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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday Shoot-out. Houses around Newnan

"Friday Shoot-Out"........I've been waiting for this all week. I never leave home without my camera. While I'm out delivering my Brown Bag Lunches, running a pup to the vet, running around for a catering job or just out and about if I see something really interesting, I'm compelled to stop and take a snapshot. Of course Prince doesn't like it when I make U-Turns (oops) and brake really hard, but you gotta have priorities, right?

This week, we all agreed that the subject would be houses in and around our hometowns. These are the houses that caught my fancy...........the old and the new, the majestic and the simple, the beautifully manicured and the not so manicured.
Newnan has many historic, Victorian, Tudor, and simple style homes as we are know as the City Of Homes. I love the front porches, the verandas, the widow walks and the georgeous gingerbread trim. I love the beautiful oak trees, magnolias, the spanish moss and all of the beautiful dogwoods and redbuds that are turning green out in front of these beautiful houses.

I can't wait to see everyone elses Friday Shoot-Out's of homes. Patty, Loida, Barry, GingerV, Butler and Bagman (one of whom is my top, top secret boyfriend though I'm not entirely sure which one....depends on the day) and I think that Audrey is throwing her hat into the ring this week. If I left anyone's name out I apologize, it wasn't intentional. Please, we'd all like to encourage ALL of you to participate in our Shoot-Outs. I do believe that Mr. Barry has chosen cemetaries for next week so a haunting we will go. I know that all of you have beauty in your own towns and what better way to showcase it than in our Shoot Outs (and no, no guns or rifles were used in the process so no need to notify the ATF, lol)? Please join us next week if you didn't get in on the fun this week.

Please have a little look-see with me as we look at just a few of the beautiful homes that Newnan has to offer. There's a little something for everyone here............

Awesome right? What a beautiful place I live in!!

I'd like to thank all of you so very much for the feel better wishes that you left me. It made me feel so warm inside and so special that you were all so kind enough to take the time to make a comment wishing me well and assuring me that I am in your prayer's. People like you restore my faith in humanity. I don't know where any of us would be without our friends and I've met the kindest, warmest people since I've been blogging, each so very special in your own way. I'm feeling a little better this morning....just pretty swollen and awfully sore but I think that it could be much worse and I'm so thankful that I will make a full recovery. God answer's prayers and that much I know is true and real.

********"Where I come from, it's cornbread and chicken
Where I come from, lot's of front porch pickin
Where I come from, it's tryin to make a livin
And workin hard to get to Heaven, where I come from"********
~~~Lyrics and Song by Newnan Native Alan Jackson~~~

Take good care all and have an EXTREME weekend and God bless you all!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. While the stately homes are beautiful, I like the little cottages best. They look so cozy and comfy.

  2. Oh, glad you are feeling a little better! Hope that continues through out the weekend.
    Beautiful homes.
    Happy Spring!

  3. It is amazing how similar two of them are. Must have had the same builder. I want to meet the people who live in the purple and green double-wide. Bagman figures it has to be him if it is secret. Butler is so squeeky clean there is no need for secrecy. Great photoshoot. I messed up as usual and only one or two houses are actually in my hometown...well current home town...anyway

  4. Nice homes!

    Take care and hope you feel a lot lot better.

  5. Such pretty homes and interesting mix of architecture. One of my favorite things to do is look at houses and their gardens! Hope you continue to improve over the weekend.

  6. I love the classically styled and large houses - Typical me - Champagne tastes on a beer income!

    Glad your spirits are uplifted - Much love and light to you x

  7. Perhaps one day, if I get off my butt, I'll join you. I always have my camera and never take it out.

  8. I loved the 11th picture.....all great though and thx for sharing mid....

  9. I love pictures of the older homes...I love to write stories about them too. You can tell you care, and I bet you could get a job selling photos to real estate companies :)

  10. What beautiful homes from the stately large ones to the simple little cottage types. I must say though that the pink and green one would be hard to miss. They must really like Lilly Pulitzer?

  11. Do I get a free bottle of water with my tour?

    Nice Reggie Girl. I liked the way you mixed 'em up. I am debating between the 1st house or the one above the purple MH (though the purple MH made for a nice all-around shoot) as my favorite. I love old empty houses. I just gotta wonder what went on in those old houses.

    If I could live in any house, I think I would pick the little log cabin (is that a pine cabin or a log cabin?). It looks so happy.

    I liked your take on the b/w, too. There was a low fog hanging around the day I took my photos, and I was going for some b/w shots, but decided to let 'em roll like I shot 'em.

    Thanks for another great tour of Newnam, Ga.

    Ain't this fun?!

    Well, Little Lady, you and I are going to have to be a feuding over Butler and Bagman.

    Name yer weapons.

  12. Amazing houses, my favorites are old homes with big porches with swings on them. I have yet to see one like that in the town I live in!

  13. I never leave the house without a camera either. Alwyays have one in my purse. Great houses...just gorgeous..I couldn't pick my favorite...ok, maybe the one with the round front porch, that one was so nice. Circl driveway too?

  14. I never leave the house without a camera in tow. I think all of these houses are beautiful and have such character. I love the one with the circle front porch and the cirlce drive. Beautiful.

  15. Oh my gosh, the houses are fantastic. Every time I thought that i had found my favorite, I scrolled down to find one that I liked even better. Those large plantation style ones are spectacular, but I have to say i like the red brick ones the best, especially the one with the little black awning over the doorway. That one and the one below it, they look just like houses that I photographed in Belgium!

    and by the way Reggie Girl, I was so thrilled to hear that you had actually been to Jehay Castle when you were traveling over here with your job. My my girl, you really did get around alot and saw many of the sights!! How cool to think that someone I "know" over there, has actually been to the places that I am posting about. I love it.

  16. OK #9 is my Favorite! Then last one!
    I love you shoot out!
    Be Well~

  17. Oh, I love those houses! I especially like the third black and white one, where the house is mostly dark and the trees look almost misty above it.
    I was waiting anxiously for today too, it was the first time I ever did one of these shoot outs, Patty invited me a few days ago. I am so excited for next week - I have already been to two graveyards and that was before I knew it was the theme.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about U-turns and braking really hard. Today for the first time ever, I pulled off the road onto the shoulder to photograph a military base - I wonder what the driver in the car behind me was thinking?

    Priorities. That is what it is all about. :)

  18. I just love seeing those big old Victorian homes. Makes me homesick for Georgia.

  19. Great photos, Reggie. I am hoping to get a digital camera for my birthday and if I do, I will join you :)

  20. Hi Thanks so much for visiting me! Of course I don't mind! I am so excited to have a new visitor! Seeing your blog was NOT a waste of my time at all! I enjoyed touring Newman! it is lovely! So many homes would be my choice! have u ever participated in sunday scribblings??
    the prompt this week is.. 'where I come from'!! this post would fit so nicely! hope u check them out! click the link on my last post to find out more.

  21. There are some amazingly beautiful homes in your neck of the woods!

  22. Oh I like the type of houses around your area....all of them!!! I joined your Friday shootout but I was late :-) I haven't seen houses here with chimneys I don't know why, and the fact that it's snowing here. I'm pretty new here in Japan due to US military relocation.

  23. Hey nice houses, can i have one?

    Where i live its just boring australian suburb, not much history, little boring 70's bungalows or houses or whatever theyre called..

    Not so nice,
    but great looking at ur pictures!:)
    Enjoy ur f*cking weekend!

  24. Getting to know and love Newman just as I appreciate your selection of homes. Interesting Post once again. Reggie you do great promotional work! Could be paid work for you there.
    Alan Jackson is easy listening. I have recently begun to follow the Eat Right for Your Type (blood) and corn and chicken are now off the menu. Unfortunately...

  25. Newman has a lot more houses than Exmore. Although some of them do look like they could belong here.

    Alan Jackson is from Newman!!! Hey, good work down there. Really like him and his music. And it is five o'clock somewhere.

  26. Lovely homes! I hope you're feeling better and have a great weekend. I'm late getting around and am just catching up on all your posts.

  27. how quaint and so un british (of course). here the houses are all ugly on the outside, there they are so pretty.

  28. Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I would like to participate in your Friday Shootout. Do I post the pictures on my blog for others to view, or is there a common blog where all post at one site. Thanks, Gordon
    P.S. You have a very nicely constructed blog.


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