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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays In Newnan - City Of Homes

I love to spotlight my beautiful hometown of Newnan, Georgia on Tuesdays. Newnan is such a friendly place bursting with energy and happy people. We are not a big town, but are growing every year by leaps and bounds and yet we maintain that small town charm and appeal.

We have Market Days on our Court Square the first Saturday of each month where local artists and vendor's place their goods out. Prince and I love to take a little stroll around town on those days, take our time and enjoy the good life. Main Street Newnan's own Linda Kee-Bridges has so graciously given The Newnan-Coweta Humane Society a free space for next month and I can't wait to take pictures and blog about that. We hope that we can adopt out many pets that weekend to good and loving homes.

A few highlights of my special Southern town Newnan, Georgia.........

This is Sargent Baptist Church where Prince and I worship and serve. We love our church and the people in our church have amazing hearts........

Sunday on Mother's Day we had a Baby Dedication and this is our Pastor, Stacy Stafford, blessing these sweet young ones. They are our future and our church loves and nutures them ..........

These darling young girls were playing at the Recreation Center here in Newnan last night........

I would like to bring Wesley Woods to the forefront today. Wesley Woods is Coweta County's only Continuing Care Retirement Community. It is gracious Retirement Living at it's finest.

As I went in for a meeting with a friend, this beautiful gazebo greeted me. I can just see ladies sitting out here in the evenings sharing memorie's of life, love and family........

I love this covered arbor surrounded by flowers and this is a place that I would love to sit and talk with friends while watching a beautiful Georgia sunset........

Wesley Woods has an amazing gift shop and I ran into these young ladies who are so sweet and gracious. Please meet Ms. Margaret Jones, Ms. Margaret Cox and Ms. Patisue Jackson. Everytime I see them they always have those glowing smiles on their faces.............

These ladies are fabulous. This is Adrienne Lameray and Kathy McAlpin. Kathy is a super nice lady that I already knew a bit but ran into again recently. She asked me to participate in a Wellness Fair at Wesley Woods this Saturday and I'm excited about being asked and can't wait!! I'm going to be doing a demonstation on growing an organic patio tomato and handing out samples of a delectible organic cucumber tomato salad made with fresh Rosemary grown in my own organic garden. This refreshing salad is an often requested item in my catering business.......

Then I came to perhaps my favorite part of the tour. I ran into Mr. Tom Wear and Ms. Carolyn Felloes doing a soundcheck for an upcoming party and cutting a little rug to some big band music. Isn't this just heartwarming and precious??......

Come on down to Newnan to visit. Prince and I will give you the grand tour and we'll all have a big glass of sweet tea under a big oak tree with Spanish Moss. Perhaps we'll all put on a little music and have a dance of our own under a blanket of bright stars on a clear Georgia night.......

******"You make me feel like dancing" ~~~~by Leo Sayer's

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Oh! So many times i just went, AWW! Thanks Reggie, you made me smile.Loved the old couple dancing and the youngies in the gift shop. :D

    Thank You also, for the truly heartfelt comment you left for me yesterday. I have thought about your grandma's words all day, they fit my feelings exactly, and I will always treasure them.xx♥

  2. Walk like an Egyptian...the Bangles.

  3. What a wonderful town! I would love to come and visit. Just looking at your photos makes me feel like home. Have a great day and happy bekated mother's day :)

  4. Reggie, what a beautiful place that is, the folks all seem so happy. I just loved todays puppy. I think I could take Layla home with me, LOL, that is if my other fur family members didn't mind. Hope you enjoyed your bread and butter pudding,


  5. I have not had my breakfast yet, and I am thinking "salad" after reading your post.

    That is super about the space for the HS. I know you will get a nice bunch of photos from the event.

    The homes looks great and the people always happy there in Newnam. You do a wonderful job, Reggie Girl.

    That last couple is so cute.

    Tea when I visit? Can you make me up something a little more potent?

  6. Heart-warming pictures. I love seeing all those babies being dedicated to the Lord. Sounds like you have a busy week coming up. Take care.

  7. Charming, absolutely charming!
    It is no wonder you have such a sweet spirit!
    Love Tuesdays in Newnan!

  8. Wow, Reggie! You always find such nice things on your photo tours of your town!

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh I love the couple dancing!!!!

  10. Wonderful pictures! It always makes me want to come and visit! If I were rich with money I would be there in a heart beat!

    Beautiful day my friend!

  11. Oh, I LOVE these!! What a wonderful community you have!!!!!! And your photo of the waltzing couple!!!!! Love it!!! Happy Tuesday! ~Janine XO

  12. I love seeing other towns, especially when their residents love it. Georgia is on our top 5 to see for sure!

  13. I love small towns, the pictures are so great. It makes me want to find the smallest town, buy a trailer and run around in a tube top and cut off shorts...
    Seriously though, I do wish I lived in a small town. That's my ultimate goal.

  14. I love the pics. Seeing them always makes me homesick for Georgia. In fact, when we drove over the boarder into GA on our trip down South, I actually cried. I was so happy to be back there again. :-)

  15. I love gazebos, and that one was just beautiful. So picturesque...is that how you spell it? Great photos as usual.

  16. You always make your home town look so lovely, like Mayberry without Otis the Drunk or Ernest T. Bass (whom I shall always adore). I tend to believe that your heart is lovely and colors your town.

  17. It's official. I'm in love with Tom & Carolyn!!!

  18. It looks like such a nice, friendly town.

  19. What a charming visit through some more of your town.....thanks!

  20. I wish I could visit Newnan, such a nice place by touring us through your photos. Thanks Reggie Girl for sharing them. I like all of them, the people look friendly too

  21. I loved that last photo so much. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  22. Am I too late for the visit and the iced tea??!

    Your pictures and blogs always touch my heart, Reggie Girl, and that couple dancing to the big band, now if we could just bottle that joie de vivre and grace - Well, we'd be millionaires, you and I! ;) xox


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