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Monday, May 18, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Last Week

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A few things that made me smile this week...........

Our new friend Christian applauding himself after blowing out the candles on his birthday cheesecake. Christian was a tugboat captain and played a big part in the building of The Panama Canal. What an interesting man he is, and that's his beautiful wife Michelle there with him. She hand makes stunning jewelry out of semiprecious stones and rocks.

In the forefront here, is another new friend Andreas and his pup Buddy. Andreas is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Auburn. He cooked a wonderful meal of smoked chicken, beef and pork short ribs, grilled fresh veggies and a smoked cabbage fresh from his garden that was out of this world. Another very interesting new friend who I can't wait to get to know better. That's our great friends the Foster Failures and Prince and I at the back of the table..........

My Border Collie Miss Roxie always makes me smile. I showed pictures of the day I picked up Roxie a few months ago when she was abused and skin and bones. Now she is so beautiful with her shiny healthy coat and she's such a sweet darling girl............

My handsome boy Gus. Gus had the ole "fix" this week, poor guy. I hope he doesn't mind me putting his business out here like this. He is the most lovable oaf and I adore him..........

My beautiful girl Sophie our Rag doll cat. She too is a rescue who was about to be put down if someone didn't take her. She is such a loving girl...........

The next two shots are artwork I received from my gal, beautiful soulbrush, in London. I inquired about her beautiful art and she sent me these pictures from across the pond. I LOVE them and will show them again when I have them framed. Thanks again soulbrush. You're awesome........

I saw this cool old truck beside a dirt road that begged a snapshot........

I passed this old church and couldn't resist a quick snap. Such character..........

I had my hands treated with warm paraffin at the Wellness Fair I participated in Saturday. After coating my hands with warm wax they were wrapped in bags to dry. It felt so warm and wonderful...............

It's going to be another great week at our house!!! Pursue happiness each and every day............it's a decision you won't regret. If you look for beauty in everything, you're sure to find it.

******"When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you"*******

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. oooh i love parafin wax treatments!!! your puppies are so so cute!!! god bless you for all the work you do to save the animals :)...

  2. you truly are one of the sweetest spirits I have 'met'. Great photos!
    Perfect lyrics to live the week by!

  3. I love the old truck, the church, the cat, paraffin wax hands ....soooooooo lovely ...
    soulbrush art is MARVELOUS...

    and of course?


  4. Lovely friends, great sounding food - especially the cabbage. Your pups and kitty are so very precious. Unique art from across the pond and I love the old church. I can just imagine music floating out from the windows of that quaint building. I remember having the paraffin treatment on my hands and how relaxing that is. Good for you! Have a nice week.

  5. All of this was so much to smile about! Always looking on the bright side of things.
    Been thinking about you and your daughter and keeping yall in our prayers.
    I think we are no more than 4 hours apart, maybe less. Send me your email and I'll get with you.
    May you have even more to smile about this week!
    Sunshine and smiles.

  6. You have such a sweet spirit. What a beautiful post. I loved all the puppy photos. :) When Louis and I were on our honeymoon, I took a photo (or 5) of the local cats. LOL!


    I click on your daily puppy, well daily! :)

  7. Love all your photos here! the church is fantastic and Sophie is very charming!!

  8. I like the old truck and the church. Okay, the rest of it too, but especially the truck and the church.

  9. Looks like a great week of pictures. I love your new art work! I have been keeping you and your daughter in my prayers.
    Hope you have a beautiful week.


  10. I enjoyed all your smiles... they made me smile :-)

  11. Sounds like you had a very lovely week! All the animals are adorable...we have a ragdoll cat too, Dudley. Soulbrush's art is amazing, as usual. I love the photo of the old church!

  12. I cannot tell you today what was my favorite, as they always are so great on here! The animals know just how to look at you and melt your heart dont they?

  13. Oh, your friends look so neat! Can I come over?

  14. Love the truck. Love it all actually but I've been so busy trying to catch up on blogs I love that I'm overdosing and probably need to work on painting the town red for Friday.

  15. oooh thanks so much for showing them, they look so good on your blog and -whew- i am so glad you like them both...enjoy.

  16. What an exciting week. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Love the critters. I have a house full, too.

  17. You always have the most interesting weekends! You have some really cute pets. :-)

  18. Hi Regg, Everyone says that I have such a happy blog---but yours 'beats the cake'... Wonder where that old saying came from???? I love old sayings--and sometimes they just pop out of my head for no reason.. If I try to think about them, I can't...

    Great post. I love the things which make you happy. Me???? George, Waterfalls, Birds!!!!


  19. I like the way you think RG!
    I'll sharing this wonderful week with you!

  20. Christian is so cool. Tell him we could use another tugboat captain up here. Happy Birthday.

    You know I love that truck, gal! And there is nothing better than an black and white photo of an old church.

    Love the artwork you received. Soulbrush did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing her art with us.

    All of your photos are great. Love all your critters, especially Sophie.

  21. Great pictures. Your pets are very cute. I love the cat!

  22. This post made me smile at heart! Have a great day, Reggie :)

  23. What a great post and so inspiring. You are a wonderful person - I always know a good person a mile away - animal people.

  24. Always a positive stop on my day--I love your church photo!!

  25. It sounds like you've had a very blessed week! I'd be smiling all the time with those cute pets around! :)

  26. Oh Miss Roxie is so lucky to have you..as is Gus..even though you fixed him! LOL...It is so important! He looks like he has forgiven you! He looks like a gentle soul!
    Thanks for all the smiles!
    I will add your daughter to my prayer list..I hope you have a good week:)

  27. :D This post makes me smile.
    (Love that truck too)
    I was just listening to this today... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXYRkp2HZto


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