I won't even try to explain why the hell I wasn't already following you.... Crappers! I dig peepin through your window.... LoL thats what it feels like when people post pics of their homes.... I LOVE it! Get better NOW!!!!

  27. Hi there. Sorry to hear you hurt. I know I have a dental appointment Next Friday and i am not looking forward to it at all. But you have some very beautiful things. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  28. Hope you feel better soon chickie.
    I really like all your treasues!

  29. Fun, fun... the collectibles that is. Too bad about the cyst (I'll bet you are glad it's gone) I had one removed by my eye about 2 years ago and I am so glad it's gone. Get better soon. ;p

  30. Hope your face wakes up from the numbness. I love all that stuff too. My mother yells at me for all the junk I collect. she calls them dust collectors.


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