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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday Shoot-Outs - Water, Water Everywhere

Water..........the building block of life! Hensley choose the week's assignment and a great one it has been.

Please check out Jama @ Sweet Memories from Singapore and girlichef from Indiana . Welcome Jama and girlichef!!

Rockin Robyn........it's your turn to pick a subject so "Holla" gal!!

I love to see these signs announcing that our fountains come from recycled water.....

Water drops from a fountain..........

Little Wahoo Creek's edge...............

A picturesque shot of Wahoo Creek...........

A fountain in Veteran's Plaza downtown Newnan. This is one of my thinking places. The fountain base is shaped in a triangle, like a folded American flag..........

What is sweeter than kiddo's making sandcastles at the beach.........

This is my lil cousin Daniel being a fish...I think?? Anyway, too cute..........

A shot off a bridge in Helen, Ga..........

Tallulah Falls in Georgia............

Pretty drops on my firecracker hummingbird vine after an afternoon rain........

Around my deck after another afternoon rain (yep, we've had loads of rain lately. I refuse to complain because we've had a drought for the last couple of years)..........

Another shot after the rain. I loved the way the pebbles look.........

Drops on my Iris blades..........

Bubbles in my pool...........

My gal gigi sent me this picture from her vacation out west. Thanks girl, what a gorgeous shot.........

Canadian geese at a marina. Another shot by gigi sent to me..........

A beautiful waterfall in Ruby Falls that Prince took for me when we were there year before last with Big Bro and Gypsy Sista..........

A friend of mine has ducks that think I'm going to feed them everytime I see them. Of course I do........

One of my very favorite pictures in the world. My hunny and I on the beach by The Gulf Of Mexico where I'm orginally from. Safe in the arms of my man :)..........

"I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you
Come rain or come shine
High as a mountain and deep as a river
Come rain or come shine" ~~~~Frank Sinatra

Please have a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter.


  1. I like your shots especially the fountain in veteran's plaza, the beach (i really love it the beach!), the ducks and the last photo whcih is so romantic.

  2. Great pics Reggie! I particularly love Talullah Falls, the rain on your deck and, of course, you and your Prince!

  3. Hi Reggie! So many wonderful shots there. I loved your little cousin being a fish,and the ducks, and well....All of them!
    Love to you.xx♥

  4. im listening to the rain now and the gurgle of the waterfall over the rocks... i love the sound of water in all its forms! (well... except maybe for the roar of a tidal wave crashing over my house :) )

  5. Great Job! I've never seen a triangle water fountain. That's cool.
    Tallulah Falls and Ruby Falls are a must. Just wish I had my pitures. You and Prince look just made for the Gulf! Loved your water.

  6. Obviously water brings out the romance in you, Reggie Girl!

    And you have all your ducks in a row.

    Great photos as usual. You impress the heck out of me!

  7. Hi Reggie Girl, i enjoyed looking at every photos you have posted here! So much of variety on WATER! nice falls, cleverly recycled water in fountain, the sunny beach, cute Daniel, the soothing blue bubbles... Each of them is simply gorgeous!!

  8. Oddly, one of my favorites was the blue water bubbles. I loved the ducks. Bagman was hoping for wet t-shirts.

  9. Gorgeous shots!! I love the shots of the falls..both of them are amazing! I'm so glad to have finally joined in this fun :)

  10. brill choice of photos friend.

  11. I enjoy looking at all your photos, love the beach shots and that Talullah waterfall.
    I'm participating for the first time and I hope you like the photos I shared.

  12. Great pics and I love the Gulf of Mexico. My mom was born in Elba, AL and when we lived in Montgomery, we vacationed at the Gulf every year. Good memories - even though I was very small, I remember it very distinctly.

  13. Those are all such great pix! I totally forgot to send mine to you! Maybe next time!!
    Esp love the pic of you two lovebirds together!

  14. What wonderful photos...it's hard to pick a favorite!!!! Love the final foto, of course!!!!! But those ducks? Too fun and way cool!!!! You go, girlfriend!!!!!! You rock!!!! ~Janine XO

  15. Little Daniel is too cute..

  16. Pretty photographs this week. You showcased some of my favorite places to visit. That's an especially lovely photo of you and Prince!

  17. Holy cow RG. What awesome shots girlie! My favorite is the water on the deck. Totally cool.

  18. Reggie girl what a great post. your shots are always interesting but I think your real talent lies with people - whenever you incorporate people into the shot its a winner.
    hugs and kisses from (temporarily) Houston

  19. All leads to the best! As I said I love water, and funny since I have a fear of drowning when I was younger, but now I love to get into the pool, but it got cold here again!

    Thanks to you and Patty for doing this, I feel like my photos have a place now...

  20. Wonderful, wonderful photos! Friday Shoot Outs is such a great idea. I hope to jump on board as soon as I can. Thanks Reggie Girl for inviting me and always leaving such kind comments on my wee blog. Much appreciated!! Have fun this weekend :D

  21. Great pics! Send some of that rain over here to the desert!

  22. Great shots of water there girly! My fav is of you and your prince! I wish we had fountains here, but they would be frozen 8 months out of the year....LOL

    I'm having a hard time picking out next weeks subject. Something that everyone has in their neck of the woods, so I guess I want to go with Random, eveyone give us your specialty, or what makes you happy in pictures.

    Have a Blessed weekend!

  23. I love all the pictures but the one of the ducks is my favorite.. This was so much fun. I have been snapping pics all week and I can't wait to see what next week has in store!

  24. ooooh! All of these were so beautiful. I love the creek shot, the little one being a fish, the ducks in a row, and of course, that one of you and Prince is so sweet!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  25. Love the water pics Reggie Girl especially when surrounded by the nice greenery. The Canadian Geese, you can keep. They make a freaking mess on our Golf Courses making it very difficult to putt!

  26. these are some of my favorites. I love water. So peaceful for the most part. Love the water droplets on your flowers.

  27. Due to Domestic Issues I had to change my blog. I can be found at http://paralegal35.blogspot.com. Thanks I hope you keep reading

  28. Great shots, but I think I'll make a mental note to visit Tululah Falls in Georgia! That is beautiful! I've come up with quite a few places to visit because of this Friday Photo shoot out! And we though traveling this way would be cheap? Nah... Now I have more places to visit! ;)

  29. I love the iris picture the best - the flowers & the green - lovely!

    Couple of random thoughts: First, I have the daily puppy on my google page & I had already drooled over that little Jack Russell at the top of your page - he's so precious!

    Second, we have the soundtrack to Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil & Clint Eastwood's daughter sings that song - I like her version because it sounds so mournful, as if she didn't really want to love the person come rain or come shine.

  30. I think I like the waterfall and the shot off the bridge the best! I posted mine this morning...let me know what you think!

  31. ReggieGirl, you have a great variety of pictures for us all this week, a bit of this and a bit of that. I like that Falls picture, and the beach ones. Nothing prettier then rain drops on flowers tho! But i just keep going back to those beach pictures, ah how I love the beach. What ever possessed me to marry a man that lives in-land!! :-) Good shoot out this week, my friend. It has been fun and everyone is coming up with the most fabuluous ideas. take care, and give hubby a hug from me from someone on his old side of the ocean!! Ciao, Debby

  32. You have the coolest "Thinking Place". I bet the sounds of water helps get the brain moving.

    Great shots, all of them.

  33. WOWZA! That Ruby Falls photo gave me vertigo!!!
    I enjoyed all your water photos!

  34. Nice pics!

    I would love to hear the story of you and prince on of these days....you two just look so happy :)


  35. I'm crazy about ducks! They just seem to be smiling all the time!
    But I think my favorite is of the lush green plants dripping with wetness! Oh yeah. Refreshing.

  36. These pictures are really beautiful!

  37. These are all so beautiful. I especially loved the photos of the falls and the kids on the beach. Your nephew being a fish was too cute. :)

  38. I just happened upon your side traveling through blog-land and am so glad I did. I have that vine in my back yard--it was here when I moved in and I've never been able to identify it. Thanks for the help :)

  39. I love the colorful ducks hahaha, I like your shots on the falls, triangle fountain and the bubbles, they are so cute. Awesome pictures thanks for sharing Reggie.

  40. I need some time, gal! Help!

    My favorite is the one of the ducks. Great composition. Can you name them, left to right?

    Love both "falls" photos. I spent a lot of time at both of those places over my 40 something years living in Georgia.

    That little one rolling in the sand looks just like me at the beach.

    Can't go wrong with fountains. And I always love rain shots.

    And that cute couple at the end is so, "cute."

    Great water shoot, RG.

    Love Ya! Hello to Prince and all the critters. Hugs to your daughter.

    Have a great weekend.

  41. I love Daniel as a fish...how cute and funny!

  42. We have a new one of my followers join us tonight! Chris...Chris @ An Instant Out of Time

    He is taking photography classes, and has a cooking site as well!

  43. Daniel's fish is too funny! Isn't it sad how most of us lose that sense of imagination and wonder by the time we're 10? Lovely phot of you and your sweetie - best of the best water photos.

  44. Love, love, love it Reggie Girl!! Especially those little babies (your little cousin is too cute!!) :D

  45. Wonderful photos! I enjoyed them all!

  46. I just love watery scenes! Great shots, Reggie :)

  47. Reggie Girl - I love the pepply rain puddle shot the best - that is what I love about rainy days. I also think your pool looks very inviting!


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