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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's Touring Newnan, City Of Homes

These are a few things that I spied while I've been out and about in my beautiful city this week of Newnan, Georgia.

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Spring has arrived in all of it's glory and beauty, people are getting out and smiling while they have a little have a little zip in their walk. I see friends sharing lunches in cafes and diners Al Fresco because it's nice and the weather permits eating outside.........

Come for a little stroll with me in my hometown.......

A beautiful weeping cypress that I saw in front of the City Of Newnan Police Department...

Outside on the sidewalk at the Vintage Flea. Shopkeeper's downtown are displaying their wares in the sunshine......

A barn that I saw that I thought was really pretty off of Roscoe Road......

Don's Barber Shop in Downtown Newnan. I've always loved anything with a Barber's pole......

Nobody told me there was a Money Tree in town. I'm on the look out for it to be sure.........

A bicycle planter that has yellow ribbons tied on it for our soldiers.......

A truck bed that I saw in front of a blooming Dogwood tree.,,,just in time for Easter......

Beautiful colorful tulips are blooming.........

An artist's palette of azaleas blooming off of Jackson Street. I took this not just because of the beauty. I also took this for Airmans Mom because of the yellow ribbon tied around the old oak tree......

The entrance to the Double H Ranch with two waving American Flags gracing each side of the entrance......

Such a beautiful display at the entrance of our new open air shopping mall Ashley Park. They have a little of everything to offer there........

So hey.......you...yeah you......come on down to see us in Newnan, Georgia. If you let us know in advance, we may throw one of our hometown parades for you. You won't be disappointed and you'll definitely long to come back for another dose of Southern hospitality.........

************"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world,************
*************Yes I think to myself, what a wonderful world"************
~~~~~Louis Armstrong~~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. It is interesting. I have not been back to Vidalia, where my mother-in-law lived years ago, for several years. Your pictures of Newman remind me Vidalia...I suppose that is not surprising. I enjoy looking at your pictures. You sure get out alot!

  2. Ooh the vintage flea looks fun to me! Love the photo of the barn! Great pictures that you captured! I think you should be working for the tourism center for Newnan!

  3. Newnan looks beautiful to me! I was in Georgia 2 summers ago, visiting Duane Allman & Berry Oakleys gravesites...man, was it hot! Gorgeous photos!

  4. I like the red barn, this weekend while driving to Teresopolis I saw a red barn much like it.... but on the mountain roads here there is no place to stop for photos unless you are willing to get run over by a truck. I like your commentary.

  5. Boy - would I love to see some flowers around here! Another month maybe...

  6. Wonderful! Are you SURE you don't want to be mayor of Newnan? Hope you are well.

  7. All great shots but the bike planter and the dogwood are my favorites.
    Louis knows it's a wonderful world.

  8. Thanks for sharing with us. All the blooming flowers look so nice, we still have tons of snow on the ground here.I Love the barn picture! I Love barns for some strange reason!

  9. Lovely! And if you find the Money Tree, may I have a wee cutting?! xx

  10. Such a nice collection of photos this week. I especially love the barn photo - the sky looks so pretty. I also love the old barber shop sign. I've been seeing some colorful tulips at the entrances to neighborhoods, shopping malls etc. but I don't have any in my yard. Thanks for sharing these today.

  11. Reggie, we country boys all know you can't have a parade for us now! The tractors are all busy planting, and the only break the farmers will give them is for the Easter parade. We'll just have to have a barn dance!

  12. Great pics, Reggie Girl! I feel like I'm wandering through town with you on these tours. I especially like the bicycle with the yellow ribbons. Come home safe, troops!

  13. You're a true artist. That firs shot of the weeping cypress is beautiful and those tulips (by the way, they are my favourite flower) are magnificent. Many thanks. I love these guided tours around your neighbourhood. Are you sure you asked for permission to pap away first :-)?

    Greetings from London.

  14. I love your pics. They make me homesick for Georgia... we lived in Doraville for 8 years. We'll be coming thru in about a month on our way to Orlando, but probably swinging by Savannah it looks like (judging from Mapquest). I can't wait!

  15. The azaleas are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing bits of your town.

  16. wow, loved the pictures again. You do seem to always find a worthy subject for your camera's attentions, no matter where you go and what it is! And the pics turn out great. Loved the azaleas!! And that bike planter, have to share a story with you about one of our little neighboring towns. They set up dozens of bikes like that, all painted bright yellow and baskets of flowers on both front and back of each one. It was so fantastic to drive into the town and be greeted by those bikes!! Unfortunetly, people started to steal the flowers, lock, stock and basket, so to speak. So soon all that was left was the empty yellow bikes. Still pretty but just not the same. And since then, even they have been taken down. What a shame, cuz it sure made that town stand out in people's minds! Have a great Tuesday RG! thinking of you, Debby

  17. I am pouting now - so very jealous of your flowers and spring-y-ness everywhere. We're still miserable with cold, rain and mud.
    I'll have to keep living vicariously through all you southerners.

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  19. Such lovely flowers and charming details. I wish we had this thing called spring in Chicago. RIght now we just have melting snow. I've put the follow widget on my right sidebar, please come back and follow my blog!

  20. Now if we could just hook that bed truck up to a horse we could run over to the money tree, when you find it, and rustle the leaves and take off.

    "Just kidding officer."

    We should make up a little map with all the blogger hometowns, and when people go road tripping they can follow the map. Let's see, who is between Newnam and Crisfield? Butler and Bagman, and Si...

    We can add little places of interest along the way.

    I am still waiting for Oprah to call.

    Another great shoot, RG.

  21. Boy oh boy, between Newnan and Crisfield, I would have a tough time deciding which cozy small town to visit! :) Love the red barn, the bicycle, the blooming dogwood and trailer, the azaleas... they are all wonderful photos.

    I agree with tiedupmemories, you should be working for Newnan's tourism center!

    And on that note, come to my blog to see the award I've given to you, for your current trials and tribulations, but also for your lovely upbeat and positive blog!! :)

  22. Reggie Girl, you make Newnan so appealing! I'm in no state to travel, but it is on my list for when I get to that area of the country again!

  23. "I've always loved anything with a Barber's pole......"

    That's What She Said

    sorry, could not resist.

  24. I always love looking at your pictures. I love the picture of the bike.

  25. I love the way you shared through your pictures.

  26. lovely photos, what a beautiful place you live in... thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I will definitely keep in touch.) My dad always told me money didn't grow on trees....)
    Happy day


  27. Clicking for you. I loved the pics my fav. was the one of the barn.

  28. Spring is definitely in town with you! How beautiful it all looks - we're still not quite there but the weather man has promised that tomorrow will be slightly warmer - maybe warm enough to sit outside with a cup of coffee I hope. How are you feeling now? I've been thinking about you a lot over the past few days... Oh and when you find the money tree, could you please send a little twig over this way! :-D .. Warm wishes to you, Vxx

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Beautiful. I have never been down south but I have been to Las Vegas but never south.. LOL.. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I love small southern towns. Your pictures take me back to Broadway NC. Maybe I'll drive down for a parade in my honor, the next time I'm there.

  32. Thanks for the picture tour. I hope whenever Spring comes here it will look a bit like that.

  33. What a pretty town! You captured such pretty things with your camera. The flowers and trees are beautiful but I love the barn with the color of the sky and the trees around it. I'd love to hang that on my wall!

  34. I will click but before I do I had to tell you how lovely your town is. The Dogwoods are gorgeous. Great photographs!

  35. How do I say "Thank You" for thinking of our soldiers and me????

  36. Those pictures are so great. I love all the beautiful landscaping and flowers. Cracking up at your comment on the money tree loan. I wish we had a money tree in our town too.
    Praying for you. Hope you are doing well.
    I will click on the doggie too.

  37. Thanks for following! Those azaleas have me jonesin' for the warmer weather. It'll be here soon enough in NH...it just takes it's sweet old time!

  38. Wow my dearest Reggie Girl Tulips is my favorite flower. Maybe because we haven't got that in my home country. It is very expensive there and its a very rare flower to have. There are azaleas here but the colors are quite different. Near my home got pink, whites and violets azaleas but your photo is surely a winner.. The weeping cypress looks scary to me. We got one here but I don't want to be near that tree when I walk at night from our nearby grocery store because it feels like there's a ghost in there.. The house behind it has similar color and build in our home int he phils. It makes me miss it more.

    Right now I'm still thinking how I could join the Wildlife Photo Shoots on Friday. I tried to wake up early this morning to find some subject. I only got stray dog so far. Can I shoot the bees, the cockcroach and wild worms? Those are the only thing considered as wild in our Flat's backyard. And the wild birds too but all of them are so wild that I cannot take a shot, they always fly right before my lense focused on them.. Geez, maybe I'll try going to the zoo instead..

    Have a lovely day with your Prince..

  39. That's a cute weeping cypress, it seems like it just sprouted from the ground LOL.

    I love the background of that barn! Looks so peaceful! The owners are lucky to have such a wonderful piece of land.

    Now my head can't stop playing the song "Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Round the Old Oak Tree)"!

  40. Nice pics! I really love that barn ... I don't get to see barns in Orange County! : )

  41. Loved those snaps....you have a wonderful eye menopause.....great!!

  42. Hi Reggie Girl,

    Thank you for stopping by and saying "hello"; you are so very kind.

    A dissertation about dreams? Mrs. U would love to talk with you. She's the dreamer in the house, asking me, "What do think?" For some reason she thinks I can interpret dreams (I really can't).

    Your town sounds so warm and friendly. The only city I've visited in Georgia is Atlanta. Her birthday is the 15th and I'm thinking of taking her there to celebrate.

    I actually enjoy reading a frivolous, fun blog; it keeps me balanced. So I'll just stick around reading the MMM&R stuff.

    You always welcome at The U, so please stop by anytime.


  43. The weeping cypress and the azaleas, there for me - stuff to die for. Thanks for gracing the blogosphere with the likes of they.


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