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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out - Paint It Red!!

Gordon over at Friday Shoot-Outs From Florida got to pick this weeks subject and he chose "Paint The Town Red". I had a great time shooting this one and I only "almost" caused about 2 wrecks this week slamming on the breaks for shots. That's a record for me....I usually "almost" cause a few more. For some reason Prince won't ride with me much these days. I don't get it.......

Please be sure to drop by one of our newcomer's, the darling Debby at "The Pink Birdhouse" from Germany. She's an awesome gal........

I hope everyone has an E~X~T~R~E~M~E Memorial Day weekend.......

So........RED it is my friend Gordon........

A cover I saw where gasoline is stored........

A pretty red tiled roof..........

My girlfriends daughter's little toes painted red.......

I really liked this crack in the facade of an old barn. Reminded me that life's not always perfect..........

Sweet crisp red apples............

An old weathered barn with a tin roof that I spied..........

A paper box on town square.............

I saw this paint peeling outside an old horse stall..........

I loved this red dune buggy...........

A red drain pipe that I saw on a red brick building.............

I saw this old red dog house but I didn't see any signs of a pup living there.......

Red Salvia in the park............

An old red brick wall leading to a garden with an old green door...........

An old grate in a red brick wall............

A red clothes drop box.............

Of course I had to throw in a token red fire hydrant :)................

I loved this splash of red flowers beside this old park bench that has loads of character..........

This is my little buddy Levi!! If you knew Levi, this t-shirt is so right on the money. He is a darlin child who never fails to make me laugh (and yes, that is cupcake frosting all over his mouth, lol).........

I spied these red Geraniums peeking from behind a porch...........

My favorite place to shop in town Arnall's Grocery. I buy all my seeds and garden supplies here. I used to come to this very same store with my grandmother to buy seeds for her garden.............

This is my very favorite. I spotted these young dudes with red shirts on their way to drop a line in the creek as they put it. Mike, Lucas, AJ and Jesse happily posed for a snapshot and told me about their day. What nice young men.........

******"The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek"*******

Wishing you and yours a weekend filled with much love, joy and laughter my friends.

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Some little beauties there, Reggie.How lucky to find those young guys all in red. :D

    I especially liked the red wall with the door in it, and the fire hydrant.

    Have a lovely, restful weekend.xx♥

  2. I have never been first to comment on your posts before. Maybe I'll make it this time. Loved your pics. You are an inspiration Reggie Girl. Hug your daughter for me. Let me know if I can help.
    Walk With Faith

  3. I love red these days. Red is the color of my second childhood.

  4. Reggie Girl you did awesome with the subject matter.

    All the fire hydrants here are painted yellow.

  5. nice shots of red things. I like the red polish most. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  6. tell Gorden that he can never be first - there is always someone on you post way before the sun comes up! I like several of your shots (more than the rest)- the red gabled roof and the brick wall with green gate.... good shots Reggie girl. talk wich you later.

  7. That is just the coolest that you use to go to the Arnall's Grocery store with your grandmother and are still going. Love red everything.
    Blessings to you, Prince and your daughter. Happy weekend.

  8. Oh...that red tile roof reminds me of Europe and it is in your town? How cool is that? Seeing the fishing picture reminds me of long hot summer days...soon to come! Have a superb weekend!!

  9. Reggie Girl, You seem to find the most interesting photos around town. A joy as always to visit you.

  10. good job...i continue to draw a blank on red...hmmm. :D

  11. My fave - the reminder that life isn't always perfect! "Cracked" me up to think how true that has been in my life;)

  12. Love love love your RED post here!! you always have special things to share thru your eyes and lens ;)

  13. HI Gina(:)
    Oh thank you for your hard work at getting good loving care for the animals we all love (:) we love you for it ~!!
    thanks on my paintings too (:) so sweet of you to say ..
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~!!
    big hugs, Patty

  14. Such great photos this week. I love the little girl with the painted toes! Nothing like a pedicure to make us feel really special! Have a safe weekend.

  15. Oh Love that Lady in RED SONG (:)

    HI Gina(:)
    '''Oh thank you for your hard work at getting good loving care for the animals we all love (:) we love you for it ~!!
    thanks on my paintings too (:) so sweet of you to say ..
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~!!
    big hugs,

  16. Such an amazing selection Reggie Girl! I am loving the roof tile, barn with the crack, dog house - they are all great, those are just my favorites.

    I am wishing you are yours the best - and I will think of you and Prince when we use our dishes! :) I love having that little connection - especially to someone wonderful like you!

  17. You really found some great RED things, Regg... I love seeing the young men in their red shirts. I'm sure they dressed like that just for YOU. ha

    P.S. How is your sweet daughter doing???

  18. Hello!!!! And I, myself, moi, am feeling quite RED, as we are having problems with certain blogspot.com pages (mine, for example) and thus I was not able to join you!!! Arrrgghhh!!!! (for a reason I can't explain, my server is allowing me to post this comment....)

    I will try a.s.a.p.!


  19. luv em all and love that song too. happy shoot out friday to you reggie and all the other shoot-outers too.

  20. RG some wonderful red shots there chickie. I think Levi captured my heart though. I'm all about the kids you know! This was a fun shootout and thanks so much for inviting me to join the gang! Have a blessed and wonderful holiday weekend!

  21. Great red finds! Have a great weekend!

  22. Wonderful red shots! Thank you for taking me around your town. It is always such a pleasure to see all the activities. Have a wonderful weekend, Reggie :).

  23. All your pictures are wonderful! Your a great shooter outer!

    Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

    Many Hugs!

  24. I laughed out loud at the cupcake icing on your sons face! A hoot and a holler came out from my lips girl...love the red. How far are you from Patty, she invited me down, and I think I will drive down in July...the 14th is a hard day for me, so a distraction would be great!



  25. Awesome RED I love it all. Great shots.

  26. i enjoyed this very much...i love the old barns.

  27. Have to work most of the weekend but we are going to try and get out for a bit.

  28. The most interesting thing about this theme is to see the different things people select to photograph in red. Every Friday blog I go by, I say the same thing. Fascinating. Great photos.

  29. What a GREAT collection of red things from Newnan!! I wondered who would be the first to post a red fire hydrant, seems you win! It would have been somethign I would have gotten a pic of, but over here they are not red! Loved the picture of the red tile roof, a bit like Europe right there in Georgia. My favorite is the dune buggy though, cuz it makes me think of the fantastic red TRIKE that road past me while I was snapping pictures this week and I had hoped to get a good shot of it, but the guy would not slow down for me. A shame, cuz he had a RED helmet on his head to match! he could have been the star of my shoot out pics.

    ReggieGirl, I am thrilled to finally be a part of the shoot outs. Having great fun already, and i have only just started.

    Hope that your daughter is doing okay, keeping you and her in my thoughts. Debby

  30. First thing I want to know is where is Thing 1?

    We both did fire hydrants. How could one miss those?

    Love the shot of the fishing kids. Isn't it nice when perfect strangers let you take their photos?

    Naturally, I love all the flowers that I can't grow.

    Nice take on all the walls, and you can't go wrong with an old red barn.

    The roof is super. Like he closeup you did.

    I wonder what happened to the dog?

    I am going to paint my toenails hot red tonight. Hear that B&B?

  31. What a great collection of reds in your photos! I imagine that being on the lookout for reds during the day helps you be more aware of your surroundings instead of living "unconsciously." I really love this idea... I may try to find and photograph a different color every day next week!
    Love and Light~OM girl

  32. You have such a beautiful gift of capturing the ordinary and turning it into an extraordinary experience. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  33. Nice photos of red in your town. It's interesting to see the clothes box :-) and I like the red buggy, so cute I wish I could have one of that

  34. Reggie Girl, Newnan is fast becoming my favourite American town.

    Sending you love and light for a gorgeous weekend.

    Please send a hug to your daughter from me.

    Mine just got off the phone ..she is now one day overdue!

  35. Love how you painted your town in red! Great Shots! Love the descriptions as well.

    Struck by the history you have where you live. Buying seeds from the same store as your grandmother is amazing to me. You are grounded girl and that is a blessing!

  36. Oh, I like the geraniums and the white fence best. Midlife, your blog is going so well. 245 followers? You rock.

  37. Reggie Girl - this is so cool, I love the post and I love red - these days I'm also into pink big time :-)

  38. The gas cover at first looked like the top of a cake, almost edible...I must be hungry this morning. Bagman wants to ride the dune buggy and help you with your toenails. He was also thinking about bringing buckets of paints of all colors and a huge floor size canvas and putting Jackson Pollack to shame...Oh yes, and the boys on the way to fishing have mischief in their eyes.

  39. The grate, the Dune buggy, the tile roof and Levi are my favorites!

  40. Love those red tootsies! I planned to particpate and display pix of our red trolley cars and hot red dancing dresses but I got bogged down with work, of all things. I'll certainly have some water shots for you though! Happy Memorial Day!

  41. Did you try to go with these handsome hunks?

    You put a lot of effort in your red photos. Kudos to you.



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