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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We want you....We want YOU!!

Wanna join a gang and run around shooting with us???? Then you're the person we're looking for for "Friday Shoot-Outs"!!

A really simple concept going here..........

Every week one of our gang members name is drawn from a hat by either I or Patty and they get to pick the weekly photo theme. No rules, no big critiques......we just want to see your town through your eyes. We have quite a few countries represented.....Brasil, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, China, Auckland, Australia and loads of states in the U.S.

Our gang does an awesome job every week and it's so much fun to see other people's town through their eyes and lens.

Simply hit me up with a comment and if you wouldn't mind comment to Cool Daddy-O Gordon @ Friday Shoot-Outs From Florida or the lovely GingerV @ flowers and more and they will gladly add you to our growing list. They are too sweet for keeping a running list for us.

Who knows..........you might get a cool gang T-Shirt with gang colors and get to throw gang signs while you're shooting your town up............

You might get to do a study on old barns...........

And you MIGHT make a few new awesome friends. I know I have!!

This week's subject chosen by the beautiful gigi @ afterthoughts is GARDENS. Flower gardens, veggie gardens, butterfly gardens, rock gardens, any interpretation you have of the subject.

What are you waiting for??????? We'll show you ours if you show us yours...................... :)

******"We want YOU, we want YOU, we want YOU as a new recruit"******
~~~~In The Navy by the Village People~~~~ (that's for you Airman Mom who is joining us this week!!!)

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Hey Dear, I've got a post ready for in the morning. I just stole most of yours but I'm glad to do it. How ya holding up? Keep on keepin on!

  2. Reggie Girl, I several new members listed for this week. Check out Owl-eng's link on my blog. She blew me away. Walk With Faith, Gordon

  3. Wooo Haaa, I am in Reggie Girl, and I can already tell you about them barns...*snap* goes the camera!

  4. I am so there, Reggie Girl! I've been shooting "garden" pics all week in my neighbor"hood"! I love what you guys do!

  5. yup, this week i am ready, armed and already know what i am going to post on gardens....your art is on it's way (at last)...eeeek, i am so worried that you may not like it, if not, let me know and I'll try to send something else. hugs to ya rg.

  6. I have my gardens at the ready!!!! Even though it's the end of autumn and nothing is blooming hahaha..

  7. Well seeing as you asked so nicely....... :D

  8. Mornin Reggie Girl. Soulbrush you have 6 blogs - which I hope everyone will see - but which one will you Shoot from?

  9. I really love your Friday shoot-outs. Thanks for the last image. That's a fine ol' barn you got there.

    Greetings from London.

  10. I guess I'm gonna have to get something other than this little cheapo camera to keep up with all this talent!

  11. The more the merrier. Not only do I love the Friday shoot outs, I'm learning so much about the world we live in through the eyes of those who live in some very interesting places.

    You and Patty have done an awesome job putting this together.

  12. I am ready for Friday. I just wanted to say hi and tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you are feeling good. Are you getting a whole lot of rain like north of Atlanta is? We are all having bad hair days!!!

  13. After the madness of this Saturday, I'd love to join.

  14. Hey gal, love that Village People song, I am sitting here singing it now, and it will follow me into bed and will make me dance around in the bedroom. Now hubby will think I am nuts!! But sure do love those old songs. You do write the best posts, I LOVE how your mind works. Where do you come up with all this great stuff, your way or wording things. I can only imagine that when people are out and about with you for an evening, you keep them all smiling and happy, making the daily nonsense disappear for the time being. I always get my "happy fix" when I drop by here. THANK you for that, ReggieGirl. loved chatting with you this morning!! I will write again soon. hugz, Deb

  15. Dear Reggie, how are you doing? Nice post,
    best wishes,

  16. Here is another guy who joined us for this week, not sure he will do it all the time, and another blog said she may join us next week as she is through with school...

    Greg @ Sippitysup

  17. Gosh, I am running so far behind I am readying about Friday's shoot out before I get to half the shoot-out pages. Working my way up the list, I guess.

    Check you email and let me know what you think. I started working on something last week.


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