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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Brown Bag Lunches and Such

From now on my my house, Wednesday's will be know as "Brown Bag Lunch Day". The catering side of our little organic endeavor will be packing and delivering a nice, healthy, organic and delicious brown bag lunch to the kind folks that will order. Cooking for a crowd I can handle and I love to be creative with food. Seems, I'm not so hot at cooking for two. I just can't seem to get that right. I always make enough food for an army. So much that as a matter of fact, we can't face all of the leftovers. Anyway, that just gives us an excuse to practice one of our favorite hobbies...........dining out!!

The menu will be such as: Succulent Chicken Corn/Potato Chowder with Fresh Rosemary served with Sour Cream and Cheese Corn Muffins and Organic Low Sugar Cookies from Italy. I'm excited about the new branch of our little enterprise and I hope that it goes over well. Who says a brown bag lunch has to be boring? Not I.....

I saw this lovely willow tree while I was out and about running errands yesterday. I thought it was really pretty and upon close inspection, it is beginning to have a few small green buds trying to peek out and come to life. It's ready for Spring and so am I.

I couldn't not notice this charming little sigh. Propped up against the bike is the "Got Steak?" sign in front of Lenny's Pub at the intersection of Highway 29 and Roscoe Road. You can sing a little Karaoke, have a nice brew and apparently a nice big steak. Hmmm......Prince and I may have to mosey on in there one night for steak night.

Firefighter friend brought his new rescue pup, Gus, over for a little play date with little Sadie. They played and played until they both collapsed on the floor out like two little babies that had been playing out in the sun all day. Little Gus was even snoring which was just precious. Sadie slept all night long and didn't even seem to move. She's such a darling girl......all puppy.

*******"Joy to the world, all the boys and girls. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me"******
~~Joy To The World by Three Dog Night~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. I've had a hard time switching from feeding a crowd of teenage boys to feeding just JR and I too. I'm working at it though because going out around here can be expensive. The chowder sounds good. I make something like this without the chicken.

  2. Love all your photos todays. The pups are adorable. Enjoy your day!

  3. I used to enjoy cooking but for the past few years haven't done much. Good idea for lunch - I'd order one if you were nearby. I'm so tired of making do and eating fast food. yuck.

    Joy to the World brings back memories

  4. beautiful pups.
    we are just heading into autumn here- i am so sick of the heat xx

  5. Sadie and Gus up in a tree!...they are so sweet..what beautiful doggies! What kind of pup is Gus?

  6. Where d'you get all those energy feeding the army..?

    Succulent Chicken Corn/Potato Chowder with Fresh Rosemary served with Sour Cream and Cheese Corn Muffins and Organic Low Sugar Cookies from Italy. Yummy!! I wish I am near your area so we can order now.

    Gotta go now friend, you made me very hungry..


  7. Michele, I know right? It's so hard to cook for two . It's almost just as cheap for us to eat at one of our locally owned diners....

    Mildred, you're always so sweet and I love your uplifting comments. You're just the bestest....

    Jeannie, I know what you mean abut the fast food.....then people wonder why they can't wear their clothes anymore and are tired all of the time. Perhaps diet? No....couldn't be that right?? :) I know, I just love that song too and it brings back many happy memories for me as well............

    Lisa, I'm sick of the cold. Wanna trade?......

    Breeze, lol! Sadie and Gus up in a tree.....that made me laugh :)
    I think hes a mix of Huskie and Blue Tick Hound. Handsome lil fellow no? Thanks, you're sweet........

  8. I can help you out with the leftovers...........I'll just start showing up at dinner time.

  9. It is difficult to cook for two. Sylvia was used to cooking for seven when she lived at home with her family. When we were first married we ate a lot of left-overs. For another week and a half, I'm cooking for one. Now that just sucks!

    Today, there is an award for you at Secondary Roads. http://k8ch.bogspot.com. You richly deserve this one. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us who have learned to care for you. Steady on . . .

  10. Having raised 6 kids, cooking for just two was a hard transition. Even harder since moving 9 hours away from the kids--they used to raid the leftovers every time they visited (when they were hungry). I really miss those raids! Sweet, sweet puppies!

  11. man oh man i wish you lived nearby, i would definitely get one of your organic lunches, vegetarian please. also love that song...joy to the world and to you too.

  12. Gus looks like an Australian Shepherd. Am I close?

    I know ALL about the energy of puppies having recently getting a chocolate Lab puppy. :)

  13. I do the same thing, make enough for an army then throwing half of it away. Old habits die hard. Hi Sadie! Hi Gus!

  14. That chowder sounds wonderful!Cute photos of the pups!

  15. Those brown bag lunches sound fantastic!

  16. I do hope your Brown Bag Lunches go over well. Sounds yummy and not a sandwich. LOL. I done this for the girls at school for awhile. Unfortunately they didn't pay me enough to keep it up.

  17. Brown Lunch sounds wonderful! How far do you travel to deliver?! ;-)

    It was hard cutting back on cooking for me too after my four kids moved out. Now I have finally learned how to scale back. If we every have leftovers, I will have a night of just leftovers.

    Cute, cute pups!

  18. I love this blog! You are my kinda woman. I mean, the start of your blog alone reeled me in. I am such an animal lover...: )
    Your brown bag lunches sound so good...chowder is always delicious.
    Had so much fun..off to read more and I will be back often!

  19. Love your black and white photos.

    Darling puppies.

    I finally got your package out today. You will have something to put in your own brown bag lunches.

  20. Speaking of nice little blogs! Very nice indeed. Love the pictures around your town.
    Hubby and I definitely want to see Georgia and S. Carolina. They are on our top places to check out. Looks like a beautiful place to live.
    Brown Bag Wednesday=great idea! When I lived and worked in CA there were numerous caterers that came to UCSC where I worked and offered bag lunches every day. They were really good, but the best was once a month when they offered Chicken Tortilla Soup with lime and avocado. To Die For!!!

  21. What a cool idea! I agree that it is much harder to cook for 2 then it is for a bunch...not that I have had much of a chance to do it all that much.

  22. If that's what for lunch then I am most definitely brown baggin it!!! That sounds heavenly..
    Thanks for stoppimg bye my blog. I'm glad I came over here. Your doggie is way so cute!!!

  23. Hi, I'm Gigi and I live in southern GA. I'll come by everyday and help suport your cause. Wonderful what you are doing and that I can help in this little way. And BTW my pets are spayed and neutered!

  24. The catering idea is so cool. I've always wanted to do a soup for supper business. Kee p us posted on your progess.

    So...what do I want? (referring to comment on my blog...). I can't think of anything right now! Do you want something from my neck of the woods???

  25. First of all, I want the dog of the day! I have always wanted an English Bulldog. Sooo cute. Also, your chicken and corn chowder sounds heavenly - good luck with your new endeavor!

  26. Steak and Karaoke?
    I'm there!
    That sounds like an excellent evening!

  27. i would love to order a brown paper lunch bag, but I'm too far away, chinese food is good too, healthy and organic sometimes.

  28. I used to cook for Meals on Wheels. I cooked lunch for 70 every day. Then we went out for supper. It is easier to cook for a big group than for 2.

  29. I love leftovers!! But, I like the idea of another blogger of eatting out the cupboards. That means using up all the stuff sticking around in creative way's. I sometimes cook like that and sometimes I can come up with really good food (actually usually I do).

    Hmmm. Your plea to make you laugh, it's nagging at me. If you were my cousin, I would look you straight in the eye, until you couldn't stand it anymore. Then as a mutual joke we keep staring and move in closer and closer trying not to laugh and snort at each other and then pretend that nothing has happened.

    Steady On... ;p

  30. Your brown bag lunches sound very yummy!!!

  31. Is the kitchen still open? Everything sounds so yummy!!! Keep the brown bags coming!

    I'm going to try to get my hair up in French twist like Audrey Hepburn tomorrow for my sisters themed tea party, Breakfast at Tiffanys. I should need about a 100 hair pins. ha ha Hope that made you laugh! Have a great day!


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