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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Woolworth's Classic Lunches And Classic Beauties

Ellie got cold last night because we turned on the attic fan so she had to wear a sweater................

I found this actual copy of a 1950 menu from Woolworth's........

You can click on the menu to get a better view and see that you could get an ice cold Coca~Cola for a dime. If you wanted a nice plain or toasted triple decker bacon and tomato sandwich with that, it would run you a whopping 60 cents. Throw in a malt made with a double scoop of ice cream, you're up to 85 cents. Now, top that off with a nice piece of apple pie and you've had a nice lunch for the grand total of $1.00. I remember the old Woolworth's lunch counter (and NOT from the 1950's, it was still around in the 70's!!) and my grandmother used to take us there for a treat downtown sometimes. My, things sure have changed alot...........................

My, wasn't Audrey Hepburn just a classic beauty?? I think every young girl wanted to be Holly Golightly after seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's. She always had such style and a certain natural grace to her...........Their just aren't many ladies like this around Hollywood any longer.........

****"Boy the way Glen Miller played.....songs that made the hit parade"......****
~~~~Theme song from All In The Family

I'm ready for our "Friday Shoot-Out tomorrow. Quite a few people have said they are joining and we'll be welcoming Owl Eng, Margaret and Soulbrush from England as well as Natalie from Australia this week. Several new shooter's from the states are coming in this week as well. It's wonderful to see our list growing isn't it Patty and the gang? Amazing...........

Have a joyful Thursday and..........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. My photos are up.

    I always wondered what a dime was ...10 cents!

    And I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's last week, I bought a copy!! Love it and you.

  2. Ellie is a sweetheart! Love that sweater.
    I remember the BLT at Woolworth's. Sometimes after church we would go to Woolworth's for a banana split! Hope you have a good day.

  3. The toasted three decker sandwich! When I was little, my grandmother would take me to the big city of Atlanta every Tuesday in the summer months. We rode the bus and always had lunch at either S&S cafeteria or Woolworth's. When at Woolworth's, I always had that sandwich.

    I will make a confession about the shoot out. I am so not ready. I was so busy last week, and I was gone Monday and Tuesday, and I had 4 assignments yesterday (spread all over the place), and I am off now for a 7:00 a.m. shoot. And it is raining. Again.

    Ah, but I always come through. With something.

    Whoo Hoo! More members. I guess we are going to have to call Oprah.

  4. In my rush, I forgot to say, "Look at the little cute little bug-eyed dog."

    Sweet photo. Gotta run!

  5. This was great! Audrey Hepburn was a favorite of mine and that menu was cool.

  6. It's already Friday here, and I have posted my Friday shoot out.
    Gardens are an easy topic for me, because it is my passion.
    I have listed the links of those who have commented on my post.
    Do I always post you a comment when I have posted.
    You must be really busy. What kind of catering do you do? Do you cook your food or do you out source them?



    Thanks for your kind words. I hope when I die, I know I have impacted lives.

  7. Funny thing about those Woolworth prices - they didn't go up until about 1974! I remember going downtown in the 60's - alone or with friends when we were maybe 7 years old and getting a coke for a dime at the counter. I remember when all the prices jumped suddenly - esp coffee.

    I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's - I really should one day.

  8. Audrey Hepburn most certainly does define beauty! Simple elegance at its finest!
    Oh, I do remember going to Woolworth's and sitting at the counter...although not quite that long ago! It was a sad day, when they closed the store down... closing a chapter of history.
    Thank you for taking me back to a good memory!
    You are THE best!

  9. Hei Reggie Girl,
    Congratulations! You won the caption contest on Secondary Roads.
    I remember the Woolworth lunch counter. Does that make me old? Or is it my advanced age?
    -- Chuck

  10. Hey - I STILL want to be Holly Golightly.

    I remember lunches at Woolworth's - also from the 70's. I wish they were still around. We need a place that offers lunches for $1. I loved sitting at the counter, and I remember grilled bacon-cheese sandwiches. Ah, the good old days!

  11. Ellie is stylin' in that sweater! Sweet!

  12. Ahh the good old days I remember Wolworths in downtown Sioux City, Yes i was born and raised in Iowa my first 11 years.

    Cute lil doggie with a sweater on.

  13. Oh I had to chuckle out loud to see Ellie in her little sweater... lil dogs in lil sweaters always crack me up. :-) They are so cute.

    No fears about not getting around to the blogs, we all have busy, busy lives, and it seems to get busier with all the outside work that is screaming to be done this time of year.

    I will be happy to send you the cookie recipe, can you send me your email address? It will fit better there, than here. :)

  14. I remember eating at th Woolworths counter but not at those prices!

  15. I remember that too! Gosh I remember my mom buying my jeans at Levine's which was the cheapest, outside of Benjamin & Franklins 5 $ 10 stores!

    I am going back to Texas and found out the Rainbow Pharmacy is till open today, so I will be taking lots of photos while I am home, in my old 'Historic Carrollton' Square!

  16. Cute dog!!!

    Sooo weird - I totally remember that menu! I loved going to the Woolworth's in downtown Greensboro where we lived when I was little. Loved that BLT!!!

  17. Elsie needs to cuddle up with Scruffy! Scruffy doesn't do fleas, though. It is sad that I can actually remember when fountain drinks were a dime.Of course, a gallon of gas then was only fifteen cents. Thanks for the great shots. Gordon

  18. I haven't thought about Woolworth's in years!!!! Thanks for the visit down memory lane!! Love it! ~Janine XO

  19. Nowadays eating at a department store restaurant is the pits (here in Canada anyway). Cuuuute picture of your little baby in a sweater!!

  20. what a cutie pie...audrey hepburn -now that was a film star!yup, i'm all ready for tomorrow!

  21. Ellie looks so sweet! My grandparents used to take me to Woolworth in the 70's for ice cream, we always sat at the old lunch counter. It was so sad when they closed it.

  22. I wrote you a long comment earlier and when I hit post - my internet connection was gone and so was the comment. went something like this. great post, i remember Woolworths only from the mid 60s and prices were still good, until the really bad inflation on the 70s - they have never gone back....my entry is ready to do a timed post, by 7am we will be on our way and I don't know when I will have internet again. there was more, too much more and I don't remember. but the hugs and kisses from Brasil I do remember.....

  23. Neato Reggie Girl!! I love that kind of stuff (plus I agree about Audrey... I think I would like to be like her as well!!) ;p

  24. Woolworth's used to be the place we would get our new winter gear when I was a kid. I still remember the counter there and the uniformed waitresses who were always very professional and courteous. Now as for Audrey Hepburn, I fell in love with her in Roman Holiday. I could watch that movie over and over again. It's nice to walk down memory lane once in awhile. I think I will try and print the menu so the young folk can have a laugh.

  25. love that vintage stuff...one of my prized posessions is a postcard from a 50's-60's? Pontiac dealer somewhere in Ohio that has Dachshunds on it.

  26. OK, let me just say this which will definitely make you roll your eyes but *maybe* laugh--if not hope I never comment here again.

    All in the Family is my #1 all-time favorite show for so many reasons. So many. (This isn't the funny part, although it could be if I were writing a thesis on the topic, which I could.)


    All those times in the opening scene where Archie starts off with the song, I thought he was saying, "By the way..." but with a New York accent, where by = boy.

    Oh by.

    Great post!

  27. I remember going to WoolWorth's in Sunset Center in Amarillo, Texas with my aunt. I loved that store...and the soda counter.
    Too bad the actresses of today don't have the eof Audrey Hepburn. She was beautiful and classy.

  28. I remember Woolworth's from the 1950's.

    When we went shopping "downtown" (there were no malls in the suburbs) we dressed up in heels and white gloves. We often ate lunch in one of the three restaurants in the Kaufmann Department Store in Pittsburgh. (That is the Edgar Kaufmann for whom Frank Lloyd Wright designed his famous Fallingwater.) Only recently, Kaufmann's was purchased by Macy's. There were a number of lunch specials that we liked, but we always ended our meals with their famous ice cream pies which came in several flavors. My favorite was made with a chocolate waver crust, pistachio ice cream piled about 3 inches high, topped with whipped cream. On top of that was chocolate sauce and chopped pistachio nuts. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I will go into sugar shock, but I wouldn't mind tasting just a sliver of it for old times sake.

  29. What a cute pup!

    My Mama worked behind the Woolsworth counter for a short time. I love the ice cream sodas!

    Audrey Hepburn... such a beautiful lady.

  30. I used to get a grilled cheese and a coke when we went to Woolworth's to eat. It was SUCH a treat!!

    I've always thought that Natalie Wood looked a lot like Audrey Hepburn. Classy, too;)


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