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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tuesday's Touring Newnan - City Of Homes

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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday and I love to post about my beautiful hometown of Newnan, Georgia on this day. I really do think that I live in the most beautiful and friendly town on earth. Since the weather has become warmer I see so many people I know while I'm out and about and it's so very nice to stop and chat with folks you know about the weather and what's happening around town.

A few things I spied around Newnan this week............

Look at this beauty having a hand dipped ice cream cone outside of Expresso Lane.......

I spotted this little one helping herself to a few tips inside...........

One of my favorite places, Panoply Interior Design in beautiful downtown Newnan.............

I saw this blondie giving Barbie and Wonder Woman a little ride in her stroller......

Chad, Parker and Brad shootin a few hoops on my street.............

Young Spencer giving his Dad a hand. Dad says he helps out around the house alot.............

Sabrina my favorite grocery checker at my neighrhood Food Lion..........

Will, my favorite grocery bagger. I've never seen him without this brilliant smile..........

Pretty flowers for sale all lined up outside...........

A birdhouse that I saw off Temple Avenue.........

An inviting front porch swing that I was tempted to sit on with a glass of sweet tea..............

I saw this old Cypress stump and thought it had a lot of character.........

This one is my favorite. The owner, Mr. Ray told me this was once a dairy barn and you gotta love an old chevy truck........

So, head on down to Newnan to see us. I think we should have a blogger's convention here in one of our beautiful parks. Hmmm........now that's a thought. It could arranged..........

~~~"And I think to myself....what a wonderful world. Oh Yeah........~~~
Louie Armstrong

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Ha,ha! what a great idea, Reggie! A blogger convention!!! Where do I sign?

    Loved the pics.xx♥

  2. You could post photos of Newnan EVERY day of the week, as far as I am concerned. Charming! As life should be all across our country! This is the lifestyle, generations of soldiers have laid their life down for... don't you agree??? You are blessed to live in a town, which defines America!

  3. Whoo hoo, a bloggers convention. But it would be hard to do without sneaking off and leaving Bagman at home...and probably dangerous to bring him...

  4. So looking at those photos, I guess you're pretty depressed, what with living in a depressing town?

  5. What a surprising eclectic post. The kiddos are so cute. Your tree is an interesting mix.

    You should have knocked on that door and sat a spell. I am sure they would have served you some refreshments.

    We are about to float away here with rain. I may have a flooded garden Friday post! We have been here for three years, and have never had so much rain.

    We need to pick up some more gang members and get this party rolling. I'm sure Oprah is scouting now to do a show on people who meet on blogs. And we have a great twist. Come on Oprah, we wanna be on your show!

    I sure miss Loida.

    I am still waiting on my "My Town" shoot out tee shirt. I will have to bribe my friend to speed up by buying her a crab cake.

    Have a great Tuesday.

    Love to you and Prince and all the critters.

  6. cant make you laugh, but loved having a stroll through your town with you! and you think you are not creative? HUH!

  7. What a wonderful stroll through your town. I always look forward to your pictures!
    Have a Blessed Tuesday!

  8. What a wonderful world indeed! Love this post! Thanks for letting me peek into your world...It's fabulous! ~Janine

  9. I'm an old cypress stump kind of guy. The post is great! Scruffy says hello.
    Girl, you should be a recruiter for the military! We would have the strongest armed forces ever. Thanks for the shout-outs. Walk With Faith, Reggie Girl!

  10. Beautiful as always!

    Please tell me your secret how you get to take all these pictures. Are you just out and about every day?????

  11. Love all of the character of your photos (I always do)...this is a very inviting town...I really may have to drop in one day :)

  12. I enjoyed the stroll through your hometown. It is loveley and looks so friendly. I totally love that you have a favorite grocery checker and bagger.

    I have never been to Georgia or anything much east of Texas - I hope to visit one day!

  13. Must haves at the convention: iced tea, barbeque, homemade ice cream.

  14. Looks like at nice little town, I love this time oof year peoplesmile more and things are happening around town.

  15. You posts are making me wonder if we should of relocated to Newnan rather than our little small Georgia town.
    Actually I think my hubs has family buried in Newman. I am going to have to check that out :-)

  16. I enjoyed spending the day with you in your town!

  17. I'm fresh out of jokes, but I do live in a lovely small town - Ringgold, Ga. Aren't the trees greening up nice in our state! I can't take enough photos of anything and everything, especially the old barns and houses, cows and horses.

    We have some friends that live in Newnan, friends of my daughter - Helga and Jason Collins and their two daughters. She teaches high school, and he's a youth minister, but don't know which church. Small world! I'm actually within driving distance of that blogging party, and we could visit our friends at the same time!

  18. Always find smiling faces on your blog!! Love the pictures Reggie Girl. :D

  19. Reggie Girl... send me an e-mail. I've got a project idea and I want to see if you'll do a little thing for it. :D

    (You can find my e-mail link on my profile)

  20. I agree with the others, you could post pictures of Newnan every day and we would never get tired of seeing the people that live there and all the great places there are see!!

    take care, Debby

  21. What a beautiful place, looks like someplace I'd love to visit for sure!!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  22. Have the convention in JUNE 2009 and I will be there....
    doesn't the house with the swing remind you of Home.... oh that right you are home, but reminds me of the house we had in AZ when I was little. 9 people in a 5 room house, so we used to sit out on the porch in the summer.... love the memory and your photo.

  23. It looks like your town and its people are very friendly including you :-) thanks for touring around your town

  24. Oh, very lovely photos from your neck of the woods. It's nice to see someone love where they live so much!

  25. I love how much you love your town!

  26. This is such a great idea. I bet it really helps you to see your town in a new light. This is something I should do sometime! In my little town, I often forget all the goodness here.

  27. Hello reggie girl; very lively and great posts going. Love you for helping the animals and I will click as much as possible. For your theme it seems to be fun but I have to look for space and time!! I think you live in a town or city? were people are friendly and it also looks beautiful, you are a great ambassador, you should be issued with a badge. Glad I met you and will stopping by again. Steady on Reggie girl!


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