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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part Of The "Big" House Makeover

We are remodeling the house we recently bought. We are mostly finished.....key word being mostly!

I have Wednesday Brown Bag Lunches today and am sooo busy. I'm serving either:

A) healthy low sodium subs on multi grain bread with baked chips, pickle spears apple slices and low-sugar cookies or.........

B)Organic mixed greens served with chopped free range chicken, wheat crackers, fresh apple slices and low-sugar cookies........

I have twice as many order's as last week and I'm really happy about that!!

I'm posting a few picture's of our makeover......

Our barn out back........we haven't even started on it yet. Prince is painting it red with white trim because he loves the barns in Amish country....

This is the blah dining room before we painted it. It was that lovely shiny blinding white. The kind that kept bleeding through so much that it took four coats of paint of cover it........

Prince and I stopped for a little photo after we finished this room and before we brought my Gran's antique dining room suite in. I love my old dining set. It's a solid mahogany table that seats 8 and the chairs still have the original covering on it....an old brown and goldish-beige pattern with ribbons running throughout. The chairs themselves are hand carved and very ornate. The set is date stamped 1942 and say that they were made in Tell City, Indiana. The old buffet is mahogany as well with old brass handles on the drawers and the inside of one is lined with old green felt for silver wear. When I open the old drawer's and cabinet's I can still smell my sweet Gran's house. I also have my great-grandmother's old ornate mirror that I hang over the buffet. I wouldn't take anything for this set and the memories that go with it........

I'll post more picture's of the before and after next week I hope. The house doesn't even look lie the same house that we started on. We love living out here in the country. We're close enough to the city to run into town for a quick bite of dinner and far enough out that when we sit by the pool on these last few warm evenings that we hear crickets chirping away by rubbing their legs together and frogs calling out to each other. We love our lives each and every day!!!

**********"Green Acres is the place to be........farm livin is the life for me.
Land spreadin out so far and wide. Darling I love you but give me that
country side"***********
~~~Theme song from Green Acres~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Hey congrats on doubling your lunch orders, that's great! Love your colors and BTW Green acres isn't so bad.

  2. I looks like a wonderful place to live! I love the barn!How much fun to start fresh and add your own touches!That dinning room set sounds absolutely beautiful!Keep showing the pictures of progress!P.s I left an award for you on my blog.

  3. I'm with Prince on the barn paint. What is it with people and white paint? I usually paint over it ASAP. Do you do any meatless stuff or is your clientele confirmed meat eaters? I understand if they are. My family would so go for the subs.

  4. It looks great....Next photo op - start a good paint fight with your camera timer set. Now that would be fun.

  5. Reggie girl, I am catching up! I love the pics of your makeover and your plans for the barn. The pics you have taken all across town are wonderful, and you have such an eye!

    I love the story of how you met your Prince - Very romantic, and I am glad to hear of how you are made for one another - Fabulous!

    Oh, and can you please post Blue to me, if at all possible? I have a great need of him in my life... Seriously, I hope these animals find their soul-homes - They are all such beautiful creatures... (and I wish I were nearer to take at least Blue...) xxx

  6. love the mnake-over pictures! I especially love the one of you and Prince together and you both looking so happy. Hey, most times when couples wallpaper or paint together, it leads to grounds for divorce, but you two are actually smiling while wearing painters' clothes. Now THAT is love!! :-) Oh, by the way, the sandwiches sound de-licious!! you got my tongue hanging out for a Philly sub, or better yet, a Philly cheese steak. Haven't had one of those in some time now! Ah, gotta get this knee better so I can start planning a trip home to NJ again soon, I need my "american fix". :-)

  7. I like the nice bright color scheme in the new room. And if a couple can paint a room together, that's golden. (My wife reads to me while I paint. We've read quite a few Sue Grafton novels while I painted.) We did two rooms with a southwestern theme last summer. House make-overs are a lot of work, but are such a huge pay-back in enjoyment.


  8. I love what you've done to that dining room! When we moved in, this house was all white on the inside. I hated it. Room-by-room we've worked at getting some color in here. You are an inspiration. Those subs sure sound good!

  9. I love the new colors! Very pretty choices.

  10. That's what you call labor of love. I love the color tones.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. I love it! We are doing some remodeling at the little house in the big woods too! We just the new heat system up and running. A new roof on house and shed, new ceramic tile floors for kitchen and lauddry room, new countertops and the garage is still in progress. Its been going on since September and I do see light at the end of the tunnel.
    Stop on by this summer and we can catch us some fireflies! With your choice of beverage of course!

  12. Hi again dear Reggie Girl,
    So happy your brown bag biz is flourishing.. and gee, i can't wait to see your new home fully renovated..! you and Prince's photo is really sweet and sweaty..!! hahaha.. Good luck for the painting job..

  13. That's great your lunch orders have doubled. congrats on that. Love your dining room colors. I just love old barns. Can't wait to see more pictures of it all.

  14. Can I just say your place looks great. Just from reading about it, I get such a sense of home. I hope to have a place like that one day. Thank you for sharing!

  15. How fun! and you two are so adorable!

  16. I'll have a B) please.

    House looks lovely! I want a barn!

  17. Sounds idyllic!
    Let me know if you decide to take in boarders. Even the barn sounds good

  18. Can I come help paint? Please, preety please? It looks like you and prince are having a great time!! ;p

    About that song... my cousins and I used to go around singing it at the top of our lungs until people were begging us to stop. :0) (Who me? I'm innocent!!)

  19. I am sure it will look amazing when it is all said and done!

  20. Can't wait to see the barn makeover when Prince is done with it! What a happy place for pets to live a long life!

  21. I am thrilled that you both are enjoying your new home. I love your colors; they are very similar to what we just did in the dining room!

  22. I'm so envious. I would love to have a house project - an old barn conversion would be lovely (stone built).

    By the way, Riley the Shiloh shepherd puppy could almost be an elkhound puppy, they are very similar - although a little lighter in colour. He's adorable.

  23. I love the colors you picked.
    I have the same in my kitchen.
    Great minds and all that......

  24. Better you than me.

    Hey Reggie Girl. I'm Back.

    The project looks like it is coming along fine. Where is the guest bedroom going to be?

  25. your dining room suite sounds beautiful. I have my mother's old china cabinet and on the days that I'm really missing her I open the door and take a deep breath. All the memories come flooding back...it's a salve to my soul. I can't wait to see more before and after pics!

  26. Well, it's looking good already. Congrats!

    Greetings from London.

  27. I can't promise to make you laugh, but here's a big YOU GO, GIRL! on the remodeling. I've been "remodeling" a barn for 23 years. It never ends, but it is a labor of love. This might make you laugh (or not): http://wvfurandroot.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/for-sale-by-owner/

    BTW - the picture isn't really my house. But it seemed appropriate at the time.


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