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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out Update - Go Random

I let Gus and Sadie pick a name outta the ole Corona hat this week........

And they picked Rockin Robyn my girl from An Alaskan Family!! Robyn wanted to go Random this week. Anything you feel like shooting. You can make a theme or mix it up with any thing you fancy.

Also, Becky from Iowa @omgirlblog.blogspot.com
beautiful Audrey from Canada @stage3whome.blogspot.com joined in the fun this week. Please check out their great shots!!

We have lots of wonderful new participant's. If you haven't joined our GANG yet, you don't know what you're missing. You will meet the nicest people ever. We've all become like one big family and get to know each other better every week. We care about each other, we laugh together and sometimes we cry together.....but together we are!! We will all be friends for life.

You might want to shoot Grandpa's and grand kids together. That's my Big Bro and my nephew going out to the garden to pick a few veggies.......

You might want to shoot a little 3-D cabinet surfing..........

You might want to shoot men with earrings.......(Prince will kill me for this one but hey, I love a man who's not afraid to wear an earring).........

This is one of the easiest most laid-back gang's on the net. A different gang member picks a subject each week and we all come out shootin. No rules, it's all about your interpretation of the subject. If you want to be jumped in to our gang, please hit me or Patty up with a comment and then drop by our Grand Poobah Gordon's site at "Friday Shoot-Outs From Florida" or traveling beauty GingerV at "Flowers and More" with a comment and they will gladly add you to the ever growing list. Then on Friday please add "Friday Shoot-Out" to your post title so that we can all see it on our dashboards and check out your shots.

Come on...........join a gang. We have a shoot-out every week and to date, no one's been hurt or arrested yet (that we know of that is). You won't be sorry!!

Everyone please have an E~X~T~R~E~M~E weekend, do something that brings a smile to your face and makes your heart sing. Pursue happiness..........it's worth it :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. REGGIE! You didn't visit my Shoot-Out! I am devastated!!!
    Becky at OM's Photo Blog wants to join as well - please drop by her site and update her! Thanks Reggie. Have a good one!

  2. Random, huh? I wish I had the gizmo I used long ago in an efficiency study I did at work...a little random timer that you could set to go off a "X" number of random times a day and log what you were doing. I could carry it around and whenever it went off, just shoot what was in front of me. But I guess I'll have to do something less random, in a random sort of way.

  3. YOU brought a smile to my face, and made my heart sing, my friend!!! This is a really fun post!!! What a great sense of humor you have!!! Have a great weekend!!! ~Janine XO

  4. LOL girl, my hubby would be so mad at the photo!

    Random huh, now you have gone and done it for me, lol

  5. Reggies you totally crack me up!
    I can't wait to see everyones random.
    I have already started and it's gonna be a mix, cause Random I will go Random I will go, high ho a dairy o a random I will go.

  6. Prince with earrings. That was shot well. I loved the pictures and your straight forward comments.

  7. Yes, you are right, the Shoot Out gang is a very nice group of bloggers!

  8. what a great post - you always make me smile and the puppies always make my heart sing... hope yours is amazing as you deserve... xox... annie

  9. It's always a pleasure to read your blog. I was wondering if you ever post the progress you are making on the no-kill shelter--just curious!

  10. Hats off to Prince. A man secure in his manhood.

  11. Hi, beautiful Reggie! Loved the pic of your bro., it tugged at my heartstrings.
    I am SO much looking forward to the RANDOM shootout, I have a wonderful new hobby because of you. Thank you Reggie, I was floundering and lonely, and now I am happy and excited every week. Thank You.xx♥

  12. Random? The mind quakes at the thought. What Evil lurks in the hearts of men?

    Find out on Friday.

    Steady On people, Friday's gonna be a wild ride!

  13. LOL. These are great random shots! Have a wonderful week, Reggie :)

  14. LOL. Great random shots! Have a wonderful week, Reggie.

  15. great shots! Friday Shoot Out Gang are a fun bunch and I am enjoying the Shoot Outs each week. Have a wonderful week!

  16. Random means anything goes right? I hope I'll be back in time to join this meme , I'm off to a vacation in the island resort of Phuket.

    Re: your question, no they are not my son, just some kids having fun under the water. My sons will hide their faces or run away each time they see me pointing the camera at them. They are already adults and already warned me about sharing their photos with my online friends!

  17. Prince is so sexy baby! I love RANDOM. I'm good at that! Can't wait to see every one elses.

  18. the shoot out gang sounds fabulous I saw it at Nat's ...can anyone join ?


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