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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Shoot-Outs - All Aboard!!

****I am having major internet issues this morning so I promise to visit everyone's Shoot-Out snaps as soon as I can......I barely got this loaded this morning. I will also post the name of the gang member who gets to pick next week's assignment. No worries, it will all work out :)******

My personal favorite type of transportation, a little piggy back ride with my Prince......

This is my little friend Tommy's means of transportation. That's a grape Icepop he was having at Cousin Four's baseball game yesterday..........

A cargo plane before loading...........

This is my nephew Tristan's favorite way to get around........

International freight being loaded for a journey across the Atlantic........

Behind the scenes with Aviation Security's minibus at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport............

UPS dropping off cargo to go to our troops. My darling Prince makes sure everything going to our soldier's gets there as quickly as possible............

A forklift for transporting pallets............

Our meter maid's cart in downtown Newnan......(she wouldn't take a snap because she was writing a lil ticket).....

I want this 4x4 to ride around on............

My buddy Thomas and some of his pals getting off the church bus Wednesday night........

A few of my favorite bus kiddo's. We transport these guys to church on Wednesdays and Sundays. We have a really big bus ministry at my church and one of the highlights of my week is riding this bus on Wednesday nights...........

Coca~Cola transporting some of their secret recipe syrup..........

U.S. Mail trucking down the road...........

This is Harry with the tub transporter for World Freighter Services........

Cargo being transported to a freighter...........

These are my neighbor's Daniel and SaraBeth and their favorite way to get around........

I ran into Sweet Caroline transporting her groceries this week..........

This is Bob and "his baby" as he called it. He says it gets super great gas mileage........

The fun way to get around with the Foster Failures...........

An Outward Bound group canoeing on the Tensaw River.........

Big Bro giving his grandson a little mowing lesson.........

Thanks to sciencegirl in France for choosing this week's subject.........

****"I get around, round, round round......I get around" by the Beach Boys****

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. WOW!! I Really like your take on this... (I was sort of uninspired so I took pictures of the Rivertrail Walk that I go on as often as I can... though not as far down as I did yesterday). :D

  2. So much fun ...my dear friend Reggie Girl ..

    best for me was Prince!!!

    Also the mower ...so so cute.

  3. That was SO cool, Reggie. The diversity was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. Thanks.xx♥

  4. Well, you covered it all, Reggie Gril. My husband says to tell Bob to bring Baby up the bay for a visit.

    I like the people getting off the bus. The little lawnmower kid is cute, as it the grocery cart photo.

    Also like your secret look around the airport and your coke train shot. Is that a bicycle wheel I see to the left?

    I could kick myself. We have a nice airport and a lot of the locals keep a plane there. I forgot my airport!

    Anyway, love the varied shots you got for us this week, Reggie Girl. They are great.

  5. Hi Regg, I prefer your way of getting around myself. Love that first picture... I'm afraid if I jumped on George's back, we'd both go to the ground!!! ha ha

    Lots of people around here seem to have those little golf carts to get around the neighborhood.

    Personally we love our hybrid, our Toyota Prius!!!

  6. Talk about variety! These were great fun. Loved the smile on Tommy's face and it was great to see someone else had included horses!

    Terrific as usual Reggie Girl!

  7. Personal fave - the first one! That is a very cute pic!

  8. Great pictures, My fav is you and prince! Your town makes me happy in pictures! Great variety there!

  9. Such fun...definitely the best form is the piggyback :) I swear I'm gonna join in one of these days!

  10. Personally, I think Daniel and Sarabeth's transportation is the coolest! My hubby got me my new computer and I'm ready to join the shoot-out gang next Friday!

  11. You win the all time prize of identifying Prince as your primary mode of transportation!! If we had the same theme again, I will do the same thing with Karen and then I'll also be able to get a picture of our local EMS ambulance as it pulls out of our driveway with her legs in traction.

  12. Great shots! REALLY enjoyed my tour :-) ~Janine XO

  13. Lovely to see so many means of transportation but my favourite snap was the first one. Now, on your marks, get set, go! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. What a joyful post - full of fun transportation and smiling faces!

  15. How do you get so many great pictures each week. I love the canoe and the horses. Great shots.

  16. Like the first 2 pictures best!

    The little boy looks so cute and happy!
    And u 2 make such a sweet couple!:)

  17. So many creative ways to travel! I love it!

  18. Ha Ha I almost made my friend the other day do a piggy back photo, but he said no :( you two are so freaking cute!

    I love the variety in your photos, and every ones done a great job! My airport is too far away, so I blew that off, but now remember we have small ones a few miles away! Oh well...I thought of another FSO from Barry's site~ Murals, as I have access to many of those...

    I cannot wait to hear what the next assignment is...Chef E's Camera...over and out!

  19. RG you always go all out and have the bestest fun doing it! I love all your pics. The little dude Tommy in the wheelchair has a smile from heaven! I am so liking the canoes too! Happy friday!

  20. Yep I'd love a piggy back ride from your pince too. Shame he couldn't pick me up :)
    I love all these. You are just the sweetest and I know that those kids just love you riding their bus as much as you do.
    Blessings on your weekend.

  21. yup the first one does it for me tooo. they all show happiness and variety. love em. happy friday and i am sooooo glad the art arrived and that you like them both....yippppeeeeeeeee. thanks so much for giving me this honour of wanting my art. i am absolutely thrilled.

  22. Do you ever sleep?? No kidding, I want you to come visit me and see all the things I'm missing in my own neighborhood.

  23. Marvelous!
    I especially like your favorite way of getting around.
    Keep 'em coming, Reggie!

  24. I WILL not show my wife the picture of "Prince the Pony". She would get ideas. You win! Hands down! Let me know the next subject, and I'll post it. Walk With Faith. Wo, Prince!

  25. Great pictures! My try at this didn't work out as well as I wanted it too.. but that is the way it happens sometimes.

  26. Wow, a lot of photo's! My favorite way would be the horses! I like Tristan's mode of transportation, my sons had wheelie things like that. The seats opened up and I constantly found food stuffed in the them.

  27. Very cool! I loved the piggy back one the best. lol

    I'd take Ludwig in a minute. What's one more retriever when you already have two?

  28. These are all awesome - and very creative!

  29. Love your preferred mode of transportation-- would you like to borrow my tiara?

    Your little friend Tommy... how you refrain from snatching him up and taking him home with you? So adorable!

  30. I like how your meter maid rolls!

  31. Brilliant subject matter this week & I loved all your pictures! Maybe someday I'll get my act together and participate...

  32. nice!!! they are really interesting! love your piggy back ride... so romantic

  33. I adored this, Reggie Girl - Especially that of you atop your prince!

    My word, if I did that, my husband might never get off his knees again!

    Oh, and could you please tell Bob that I'll be waiting for him to pick me up to go pillion on that Harley on Friday coming?! Thank you! ;)

  34. I'm finally visiting to see the Shootout post...and you've done it again...shot some great shots and wrote some cool lines...I want to go on that4x4! What a cool red color...red..hey...this may work for you for Fridays post.


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