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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rabies??? Get Your Rabies Shot Here!!

The annual Rabies Clinic held by the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society was a smashing success!! Postcard reminders were sent out and before we could even get started pups and kitty's lined the parking lot behind the Fire Station off of Welcome Road in Newnan, Georgia. The clinic didn't start properly until 1:00 p.m. I arrived at the fire station before noon and was thrilled to see everyone queuing up already.
A few pics that I took to remember the occasion.......

Foster Failure........organizer extraordinaire.......

They came by the wagon full!!...............

The queue before noon......

More waiting pups and kitty's.........

A kind thank you for the kindness shown by Dogwood Veterinary Hospital for volunteering their time. Thank you isn't nearly enough. You guys have amazing hearts.......

Captain Woody, his crew and moi. These guys are awesome. They let us have the rabies clinic there and even came out to talk to us and give us a smile of encouragement now and again..........

The fantastic Dr. Wayne Morris, DVM and his super sweet tech. They worked at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital all morning and them came out to volunteer their time to help make this rabies drive a success!

A sign that I think is hilarious in front of Dogwood Veterinary Hospital. Maybe I'm a little warped, but every time I see this sign I laugh out loud :)

This year this clinic alone did 300 rabies vaccinations in about 2 hours. Special thanks go to .....

***Foster Failure for organizing this success
***Captain Woody and his crew at the Welcome Road Fire Dept
***Kind Dr. Wayne Morris and his smiling vet tech
***All the awesome volunteer's who wrote out rabies
certificates, collected money, smiled and stopped to
give a little pat on the head to a scared animal, wiped
up a little wee from nervous pets, cleaned up.....the list
just goes on and on.
***All of the pet owners who brought their animals out to
be vaccinated. Thanks for helping to keep rabies from
becoming an epidemic.

We actually gave shots until we ran out of rabies tags. Foster Failure says that we are going to have to do the clinic again in a few months because at the very end we had to turn a couple of people away because we had no more tags. This was a great day and a very worthy cause. Now.........I need a martini........

*****"None are as fiercely loyal as dog people" (and kitty people)*****
~~~Linda Shreves~~~

Steady On

Reggie Girl


  1. Wow, that's awesome! Good for you for making a difference!

  2. sounds and looks like you had a good crowd. yeah

  3. Love that you're a volunteer, girl. Look at you so little and cute! Did you give the shots?

    I love to deliver meals on wheels around acworth. All the cute older people are so sweet and thankful.
    Oh, I'm so glad I was able to go to church with you tonight! I haven't been in ages!

  4. Sounds like you had a very successful day. That is wonderful! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I read your profile and thought this girl's great if she likes George Strait and Alan Jackson. Your post today is so great.

  6. Interesting...are those shots state/county/city required?
    We do not have/never had an outbreak of rabies; incoming dogs and cats are quarrantined. No if's and's or but's.)

    P.S.: I'm trying to figure out who was the lucky one...you, or the firefighters LOL

  7. Fun post, and you inspired my Sunday morning post: Animal Lovers and God. (I included a link to your post here!)

  8. We dont have a rabies problem here in Oz, thank goodness. Looks like a great day!

    Love the sign, I want one for my yard....except my dog cant read of course.

  9. what a fabulous day, and what fun photos too, i wouldn't mind a photo with that crew!

  10. What a great day. Glad it was such a success and good turn out. It's people like you that make this world a beautiful place. Thank you!

  11. Awesome work! Love to see folks taking care of our critters. Been such a crisis lately with the economy that folks are either releasing their pets outside or dropping them off at the spca because they cannot afford to feed them anymore. Need more folks like you and your group to do this kind of work.

  12. Such a heart-warming story. Congrats to you and all the volunteers for making a difference.

  13. Thanks for stopping by. I did some looking around and found a box to add to my blog for followers. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Have yourself a wonderful day (even though it started too early this morning!) LOL


  14. Amazing photos. Nice to see that a lot of efforts taken to protect from rabies.

  15. We used to have rabies clinics ever year, but you post reminds me that I haven't seen one in quite a while. I wonder why that is?

    I get my dog Lindsay's shot during her annual physical in April. I should be getting a reminder from her vet any day now.

    But Shhhhh, I don't want Lindsay to hear, it's not her faviourite thing to do.

  16. What a day you had!Congrats to you for doing the work you do!

  17. That is awesome! I can relate to those gorgeous puppies and kitty's - my twice weekly visits to the lab looked very similar - everyone lined up to get jabbed by a needle!

    Glad you had a fun/successful day!
    "Steady on" back at ya.

  18. Way to go chickie! Great cause. The world needs more like you! Cheers!

  19. Poop Free Zone--I love it. I need a few of those signs around my campground. You wouldn't believe the places I have had to scoop poop! I keep a supply of WalMart bags on my person and have been known to call out to naughty pet owners that they have forgotten something..... then present them with a bag...... Some are indignant, but most are embarrassed. To me it would be like asking a stranger to change my baby's diaper. But my kids tell me I am pet lover extradinaire! Love the pics.

  20. What a great way to make a difference in your community!

  21. Congratulations on being part of a succesful and worthwhile drive, reggie girl.

  22. What an awesome day, I'm sure everyone felt really good at the end of the day! I love the pic of the dogs in the wagon, cute!! :)

  23. It looks like a lot of work but tons of fun. It's hard to feel unloved when there's a dog around, isn't it?

  24. Good stuff. It looks like you were all working like dogs! Yahaha. Glad your event was such a success!

  25. You are such a blessing to others! Yae, you!
    I left you an award over on my site.

  26. Hello! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! I hear ya on the menopause...fan on reggie girl!

  27. OH BLESS BLESS BLESS you dear Gina..you look so cute standing with those hunks(:)
    hugs, Patty...
    yup the switchplates are in the mail LOL

  28. Well done for doing such wonderful work for all those cute kitties and dawgies - I am so proud of you, girl! x

  29. Yey! I am so glad it was a success--and so very important. I love the work you do--oh to have the time to devote to helping animals. I would in a heart beat.

  30. I forgot to say you were a DOG and KITTY after my own heart!

    LOVE U

  31. I love that you devote so much time to this. Makes me feel guilty! I always think about fostering dogs or cats, but always whoever I live with objects strongly. And there's my landlord (bastard). But anyway, I'm so proud of you for doing that.

    BTW, How fun was it hanging with the hunky fireboys?

  32. That wagon is a hoot. And the photos are great!

    Thanks to you and all the people who are taking time out from busy schedules to help the animals.


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