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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cousin Crap And What The Hail???

PLEASE click on "The Daily Puppy".......please..pretty please??????

I hope that everyone had a splendid Easter weekend. Ours was great though of course we ate too much food and chocolate. Might as well rub that right on the old hips because that's where it's going anyway, right?

Highlights of my weekend.........

It hailed Friday night. I pulled my best damsel in distress and said to Prince "Please run out there and get my plants"......I had only just potted a few of them an didn't want them to get beat to death. I know what you're thinking!! Maybe (I said maybe) I was wrong to send Prince out there in all of that.....but.......errr....in my defense I really had just potted some of them. Look at my yard filled with hail. It as like a blizzard......

I put a piece next to my shoe so that you see how ginormous the pieces were. I hope they didn't hurt my plants. I'm gonna be mad if it hurt my plants. (In case you're wondering....Prince didn't get hurt at all. As a matter of fact, he laughed at me, which I find that he does quite a bit these days. (What does that really mean? He's not laughing "with" me either)..........

Prince gave me this beautiful Willow Tree Angel of Hope for Easter. How sweet is he??? I love the lantern that she's carrying. See why he's my Prince??.........

Playing peek-a-boo with my niece the future Miss Georgia. She's hiding under her daddy's arm because she thought I couldn't see her there.........

The Cuz Girls........I think this was supposed to be a snapshot of our heads but Cuz Scoot didn't get it exactly that way. We think we may keep her anyway........

A great shot of the Cuz Girls. No one had a fist fight or cursed at each other this year.......always a plus right? Though we don't always see eye to eye, we do always see heart to heart which is priceless..........

Bagman.........where's that chocolate bunny you were supposed to leave outside my front door dude???? A broken promise is a broken heart. You can make it up to me with precious jewels though. I'm particulary fond of rubies.............

*******"We are family, I got all my sister's with me"******
~~~Sister Sledge~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Bagman is going to award you the Chocolate Bunny Most Outrageous Tease award! Your chocolate bunny is safe and waiting for you except that its ears are bit moist since Bagman can't keep from licking their lobes. It is, after all, chocolate.

  2. looks as if you had a wonderful weekend minus that hail!!! that was some size!!!!! so glad your plants didn't get beat... and that is one cute puppy... i clicked over and joined up.,...im such a sucker for a cute puppy LOL... annie

  3. Looks as though good memories were made! Glad the plants weren't hurt, cute shoes!

  4. Yup, that looked like real hail, okay - but real fun you were having, too. So well done and thanks for posting it.

  5. most excellent- great photos xx

  6. i love the fact that you (tried) to persuade prince to go out there...tee hee that's exactly what i would've done, and oh yes, you dress like i do in the summer. that could be my skirt...wow!!!!! and i used to colour my hair the same colour when i was young! sisters we are in many ways reg...and i'd love you to have some of my art, so e mail me!

  7. First of all, that puppy is the CUTEST ever! I clicked over and gave him a biscuit! ;)

    Looks like you had a wonderful Easter - in spite of Bagman neglecting to leave your promised chocolate bunny...(grin!!) Hope your plants survived the pelting of the hail - nice of Prince to willingly go out in that hail storm to move them for you... :)

  8. You didn't want us to see the size of the hail???? You just want us to see those dang cute shoes of your! I know you, those Easter shoes were precious.

    Happy Mopnday Morning!!

  9. G'day and thank you for your kind words left at my blog.
    I'm an animal lover too and yes my dog has no nuts.
    Lovely to read that you had a fun loving Easter Holiday.
    Good sized hail, but I've felt bigger (the size of cricket balls)...... right on my back actually :-) during a storm some years ago in Sydney.

    best wishes Ribbon

  10. Good morning Reggie,

    Enjoyed viewing the lovely pics of your beautiful family.

    That is some kind of hail you got in Georgia. I'm glad it didn't move north to Virginia.

    I'm also glad you've got your Prince there with you.


  11. Hi, Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment ;). Your visit has introduced me to your beautiful blog!! Love all of your write ups and pics here!! i will come visiting again. ;)

  12. Beautiful...I am thankful you guys made it through those storms without real harm. We were praying for you here in Richmond, Va.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  13. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment!! I love your blog. It is beautiful and i enjoy reading your write-ups and nice pics ;). it makes me want to come back again and again. thanks for sharing

  14. I love Willow Tree angels and have a few myself. :-) We had some hail here late last week - not as large as yours, but it was still a strange little hail storm out of nowhere... Weird!

  15. What fun pictures today! We had hail Friday night too but thankfully no damage. At one point when the tornado siren was sounding, both cats and Harriet and I were in the closet together!LOL
    I love the angel Prince gave you. I received the friendship angel (who holds a teapot) last year from an old college girlfriend.
    Hope you are feeling well and I hope you have a great week.

  16. Wow! That was some hail!!! Hope your plants are ok. What a sweet hubby you have too, and love the willowtree figure!

    Have a great Monday!


  17. Sounds like a fantastic day even though the Bagman didn't come through.

  18. Looks like a good time was had by all except for Bagman's (your) chocolate bunny that probably has no head by now.

    I love the shoe. When I first saw it I thought it was a Cinderella shoe awaiting your "Prince."

  19. WOW! That is a lot of hail, my friend! Lovely pics. Glad you had fun with the cuz girls. Happy Easter!

  20. Awesome...what a fab weekend! I luv your skirt! My kids love hail...so fun to go out and get pelted, I guess. ...and you know somebody already won that sea salt, but I hope to do another giveaway soon ;)

  21. Think of he the hail as bunny balls falling from the sky. lol

  22. Hi Reg... Sounds like you had a wonderful FAMILY Easter. Sorry to see that hail. Hope you didn't have any damage to your flowers. Luckily, that storm on Thursday missed us. We are supposed to have storms today also--but so far, nothing!!!

    Thanks for all of the great photos..

  23. Oh, what fun photos of the Cuz Girls! And that hubby of yours, he truly is your Prince. ;) Sounds like you had a great weekend, except for the hail, but glad your plants are safe and sound.

    Love your ongoing teasing of Bagman, hilarious!

  24. That was huge hail! Great blog!

  25. Execellent pictures! I love that skirt!
    What great gifts your prince gave you.

  26. Hey, that's some hail!
    I love that line, "We don't always see eye-to-eye, but we do see heart-to-heart.
    -- Chuck

  27. Looked like a hail of a good time this weekend. There's nothing like being with family. By the way, I loved the message you left about my Craig's List post. I loved the 'skin' coat reference. Hubs got a kick out of that. However he said I'd make a lovely coat. Hugs to you from Idaho, June

  28. Hail!!! It's nice when chivalry rears its head once in a while. It restores your faith.

    I nominated you for an award over on my blog. Have a great day!

  29. Interesting weekend... prince ran out there to get your plants, awwww!!

    (I have a sneaking suspicion about the shoe thing as well) ;p

  30. What? No choc bunny on the doorstep? Time to open up a can of whoop ass on Bagman!

  31. Ok...clicked on the Puppy and just had to share this with you before I comment on your SWEET POST with your friends...

    We took our little Yorkie, Mollie the Molinator, to the Vet when she was 3 to get her fixed. I just couldn't handle having to tend to her when she was in heat...ACK!

    Anyway, after draggin my feet for an entire year I took her in for the surgery. Know what the Vet found? A cancerous growth getting ready to spill out of her right ovarian tube. He believes it would have burst and she would have died had we not had the surgery done when we did! OMGOSH! Have those pets FIXED NOW!

    Now...the shoes are FAB! :)

    Lastly...sweet pictures of friends make me smile BIG! I loved seeing your happy faces....


  32. Everyone looks like their having a good time, I did not get my chocolate bunny either :(

  33. WOW...so glad I wasn't the one running out to get the plants in the hail...that would really hurt!! Great family pics and it looks like everyone had a great time. Love the Sister Sledge song!

  34. So sorry you got the hail too, but I knew it was headed somewhere with a vengance.

  35. Hail?... we went to the beach lol! Like your heart to heart bit, very nice.

    Happy day,


  36. I loved the way you said that you did not always see eye to eye but heart to heart. That actually came from... your heart which made it all the more enjoyable. I'm glad you had all that chocolate. Lucky you!

    Greetings from London.

  37. the special message to B&B is priceless - too cute. Prince can laugh at you cause he loves you - just the way you are - but he went out didn't he..? I did a double workout today to counter the extra chocolate...

  38. You jinxed me! I read you post at work today but couldn't comment because I have old school internet there. Anyway, weather was beautiful until then- got hail on my way home! EGAD!

  39. Thanks for stopping by! Come by any time!! :) Wow, that hail looks rough, ouch! I always feel sad for animals that are outside without shelter during bad storms like that. They must be so scared. I clicked the Daily Puppy, not sure it worked, I just got another page. But I clicked him in all of his cuteness!

  40. Reggie,
    thanks for the invite to join Friday shootouts. I would love to participate in the future, just not right now...so I will get the details from you soon.
    happy Days Delwyn

  41. Oh ... I do hope your plants are alright. Nothing like getting together with the fam! :)

  42. Looks like a great time was had by all, except maybe the plants that got hailed on.

  43. what a beautiful puppy!
    And what's this- Bagman's leaving you chocolate too?! Gee, I thought I was the only priviledged soul! lol
    Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for sharing glimpses of a great day!

  44. I hope this isn't a repeat- I got an error when posting this comment.
    Love that sweet puppy- absolutely beautiful.
    Don't know how bagman is going to leave you chocolate when he's due here at my door with mine! lol
    thanks for the glimpses of a wonderful holiday!

  45. I actually forgot to eat some Chocolate this Easter. No wait, I haven't eaten chocolates in forever! One should eat chocolates every day! Ah well, everything I eat goes nowhere, straight out of my butt LOL.

    LOL there was a blizzard? That is a huge piece indeed! Good thing we don't experience Blizzards in here else we would think it's the end of the world LOL.

    That is a cute card! Prince is so awesome, you guys are made for each other as you're awesome yourself! :)

  46. Lots of happy post about the Easter celebration. Good that you really got a nice one too with your cousins and your Prince. Mine is kind of awful because of this awful colds and flu.. Anyway, as long as I can read a happy post like yours, I'll always end up happy like you.

  47. I like the last photo, that's funny hahaha. And Ihope your plants didn't die from the hail you had. Nice family pictures. By the way, I'm giving you "I love your blog" award, you don't have to blog it about that but it's up to you I just want to let you know..."I love your blog!"

  48. That's some hail! Cute shoes too.
    I love the sister shots! The best.

  49. Oh no don't tell me Bagman is an "all talk" man?


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