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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Friday Shoot-Out Update And Stuff

Crazy awesome week around here!!!! Loved every minute of it though.....

I posted science girl's assignment for the coming week's Friday Shoot-Out at the bottom of this post so be sure to check it out if you wanna shoot someone or something.........

I saw this sign and couldn't resist.......while I would NEVER actually utter these words I will hold up a sign that speaks for me............Hey, if you've ever had an ex-anything you totally get this :)

I wish that I had more of Emily's chocolate jelly, which is actually like a thick chocolate sauce to have with a few apple slices. My favorite flavors are the ones with orange and raspberry essence in them...........

Cousin Four and the Cuz Cashe's were so bored the other night that they resorted to this......It was kind of like a cling wrap concert because they were humming into it and then popping it. I can't answer any questions on this one because I totally don't get it but whatever I suppose. Kids!!!! Go figure........

Assignment for May 15 as written by our new friend and shooter Science Girl in France. Sounds like a challenge and I'm up for it. This won't be as difficult as it sounds so let's everyone get creative. We are all blessed with ingenuity in the gang so lets tackle this one with vigor!!!!!..........

Science Girl said..........
"As a diehard believer in public transportation, I'd like to see how you get around your town without a car. Bus, Bike, Hike, whatever it is, let us see!
And if you've never gone without a car in your life, give it a test..."
As for public transport being rare in a lot of places, I think that's something to talk about. And while public transport might figure largely in next week's Friday posts, whatever you do without a car is fair game"

I'm working in my veggie and flower garden all day today then having a cook-out. Perhaps a little wine and music by the pool and a nice long slow dance with Prince to little Al Greene or something like that........

Hope everyone has a Day filled with love, joy and laughter and............

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. I LOVE these pictures. I can't even decide which one I love the most. Chocolate jelly, fun kids, Smart Mouth signs. Yep, love it all. Your day sounds delightful. I think I'll try to create one of those myself today.

  2. A little of the same here. I had camera and computer problems plus the GRAND~girls to deal with yesterday. I was nearly midnight getting up my Friday Shoot Out pictures up.

    Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day Reggie.

  3. That chocolate Jelly sounds divine. Love that first picture you are too cute. I used to do that with cling wrap too. hOw fun.

  4. Hey sweet girl of mine in Georgia, loved the "ex" sign!! Yup, silence is golden and signs speak louder then words, that is for sure!! Your Friday shoot out pics are fabulous, and I am not just saying that. You got a bit of everything in there, from gorgous roses and other flowers, to veggies, and even some very german looking gardens in front of houses. I love the one with the slight incline and the pebbles and stones making a nice border along the grace. That one is sooo germany!! I enjoyed your pictures very much, scrolled up and down several times just to makes sure I did not miss out on details. Hope you are well. That dancing at the pool with a cold drink in your hand and a hot hubby by your side sounds dreamy. Enjoy!! Debby

  5. Have you tried humming into cling wrap?
    IMHO, it's a wonderful sensation and a lot of fun -- just let the inner child out and set it loose. And enjoy the ride!

  6. I live in a mid-sized Connecticut city that has public buses, but I have noooo idea where to find the schedule. I wish that our city invested more in public transport; in this day and age, more people want to save money, and pollution, by taking the bus or train.

    Besides, it's awfully fun to people watch on the bus or train. :)

  7. I like the sign too and have to agree about my ex. A pictures worth a 1000 words. LOL

  8. I love the photos! You have an award on my blog. Come get it and pass it along if you can. You have a ton of followers!

  9. Oh, you are so beautiful that I think that your sign is very apropos! Kids are so goofy...makes life so much fun!!!! LOL...Have a terrific weekend!!! ~Janine XO

  10. Nice photos....chocolate jelly....why have I not seen that since I was born, raised and still live in the south? Funny sign....the cookout sounds fun, but we are in rain...again! Have a nice Mom's Day!

  11. you are so cool...lurv that hair colour....what a happy set of pics. enjoy your 'cook out'...is that like a barbecue here? and that slow dance with prince...sigh...

  12. Sounds like you will have a beautiful day! Enjoy!
    Chocolate Jelly sounds so yummy!!!

  13. Chocolate jelly sounds interesting, especially to a diehard chocaholic. Enjoyed the photos. Hope you have a great time today!

  14. Wishing you a great day!

  15. Loved the puppy and the sign!

  16. Hey Sweetie!
    You look so sweet with your pretty dress &
    Love the sign and speaks for me though! *lol*
    Yes i agree, i have a little cousin which i sometimes hardly understand his word or his intention of doing something else but i love hanging with kids so much.
    Great to hear that you are enjoying youe garden and stuff!

    Happy Mother's day! In fact i 'm not yet a mother yet hehe.


  17. Two of my daughters call me, occasionally, call me and say, "Dad, I need you to write something for me." And then they follow that up with, "I need it today!" I will not promise that my warped mind can concoct what your warped mind (had to add that part) has in mind. However, I will make an attempt, if you will send me your most intimate, humorous, and loving thoughts about your Prince. Try not to make it to juicy or R-rated. I don't write poetry for pay. Then, it would become a job. For you, it should be very interesting.
    After seeing the sign you were holding about your ex, I'm thinking that would be a funnier, if not more interesting poem. But then, maybe you don't want to waste your time on him. Email me some stuff.

  18. Love your photos.

    I would like to participate in the Friday Shoot-Out, but will not be able to do it every Friday. Would that be a problem?

    You can email me if you need to. I live down in Albany GA.

  19. FUN pictures! Love that 'ex' sign...I have one in particular that would definitely apply to...heh, heh!! ;)

  20. G'day beautiful Reggie Girl ...that's an interesting question! Imagine doing the Australian Outback at Bible Study..I love it!!
    You need lots of dot paintings and boomerangs.
    Koala and Kangaroos of course ... I have seen dot painted crosses ...The outback is full of colour like Uluru (Ayers Rock) orange..
    Our indigenous people have a flag that is Yellow/Black/Red ...go to this site for my craft ideas ...


    Sarah Lulu xxxx

  21. I just saw that photo of you holding up that sign! Too funny...things people always want to say, but too polite, lol! I am with one other, chocolate jelly? I made tomato honey/jelly, but that is a new one on me!

    My arms are about to fall off...today I worked my food stand at a festival, hauled tables up and down the street, and set up my art table...whaaaaaaaa Okay I feel better, but my arms still hurt :) Enjoy that there glass of wine sweet Reggie Girl! You deserve it...

  22. My kids would love the chocolate jelly farm! Thank you for organizing Friday Shoot-Out, I hope to see you again on next Friday. Have a great weekend :)

  23. You ex had to be a dumb ass. I'm sure that both Bagman and Prince agree on that one! Whoever would let you go had to be nuts.

  24. Funnee sign! How come I never look that good in pictures!

  25. Reggie-Girl, you are adorable! It's nice to see what you look like!

    I think I'll have to sit out this Friday's Shoot-Out, as I don't do public transportation around here. I'd love to see what everyone else does tho! *stays tuned for May 22nd's challenge*


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