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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesdays Around My Hometown Newnan, Georgia

My darling Prince had to have a little Carpal Tunnel surgery yesterday so I have to give a shout-out to the fine folks at Georgia Bone and Joint this week. As you all know, I think Newnan is the greatest spot on Earth to live!! Even the doctors and nurses in my town are good ole Southern people who care for you like you are famly and not just another patient. Our friend and doctor, Dr. Jack Powell and his staff are some of the most caring people we know and of course they treated Prince like....well, a Prince.

A few things happening in Newnan of late.........

Ms. Kathy McAlpin of Wesley Woods. She's the organizer extrordinaire who made everything happen and go off without a hitch Saturday at the Wesley Woods Wellness Fair..........

This is Ms. Carol of Juice Plus who made a "smoothie of the hour" in Woody's Bistro where I was set up. She had the freshest fruit and veggies along with her supplements.........

This is one of my favorite pleaces, the gift shop and pharmacy in the Summit Healthplex..........

I posted this one for Chef E because she liked the other etsy tea towel I bought there a couple of weeks back. Boy that Elizabeth is so darned talented that I think there's nothing she can't do.....cook, write poetry, inspiring phtography and stories. Check her out over at Food - Wine - Fun. You sure will be glad you dropped by to see her. (I love this shop because they have the most unique gifts. I can never resist buying something every time I go in)...............

Our wonderful One Roof Outreach in Newnan. This is a place where blessings happen daily................

My gal Allison Wallace who runs one roof and a couple of her volunteers in the food pantry. Allison goes the extra mile to make sure that the needs of people in our community are met. She and her husband Kevin also have a music ministry and she has the voice of an angel..........

One Roof volunteers bagging groceries to take out to families in need.........

Just outside the Summit Healthplex on our way in..............

This is my darlin Prince before his "happy" shot. Actually, my hunnyman is always happy and smiling. He was singing for the nurses in the hall on the way down to surgery. He was singing some country song in his very British accent which of course cracked the nurses up........

Prince with his OR nurse sweet Carol. Okay this one is AFTER his lil shot which may explain the extra happy look on his face...........

I met this super nice lady Darcy out in the waiting room as she was knitting. We struck up a conversation and she told me about her lovely grandchildren. What a joy she was to meet..........

I ran into Mr. Austin and his 71 Checy project car this week. He was on his way to take her to have her painted dark green with a white racing stripe. Now that's gonna look sweet.........

Along my way home, I kept passing this lil guy out in the pasture at the Double H Ranch and finally stopped for a shot...........

The owner came over and told me that he's a miniature horse named Shadow. He told me to call him over to the fence, so of course I couldn't resist. Shadow came running over for a little petting and an apple. What a sweet boy he was. Now I stop by all of the time and call him to the fence for a little treat. How cute is this guy??? Oh my, I just love him...........

Come one down to Newnan for a little visit. I'll take you over to One Roof and we'll bag a few groceries and clothes together while Allison entertains us with a song and her hilarious British humor. Or maybe we'll find Ms. Darcy or Austin and his project car. One thing for sure......you'll meet some of the nicest home folks in the world and they'll great you with a big smile and a hug.

Have a joyful day and.........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Good Morning, I send my wishes for Prince to have a speedy recovery.
    Another great post showcasing some great people and I love that miniature horse - what a cutie!
    Your grandma's carnival glass is a great thing to inspire a collection.
    I hope you have a great day!

  2. I hope Prince is well-drugged and feeling grand today. Surgery is never happy the next day!

    I am going to try to participate in the Shoot Out this Friday. We have sun today, so I better start looking around :)

  3. Awwweee, tell Prince to eat plenty of jello, or drink grape juice, as that always helped me heal along with hugs and kisses!

    I love the miniature horse, how cute! and a great photo of that green green pasture!

    Now I will truly dream of moving to Newman, and work with you!

  4. So, so, sweet this post was.
    Prayers for your Prince and for his little caregiver too.

  5. I wish your prince a speedy recovery!
    Man I always say I want to come visit someday! Your town looks so lovely and caring!

    Have a Blessed week!

  6. I am amazed at how many people you meet and how you become friends so quickly. How sweet that they all stop and pose for your blog pictures. Love the hospital pictures. Cute. HOpe he is doing well.

  7. HI Dear ..
    OH Send my well wishes to the prince(:)
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left me..
    -- BB BATH --OH YES-YES(:)~~
    cute piccy of the two of you too..
    hugs, Patty

  8. Hello Reggie and good wishes to Prince for his speedy recovery. I have had that operation on both my hands and was oh so much better afterwards. The worst of it is pulling your knickers up afterwards. That's really difficult to do until the hand heals!
    Blessings, Star

  9. Prince will recoup fast.He will be so glad he did that! Just exercise with the ball when the doc tells him to and he will be 100% again soon!

    I miss living in the south and in a little town so much its great and there is nothing like it. Maybe I mosey on down for a visit and we'll have some sweet tea.

  10. aw, i hope your prince feels better soon! what a great place you live!! i loved the photos of shadow especially!!!

  11. I second the hope that Prince has a speedy recovery. I was cracking up at the part about him singing. :)

    The happiness you exude is catchy. I always feel happier after visiting your blog.

    I love the horse photo, I think that shot is perfect. Just love it.

    Have a wonderful day. :)

  12. Hi Reggie
    I hope you prince is feeling better.. You make a beautiful couple.

    I love the pic of the horse close up.

  13. My wishes too for Prince to have a speedy recovery.

    I enjoyed looking around your town. I've put it on my places to see.

    Loved all the pictures.. especially Shadow.

  14. RG- Sending best wishes to Prince.
    Thanks for sharing all these pics. I always enjoy visiting your town. Got to get there IRL though!

  15. Hi Regg.... If I come to Newnan, do I have to have surgery also at the Summit???? Hope not!!!!!

    You do have a marvelous community down there. I understand why you love it so much. However, you are too far south for me. I like the mountains and having no AC much in the summer. Don't think I could find it there!!! ha

    Hope Prince does well--and is back to normal soon.

    Have a great day.

  16. Cute tea towels!!! I'd like to take a browse in there!
    Speedy recovery, Prince! We could probably share some stories about after the "happy shot"! I had never heard Hubby humming, but he did it all the time he was on his lil trip! So funny.
    Shadow is adorable!!!

  17. Cute stuff!! I hope your Prince is recovering nicely;)

    May I just tell you how much I LOVE your hair??!

  18. I think the pony is my favorite of all!!!! But your other half, all the wonderful people of Newnan, AND your beautiful self are pretty hard to beat!!! ~Janine XO

  19. You are just too busy, gal. You wear me out. Elizabeth is another gal that wears me out.

    Sorry to hear about Prince. Give him our best wishes.

    I love the food pantry photos.

    And after a full day of running around, I could use one of those footsie things.

    Love that car.

    Have a nice evening!

  20. I love your Newnan posts. I am sooo excited to find out my husband's family on his granddad's side has been having a McKoy family reunion for 70 years in Newnan.
    Sooo, if not before, we will be journeying to Newnan in August :-)

  21. That's it! I'm packing up and moving to Newnan.

  22. Like I have said before, Reggie, you are such a darling. No wonder your handsome Prince smiles and sings, his heart is full of happiness and love for you.

    Loved the tea towels, the shop, the horse, the folks - well all of it really. Thanks for the smiles. :D :D :D :D :D xx♥

  23. gee whiz - 24 comments - you'll never read this. but just HI and let you know I finally came back for a visit.... send me you skype name...
    really glad your honey man is recovering.

  24. I wish it was a little closer to come and visit you! :)

  25. Sending much love and light and healing prayers for Prince's recovery from surgery.

    I love the look of your town ..and I hope I get to see it myself one day!

  26. Sending much love and light and healing prayers for Prince's recovery from surgery.

    I love the look of your town ..and I hope I get to see it myself one day!

  27. i just cannot imagine what it must be like surrounded by so many wonderful friends. in london it just doesn't happen!

  28. I've been away from Blogspot for a couple of days and sorry to hear so much has happened in your world...prayers going out to you and yours.

  29. Get well soon Prince!!

    Love all the photo's. Your town looks so friendly and homey!! Love it!

  30. I'm glad to read that the surgery went on well. It's always good to know that we are in good hands. Wonderful photos!


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